Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 6 | An Egg-Cellent Day

After spending a couple hours in the pool, Shane and I take the kids inside for lunch.

I scold Shane for getting my pants and sweater wet. I have nothing to change into, and I certainly don’t want to go walking around this beautiful home dripping water everywhere.

“Come with me.” Shane says, turning to face me and grabbing my hand in his. “Kids, stay here in the kitchen until we get back. Peyton, you know the kitchen rules!” Shane stats sternly, using his adorable authoritative voice.

“Okay Shaney!” Peyton smiles, struggling to pull out a chair for Jacob to sit on. I notice Jacob help her pull the chair out and I beam at how cute my little brother is.

“Where are we going?” I ask, suddenly aware of Shane’s close proximity to me.

“To get you some clothes.” He replies, in a duh tone.

“Um, unless you have another sister... I don’t think I will fit anything.” I shyly admit.

Shane lets out a low laugh and I fan-girl over it so hard.

“Just trust me.” He smiles, as we enter a bedroom.

I immediately know it’s Shane’s room. Posters line every wall and I notice a few bands that I even like. “Good taste.” I admit as my eyes take in every one.

“Thank you, Add.” He smirks, walking over to his dresser that sits in the far corner of his bedroom.

The walls in Shane’s room are a light green color; almost like hazel. He has a king size bed resting in the center of his room, the headboard up against the far wall. Of course, being male, his bed wasn’t made. Still, I couldn’t stop myself from imagining being cuddled up in Shane’s comforter with his arms nuzzled around my waist.

I shake the images from my mind immediately. He would never.

“I would never what?” Shane suddenly asks, causing my face to turn white.

Apparently, I am great at thinking out loud.

“I um, never mind. What are you doing anyway?” I ask, desperate to change the current subject.

“Here, go into the bathroom there and put these on.” He smiles while handing me a pair of grey sweatpants with a plain white T-shirt.

“Your clothes?” I ask just above a whisper.

“Is that a problem?” He asks, taking in my shy expression.

“Nope. Be right back!” I smile too widely and immediately turn on my heels, trying to get to the bathroom so I can be alone for five minutes.

I can’t wear Shane’s clothes.

Yes, you can.

No, I can’t.

Just put the damn clothes on, Addie.

What if I look ugly in them?

“Ugh.” I mumble, fed up with the argument currently taking place inside my head.

“You okay in there?” Shane asks, having heard my mumble.

Damn, does this guy have hawk ears too?

“Everything’s just peachy! Be out in a sec!” I sing through the door.

Peachy? Really?

I hear Shane laugh through the door. Great.

I slowly take off my pants and sweater that are clinging to me like a second skin, and I sigh. I turn around and look at myself in the mirror. I frown while poking my index finger into my pudgy stomach.

Soon there will be stretch marks, my brain taunts me.

I roll my eyes as I pick up Shane’s sweatpants. I instinctively bring them to my face and take a sniff.

He uses Gain! I smile. I quickly put them on and they are surprisingly baggy. I smile, finally seeing something on me that is too big. I put on the white T-shirt and am surprised to see that it hangs low on me as well. I wrap my hands around my own waist and smile happily in the mirror. I’ve never worn a boys clothes before, and I’ve got to admit, it’s really nice! I feel warm and fuzzy as I open the bathroom door and I notice something shift in Shane’s eyes.

“Wow. You should wear my clothes more often.” He smirks.

“Shut up.” I sigh, feeling my cheeks turn crimson.

“Come over here and make me.” He challenges. I softly bite my lower lip.

“Fine.” I shockingly retort, making small strides over to him as he sits on the edge of his bed.

I walk until I am standing directly in front of him and I slowly bring my face only inches away from his. I can feel his breath hitch and I jump with happiness inside of my head. I softly place my hand over his cheek and glide my thumb across his strong jawline. I bring my face so close that I could rest my forehead on his, and I did. His eyes widen and I want to die right here. Where did this sudden surge of confidence come from? Either way, it needs to stay!

I bring my hand around the back of Shane’s head and hold it there, gripping softly.

I can tell Shane is no longer breathing. I also notice that he hasn’t said a word this entire time. I feel intrigued to know that I have some sort of effect on him.

I slowly bring my lips to his ear and whisper, “The kids are waiting.” Then I smirk as I pull away from him and head towards his bedroom door, yanking it open with pride as I make my way down the long staircase of his home.

I hear him mumble a few curse words as he follows behind me.

Pay backs a bitch, huh? Serves you right for throwing me into the pool fully clothed.

Upon entering the kitchen, I stop dead in my tracks taking in the scene before me.

Flour is thrown everywhere, leaving a white coating along the counters and floor. Eggs are smeared into the tile floor and into the clothes of both Jacob and Peyton. They have wide eyes and frowns on their faces once they notice me standing there. Jacob is leaning over a cabinet that is closer to the floor, trying to pull out a bag of sugar.

“Add, what’s wrong?” Shane asks, but freezes the second he witnesses the scene himself.

