Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 5 | Getting Wet

Saturday morning rears its ugly head as I wake up in bed.

Movie night last night was definitely interesting to say the least. Between witnessing my two best friends share a kiss, and Shane giving me butterflies all night... oh and the ever so popular vomiting experience I had, I am glad that it is all over.

I want so badly to call up Angie and gush over her kiss with Jaxon, but she doesn’t know that I seen it happen, and I want her to come to me about it. I want to see if she confides in me.

With my phone buzzing and interrupting my thoughts, I turn over on my side and pick up my phone from my bedside table.

It’s a text from Shane.

Wait, Shane? How did he get my phone number?


I glare into the air, pretending that she were sitting in front of me and then I smile because hello, Shane Teller texted me! I immediately add his phone number into my phone, with the fear that if I didn’t, his number would somehow disappear and I’d never see it again.

Shane: “Hey Add. Great movie night last night. Shall the fun continue?”

I squeak. Continue? Did Shane want to hang out with me again today?

Me: “What did you have in mind?”

I had to play it cool.

*Ding* An instant reply.

Shane: “Well, I was thinking that maybe you could come over to my house today. I have to babysit Peyton, and I thought that you could maybe bring Jacob over so they could play.”

Oh my Lanta. Someone please pinch me.

Me: “I have to ask my parents, but I’m sure it’s no problem. Give me a sec.”

I’m actually surprised at how well I’m taking this. I mean let’s face it, no guy has ever texted me and asked me to come over to their house, let alone bring my little brother for a play date.

I instantly jump up from bed and make my way over to my parents bedroom.

I knock and when no one answers, I slowly push the door open with my hand over my eyes, just merely peeping through just in case they were you know... not appropriate.

“Mom, dad?” No answer.

I leave their bedroom and head for the stairs. The smell of waffles immediately fills my nostrils and I smile. Breakfast!

“Mom, dad?” I ask again as I enter the kitchen.

Dad is sitting at the table with Jacob as he reads the morning paper. Mom is slaving away at the stove, preparing the delicious food.

“Good morning sweetie. Have a good movie night?” My mom asks with a smile.

“Yes, in fact... Shane texted me this morning and wants to know if I can go over to his house to hangout. He also suggested bringing Jacob with me so he can play with Shane’s little sister Peyton. I mean I know you’re still skeptical, with the whole, almost getting Jacob ran over thing... but I promise I will be careful! We just need a ride.” I sheepishly smile.

“Hmm... who is this Shane character?” My dad inquires.

“He’s just a friend dad. He came over for movie night last night.” I sigh.

“Oh did he? Why wasn’t I informed of this?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Mom...” I whine.

“Jon, I think there’s no harm in letting her and Jacob go over to Shane’s for the day. I met him last night, and he’s a really nice kid.” My mom smiles as she places a plate of waffles in front of my dad.

“I would like to meet this Shane.” My dad simply states.

“Well, she did just say she needed a ride.” My mother smirks in my direction.

God, if you’re listening... why? Just why?

“Good idea honey! After breakfast, I will give you and Jacob a ride.” My dad smiles at me, to which I give him a fake smile in return.

“Great.” I say through gritted teeth.

I then pull my phone out to warn him of my father dropping us off.


Shane: “Is my Add nervous?”

I gape at the screen and feel my cheeks turn red.

Me: “Of course not.”

I lied.

Shane: “See ya soon, Add.”

I smile at my phone, but my insides flip.

“Honey, eat your breakfast.” My mother smiles. I stare down at the plate in front of me and silently gulp. It looks so freaking amazing, but I know I can’t splurge.

I only take four bites of my waffle, and two bites of my scrambled eggs. I debate on taking one bite of my bacon, and after minutes of screaming at myself in my head, I decide one bite is fine.

After breakfast, I go upstairs to shower and get ready to go over to Shane’s.

Before stepping into the shower, I pull out my diet journal and write down the breakfast that I just ate, before stepping onto the scale.

Two hundred and seven pounds.

“Ugh!” I outwardly scoff.

I am never going to lose weight if I keep going at this rate.

I debate long and hard about making myself throw up my breakfast, but thought against it. I didn’t want to feel empty and jittery today.

After showering and putting on a pair of light blue jeans with my purple sweater, I put on my black converse and put my glasses on.

I look into the mirror and frown.

Still the same old Addie.

I brush my wet hair back and put it into a fish-tale braid, before heading back downstairs.

Jacob is already waiting for me.

“Hey sissy! I’m ready!” He smiles up at me. He lifts his arms into the air, indicating he wants to be picked up, so I bend down and happily scoop him up into my arms.

“Ready to make a new friend today?” I ask with a smile.

“Yes!” He yells in my face. I had to laugh.

“Dad! We’re ready!” I yell into the kitchen from the living room.

“One second, I’m helping your mother with the dishes!” He yells back, though I know that’s a lie.

I hear my mother squeal as my dad chuckles and I immediately know what they’re doing.

“Um guys, you’ll have the whole house to yourself in a matter of minutes, the quicker you get us out of here.” I deadpan.

They both laugh from inside the kitchen, before my dad appears with his car keys.

“Okay, ready.” He smiles as he passes us and walks outside to his car.

I roll my eyes as I carry Jacob out to the car. After placing Jacob into his car seat, I sit up front next to my dad who has a smirk attached to his face.

“What?” I ask, looking over at him.

He chuckles as he backs out of the driveway.

“Nothing.” He smiles.

“Obviously it’s something.” I deadpan.

“Yeah daddy! It’s something!” Jacob smiles from the backseat.

I motion towards the back seat, “See, Jacob agrees. Now spill.”

“I just think it’s cute that you have a little crush on this Shane.” My dad says as he makes our way down the empty street.

“What!” I yell. “I so do not have a crush on Shane. You’re insane dad.” I cross my arms over my chest and peer out of the window.

“Mhm, sure sweetie. Just make sure Mr. Teller keeps his eyes and hands to himself today. Jacob,” My dad peers into the rear view mirror looking back, “Keep an eye on your sister today for me buddy.”

“You got it dad!” Jacob laughs as he holds his stuffed bear to his chest.

I let out a grunt. “Unbelievable. My fate is in the hands of my five year old brother.”

“Exactly.” I hear Jacob mumble in the backseat.

My mouth fell open in an ‘O’ shape as I turn to look at my dad who only begins howling like a wolf with laughter.

Despite my best efforts to keep my dad from coming to the door with us, here we are standing on Shane’s front porch anyway.

“Dad, please don’t embarrass me.” I beg as he rings the doorbell.

Shane’s home is beautiful. The two-story home is wearing a very charming off-white color with dark navy blue finishing around the trims. A large staircase leads to the beautiful stained glass double front doors. He must come from money.

“As if I were capable, Add.” My dad mocks Shane’s nickname for me.

“Dad!” I glare.

“What? I’m just going to be my charming, yet fun self. No worries.” He smiles triumphantly.

A few moments later, one of the double doors opens as a very handsome Shane stands in the doorway.

“Hey Add!” He smiles at me, then bends down towards Jacob, “What’s up little man?”

Assuming Jacob remembers Shane from the horrible day at the park, he jumps up into Shane’s arms and gives him a very tight hug.

“Shane!” He says with a huge grin.

Shane then puts Jacob back on the ground. “Why don’t you run inside? Peyton can’t wait to meet you!” He smiles.

“Okay! Bye Daddy!” Jacob smiles at our father before darting inside.

“See ya kiddo! Have fun!” My dad chuckles beside me.

“Hello Mr. Bishop. Thank you for bringing them over. Would you like some gas money?” Shane smiles at my dad as he held his hand out.

My dad eyes his hand for a moment, before I discreetly nudge his side.