“Peyton...” He glares in a warning tone. “What have you done?”

“We... we wanted to make cookies Shaney! Jacob said he saw his mommy making them once, so we tried to pull everything out and start before you and Addie showed up.” She looks down and frowns, tears begging to spill over her big brown eyes. “We didn’t mean to!”

Shane sighs and begins grabbing the cleaning supplies from under the sink.

“Peyton, how many times have I and mom told you not to make messes in the kitchen? If you wanted cookies, you should have waited for us to come down to help you.” Shane spares a glance at his little sister who has begun to release soft sobs.

“I know, but you were taking forever! Jacob was hungry! I heard his tummy talk Shaney!” She whines, sitting cross-legged on the tile floor. She honestly looks so cute with flour on her cheeks and nose.

I try to hold in my own giggles.

“You think this is funny Add?” Shane asks while raising his eyebrows as he places the cleaner on the counter.

“Well, I mean, just look at them. They are so pitiful. I can’t help it either Shaney!” I tease.

Shane glares at me and then his glare turns into a full on grin. “Well, kids, how about we make Addie look just as pitiful?” Both kids perk up with huge smiles as they start to grab flour from the bag and eggs from the carton that’s still lying on the floor.

“Shane. Don’t.” I warn, pointing my index finger at him.

“What? This?” He asks, and then he takes the water sprayer connected to the sink and squirts water at me.

“Shane! How immature!” I squeal, annoyed since I just changed into dry clothes.

Shane lets out an exaggerated gasp. “Did you hear that guys? She called us immature!”

Peyton and Jacob start giggling as they prepare to strike me with flour and eggs.

“Peyton! I thought we were friends!” I gasp. “And Jacob, my own flesh and blood... how could you betray me like this?” I whine, preparing to run for my life.

“I love you sissy!” Jacob smirks as he holds up an egg. “We are friends!” Peyton cheers with a handful of flour.

“Ready? Set? Get her!” Shane yells towards the kids, and everything after that is a blur.

“I can’t believe I had to change twice!” I glare, drying my hair with one of Shane’s towels.

“You started it.” He defends.

“How?” I whine.

“By what you did earlier... you know, in my room.” He smirks. My cheeks instantly turn scarlet.

“Oh whatever. I was just teasing.” I confess.

“Yes, yes you were. And I had to teach you a lesson. Teasing me is a very dangerous game, Add. You won’t like the outcome... or, maybe you will.” He smirks towards me again and I slowly swallow the lump in my throat.

We each take a separate shower and I get another pair of Shane’s clothes to wear. The kids get all cleaned up too and we spend about an hour cleaning the kitchen spotless before Shane’s parents got home.

“Kids!” I hear a woman’s voice boom throughout the house. Shane smiles and extends his hand towards my own. “Come on.”

We walk down stairs and see that Peyton has already greeted her parents since she is currently sitting in her father’s arms. Jacob is smiling awkwardly at Shane’s mother and I laugh to myself at his cute shyness.

“Addie!” Jacob smiles, running and jumping into my arms.

“Hey kiddo!” I smile back at him.

“Mom, dad, this is Addilyn and Jacob.” Shane introduces with a smile. “And these are my parents, Robert and Cassandra.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you!” I smile at his parents.

“Why hello dear! It’s nice to meet you too!” Cassandra turns toward Jacob again, “And how old are you cutie?” She asks.

“Five.” Jacob mumbles, and then buries his face into the crook of my arm.

“Sorry, he’s usually not this shy.” I laugh.

“Oh that’s quite alright. We understand. Kids are truly something else!” Robert chuckles while holding Peyton.

“Daddy, Shaney baked cookies with us!” Peyton announces.

“Did he huh? And is there a mess waiting for us?” Cassandra asks with raised eyebrows.

“Well...” Jacob begins, but I cover his mouth by pushing his face back into the crook of my arm.

“Nope, no mess.” Shane smiles wide.

“Thank goodness. I was going to dread having to clean after the tiring day we’ve had.” Cassandra laughs towards Robert.

“Hey mom, I told Addilyn’s dad that we would give them a ride home. Is that okay?” Shane asks.

“Here, you take them home. I am so drained! “She sighs while tossing the keys into Shane’s hands.

“Alright, be back soon!” He smiles.

“Ready to head home buddy? I bet you’re ready for dinner and bed after the fun we’ve had huh?” I ask Jacob who starts yawning against my shoulder.

“Yes.” He mumbles.

“You can put Jacob in Peyton’s car seat.” Shane smiles.

“Alright, thanks.”

“Peyton, say bye to Jacob!” Shane shouts. Peyton comes running back into the living room seconds later.

I put Jacob back down and Peyton instantly wraps her small arms around Jacob’s waist.

“Bye Jacob! I had fun!” She beams.

“Me too!” Jacob smiles wide, hugging her back.

Ugh, my heart.

“Bye Peyton!” I wave, leaning down to give her a hug.

“Will you and Jacob come back soon?” Peyton asks with hope filled in her deep brown eyes.