“Hello Shane, please, call me Jon. Gas money won’t be necessary; however I do have some other rules.” My dad smiles as he takes Shane’s hand into a firm grasp.

“Dad... please. We know the rules.” I sigh. Shane casts me a quick smile and I want to die right here.

“Oh do you? Please, recite them.” My dad smirks while dropping Shane’s hand and stepping aside to lean against the door frame.

“Dad, do you remember that small talk we had before knocking on the door?” I say through gritted teeth and a fake smile.

“Of course honey. I’m just trying to follow dad protocol.” He lazily yawns.

“Jon, my parents are only having lunch down the street with some friends. They won’t be gone long at all. They even offered to give Addilyn and Jacob a ride home once they return.”

Shane spoke so proper, it almost startled me. He never acts this way. Though, I know why. He is merely trying to impress my father. Brownie points if it actually works.

“Hm, sounds good. Thank you. By the way, I hope you have lunch in there. Jacob is a growing boy and Addie here didn’t eat too much of her breakfast this morning.” My dad smiles as he starts to head back towards his car.

My eyes widen at my dad’s response.

Shane gives me a look, but it immediately leaves his face as I glance at him. A smile takes over as he waves bye to my dad who waves back. Dad then gets into his car, speeding off into the daylight.

“Your dad is very...“He began, but I finished his sentence, “strict.”

“Well, yes. It’s good though, all of the good ones are.” Shane smiles while leaning against the door frame.

“So, Add. You gonna come inside or stand out here all day?” He smirks.

“Oh um, right. Let’s go.” I walk past Shane and honestly, his cologne smells amazing.

As soon as we enter the ginormous living room, a small pair of arms go around my waist.

“Hi, I’m Peyton!” The little brown-eyed girl stares up at me and says with the world’s biggest smile.

“Hello Peyton! I’m Addie.” I smile back.

“You’re pretty!” Peyton snickers before unwrapping herself from my waist and running towards Shane.

She jumps up into his arms and he didn’t hesitate to pick her up.

“Isn’t she pretty Shaney?” Peyton smiles up at her older brother.

“Of course she is Peyton. Very pretty.” Shane looks up from his little sister and the smile he gives me makes my heart begin beating rapidly.

The redness begins forming against my cheeks so I had to look away. My eyes meet Jacob and he is also smiling at me.

“Jacob, they’re nuts aren’t they?” I laugh, sitting beside him on the couch.

“I don’t think so sissy.” He smiles up at me and my heart explodes.

“Well, everyone is just so nice today!” I chuckle while crossing one ankle over the other and placing my hands into my lap.

“Jacob, do you like dolls?” Peyton asks once Shane puts her down onto the floor.

“No... I like ninja turtles.” He sheepishly smiles while looking down.

“I have some of those!” Peyton cheers as she walks over to Jacob and extends her hand out.

Jacob looks over at me for confirmation and I smile while nodding my head that it’s okay.

He slowly reaches out his hand and they both dart for the stairs, I assume heading up to Peyton’s room. They honestly look so cute together.

“Don’t they seem to be hitting it off?” Shane chuckles while walking towards me. He sits down next to me on the couch and my entire body tenses.

“They sure do.” I laugh nervously.

“Are you alright Add?” Shane asks, raising an eyebrow.

I still could not look at him.

“Yes, I’m fine. Perfect.”

“Look at me Add.” Shane demands.

I suck in a breath and turn my head, slowly reaching his soft gaze.

“There it is.” He smile.


“That beautiful face, Add. You can’t come over to my house and not grace me with that.” He smiles again, his perfect white teeth shining brightly.

I softly bite my lower lip and look down at my lap again. “Thank you.” I somehow manage to say.

“Why do you get so nervous whenever someone compliments you?” Shane asks genuinely.

“I... I don’t know. I guess I just never see it.” I confess, looking back up into his perfect chestnut-colored eyes.

“See what?”

“See the beauty.” I softly smile.