“Yes they will!” Shane announces before I can respond. I send him a smile with wide eyes, and then look back into Peyton’s. “Yes we will.” I confirm.

“Yay! Bye!” Peyton waves, and then runs back into the kitchen to join her parents.

The drive home is quiet. I believe Jacob has fallen asleep in the backseat.

“I had fun today.” I say, still looking out of the window watching the trees go by.

“Me too.” Shane agrees. All of a sudden, I feel his hand slide onto my thigh and I instantly tense.

“Something wrong?” Shane pulls his hand back and places it firmly back on the steering wheel.

“N-No. Not at all. I’m sorry. I just... I’m not used to this.” I admit turning to look at him.

“To what?” He asks, his face still staring straight ahead at the road.

“To attention from the opposite sex.” I reply.

Shane actually starts laughing. “You say it like you’ll be damned to hell if I touch you.” He laughs some more.

“Well no... I just never had a guy interested in me before. I mean, not that you’re interested in me... I mean if you are, that’s great you know, but if you’re not I get it.” I begin rambling.

Shane places his hand firmly on my thigh again and my heart begins pounding.

“Add, breathe.” He smiles.

“Breathing right, because we need to breathe to get oxygen.”


If Angelica were here, she would face palm my face with her hand. As in, she would smack me.

“You’re cute when you’re nervous, Add.” Shane smirks, pulling onto my street.

“Nervous? Me? Nah.” I wave him off.

Somebody please shoot me now. Just bring a gun to my head and pull the trigger.

“Well, we’re here.” Shane says, turning towards me after making a stop in our driveway.

“Yes, here we are.” I repeat.

I look over at Shane and take in his outstanding features as the sun begins to set. His face, the way his brown eyes shimmer against the sunlight. His hair, the way it falls perfectly over his face.

“Like what you see?” He smirks, causing me to blush wildly.

“Shut up.” I mumble.

All of a sudden, Shane leans over the center of the car and brings his lips to my ear. “You know, if Jacob wasn’t sitting behind us I would totally kiss you goodnight, Add.” He whispers against my skin, instantly causing goosebumps to greet the last of the sunlight before the moon takes its place.

“Jacob is sleeping.” I barley reply above a whisper.

Sure enough, Shane looks back at the sleeping Jacob and smiles, bringing his gaze back to me. Only, he is no longer looking at my eyes, but at my lips.

He slowly starts to lean in when my dad opens the front door of our house and yells, “Welcome home kids!” Causing Shane and I to jump away from each other.

I’d love to say that I did so in a graceful manner, but sadly that’s not the case. Instead, I jump away so fast I hit the back of my head against the window and yelp out in pain. Jacob suddenly wakes up with a scream at the sound of my head hitting the window and Shane just sits in the driver’s seat, trying not to laugh.

“I am so glad you find this comical.” I glare in Shane’s direction as I unbuckle my seat belt and open the car door.

I immediately get out and go to retrieve Jacob from the backseat.

“Bye Shane.” Jacob mumbles in a tired voice as I pick him up and he lays his head back down against my shoulder.

“Bye buddy!” Shane smiles and then gives me a wink as I shut the car door.

“See you Monday Add.”

“See you.” I say, before walking to the front door where my father is still standing with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Bye Shane!” My father yells, waving at Shane’s car with a straight face.

“Goodnight Mr. Bishop!” Shane smirks after rolling down his window. Then, Shane speeds off into the night and back down the street.

“Perfect timing dad.” I glare as I pass by him and walk inside.

“Trust me, I know.” He replies, closing the door behind us.

“Hello my beautiful children!” My mom greets. “There’s some dinner in the fridge. Want me to warm it up for you?”

“Um, Jacob is already asleep and I am really tired too.” I lie, feeling no sense of sleepiness whatsoever. “Think we are just going to call it a night.” I smile warmly as I carry Jacob upstairs to his room and place him in his bed.

I pull off his shoes and cover him up.

“Sissy...” He mumbles.

“Yeah, what is it?” I ask.

“You didn’t eat anything all day.” He mumbles again, causing my eyes to widen.

“That’s not true. I had some breakfast, and those sandwiches that we made you and Peyton for lunch.” I remind him, though I only had one bite of mine before tossing it.

“Hm... okay sissy. Goodnight!” He tiredly smiles.

“Goodnight buddy.” I say, before closing his bedroom door and heading towards my own.

My own little brother notices my eating habits. It is only a matter of time before people start to ask me questions. I need to be more secretive about what I eat and don’t eat. Or, I just need to keep eating in front of them and then get rid of it later.

I roll my eyes at myself as I crawl into bed, still happily wearing Shane’s clothes.

I thought back to what he said in the car about wanting to kiss me. I smile.

I can’t believe someone as perfect as Shane Teller, wants to kiss me.

I pull out my cell phone and text Angelica.

Me: Got some juicy details to share with you Monday!


Angie: No way! Can’t wait.

I place my cell phone on its charger and pull the covers up over my head.

Despite my growling stomach, I only have one important thing on my mind:


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