“Well, I wish you would. You deserve to know and feel just how beautiful you are.” He scoots a little closer to me and I want to jump out of my skin. His knee brushes mine softly and just that one spot begins to feel like it’s been set on fire. I want the warmth to stay.

“Shane, is this a joke? Like did someone bet you to hang out with me? Are we being secretly recorded by a hidden camera, so you can go share it with your friends at school and make fun of me or something?” I blurt out without thinking. I immediately curse under my breath as I see the look of disappointment on Shane’s face.

Way to ruin the moment. If Angelica were here, she would punch me for that.

“Well, Addilyn. No. I just started this school not that long ago, and I don’t really have many friends. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t stoop so low as to record an encounter with you, only to humiliate you with it later. That’s just wrong. I’m sorry you feel like I would...” He trails off, scooting away from me.

“No, I’m sorry. Please. Erase everything that I just said from your memory!” I reach my hand out and when he doesn’t grab it, I let it fall to the couch in defeat.

“I don’t know why or who made you feel so insignificant Addie, but you really need to let those poor feelings go about yourself.” Shane simply states before standing up. “I’m going to get us something to drink. Any suggestions?” He asks.

“Water is fine.” I simply respond. He gazes at me for a moment, and then proceeds to retrieve our drinks.

Waiting until the amazing boy was out of view, I begin hitting myself against the head repeatedly.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid...” I mumble to myself.

“Why are you stupid Addilyn?” I hear a little voice squeak from beside me.

I jump as I didn’t even hear her come down the stairs.

“Oh, Peyton. You scared me.” I chuckle.

“I’m sorry.” She looks down with a cute little frown.

“No, it’s okay. You’re good at sneaking. That could come in handy someday.” I laugh, knowing she won’t understand what I mean.

“Okay!” She smiles. “I just wanted to ask you if Jacob is allow to go swimming with me in our pool?” Peyton beams up at me.

“Well, he didn’t bring a bathing suit.” I frown.

“That’s okay. Our cousin Tommy comes over sometimes. He is the same age as me and he leaves his bathing suit here. Jacob can wear it!” She smiles, hopeful that I will agree.

“Well... I guess that’s okay. Shane and I will come out to watch you while you swim.” I smile.

“Yay!” She cheers as she darts for the stairs. “Jacob she said yes!” Peyton yells and I hear a muffled, “Alright!” from upstairs.

I shake my head with laughter.

“They’re cute, aren’t they?” I hear from behind me, causing me to jump yet again.

“Man, now I know where Peyton gets it from.” I hold my chest.

“What?” Shane laughs.

“She just came out of nowhere and startled me, now here you are doing the same. You Teller’s sure are quiet on your feet.” I nervously laugh as Shane hands me a water bottle.

“Well, what can I say, it’s a dominant gene.” He smirks, sitting beside me again.

“The kids want to go swimming. I guess your cousin Tommy has a pair of swimming trunks here that Peyton is letting Jacob use, if that’s okay.”

“Of course. Let’s go out back and wait for them.” He stands back up and holds out his hand.

I’m hesitant at first, though I know I can’t pass up the opportunity to feel his hand against my own.

I slowly reach for his hand, and the way our fingers mold together almost seems unreal. I smile as I stand up and he shoots me a wink before he leads the way to the back door leading out to the pool.

Once we get outside, Shane lets go of my hand and I instantly long for the warmth that has now disappeared from my grasp.

The backyard is beautiful. A screened-in porch covers the huge in-ground pool and small deck where a beautiful glass table stands alongside a few plush chairs with soft cushions.

The pool water is a crystal clear and a few toys float around the water, waiting to be played with again.

Beyond the screened-in porch I see a gigantic trampoline sitting in the right corner of the yard, atop of perfectly cut green grass. A few feet away from the trampoline sits a two-seat swing set with a long yellow slide that ends inside of a big sand box.

On the far left side of the backyard sits a few chairs around a built-in fire pit. I assume for backyard camp-outs and making smore’s.

Jacob and I have dreamed for a backyard this big. Ours is pretty decent, but it doesn’t have an in-ground pool or a trampoline. We do have a swing set, but with only one swing and one medium-sized slide.

I know Jacob is never going to want to leave this place once he sees everything.

A few moments later, the kids come bursting through the back door, yelling with laughter.

“Shaney, we need floaties!” Peyton demands of her older brother.

“What do we say Peyton?” Shane asks sternly.

“Please?” She asks while giving him the biggest puppy-dog face in the entire world.

Shane chuckles as he walks over to the small closet space that holds everything for the pool.

“You’re up first Peyton. Hold your arms out!” Shane says with a smile.

Peyton holds her arms out firmly while Shane places her princess floaties onto her small arms.

“Alright, Jacob. You’re next.” Shane says, causing Jacob to run over to him.

“I hope you have boys floaties...” Jacob mumbles sadly.

“Why of course we do buddy! Would you like Cars themed or buzz light-year?” Shane asks him.

“Buzz light-year!” Jacob yells with a huge smile.

“Good choice.” Shane nods as he places the floaties onto both of Jacob’s arms.

“Now, both of you go see Addilyn for sunscreen.” Shane smirks as he casts a glance over to me.

I smile at how he says my name and I pick up the bottle of kids sunscreen that rests on the glass table.

“Who’s first?” I ask.

“Jacob can go first this time.” Peyton smiles.

Jacob looks at Peyton with a huge smile on his face and my heart melts.

Once I make sure both kids have a decent amount of sunscreen on, I tell them to have at it and they both run towards the steps to the pool.

“No running Peyton, you know the rules. Someone could get hurt. And stay in the shallow end, no swimming out into the deep end, got it?” Shane says sternly, looking at both of them.

“Yes Shaney.” Peyton mumbles.

“Alright, now go have fun.” Shane smiles, and then comes to sit next to me.

“You’re really good with them.” I chuckle, as I take a sip from my water bottle.

“Well, years of practice. Whenever my parents go out, I turn into the baby sitter. I don’t mind though. Peyton is an easy kid to watch.” He shrugs.

“Yeah, Jacob usually is too... unless he gets in one of his moods where he doesn’t want to listen to anyone.” I sigh.

“Well, that’s all kids sweetheart.” Shane shoots me another smirk before nudging his arm towards the pool.

“Want to go for a swim?” He asks.

“Oh, no! I mean... I don’t have a swimming suit, and I doubt another pair of trunks from Tommy will work.” I nervously laugh while looking into my lap.

“Who said anything about a swimming suit?” Shane asks with a grin.

My eyes widen as I look at him. “Shane! There are kids here... we can’t... I couldn’t possibly...” I begin rambling.

All of a sudden, Shane lets out a hearty laugh and I inwardly sigh once I realize what I insinuated that he didn’t.

“Gosh you’re funny Add. I meant we can swim in our clothes.” He laughs some more, wiping a tear from his eye.

“I um... I don’t know.” I look away, mentally slapping myself for not realizing what he meant.

“I do.” He proudly states while standing up and walking towards me.

He has this look in his eye and almost immediately, I know what he is going to do.

“Shane. No!” I squeal before standing up and attempting to run away from him. He chases me around the pool once and finally catches up to me, wrapping his large muscular arms around my waist.

“Shane no! My cell phone and glasses!” I yell, hopeful that he would put me down.

“Oh, right. My apologies Miss.” He reaches up with one hand and takes my glasses off my face, setting them down onto the glass table. Next he reaches with one hand and pulls my cell phone from my back pocket and I hold in a breath, feeling his fingers brush against my butt.

Once I see my cell phone and glasses sitting on the table, I know what’s going to happen next.

Right as he tosses me into the deep end of the pool, I hold my breath and pray that I don’t make a huge splash.

He is so going to pay for this.

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