Between the Raindrops

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Chapter 8 | Jaxon Needs Help

Walking up to Jacob’s school, I see him look at me and then he smiles wide. He runs toward the big tree in the schoolyard and tries hiding behind it, probably thinking that I wouldn’t notice he ran right to the tree. Kids.

“Jacob... oh Jacob!” I say loudly upon entering the schoolyard. “Where are you?” I ask, hearing his small giggles from behind the tree. “I could have sworn I just seen you a few seconds ago.”

“Mrs. Roberts, do you know where Jacob went off to?” I ask his teacher, smirking the entire time.

“I believe he went over that way.” She smiles as she points to the opposite side of the schoolyard.

“Hm, okay.” I walk over to the other side and look around the playground, checking the slides and all. I still hear Jacob’s giggles from behind the tree and I shake my head with a smile, truly amazed at how a young child’s mind works.

“Well, I guess he walked home all by himself without me. I should just get going. See you later Mrs. Roberts!” I say very loud, heading towards the front gate of the schoolyard.

“Addie no! Don’t leave me here alone!” Jacob yells, running from behind the tree and straight at me, jumping at my legs and putting his small arms around my waist.

“Oh Jacob! There you are! Where have you been kid?” I tease, bending over to pick him up.

“I was behind the tree Addie! You know... for a big girl you aren’t very smart.” He mocks, resting his head against my shoulder.

“Is that so? Well, I must have a talk with all my teachers huh?” I smile, rolling my eyes in the process.

“Yes. Can we go home now?” Jacob mumbles, looking as if he is going to pass out on my arm.

“Sure buddy, let’s go.” I wave goodbye to Mrs. Roberts and begin the semi-long walk home.

It’s times like these when I really need a car.

Jacob and I are about fifteen minutes from our street when a familiar car pulls up beside us. Jacob did in fact fall asleep on my arm during the walk home, and I have to say for a small five-year-old boy, he is certainly very heavy.

“Hey Add, need a lift?” Shane casually asks, pulling up to the side of the curb. “Peyton’s car seat is in the back already. I just dropped her off at our grandparent’s house for the night.”

“Oh, um sure. Thank you!” I try not to act as if it were a big deal, but due to the numbness in my arm and shoulder from holding Jacob, I almost squeal with joy while opening the back seat door.

I carefully place Jacob inside Peyton’s car seat, successful not to wake him up, and then I get inside the passenger seat of the car and buckle myself in.

“I really appreciate this. Five more minutes and my arm would have fallen off.” I laugh, rubbing my sore shoulder.

“No problem. I was on my way home and saw you walking, figured I’d help you out. Plus, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to spend a little time with you.” He smiles, eyes focused on the road ahead.

All I could do is smile and blush, turning my head to look out of the window.

“So, are you doing anything tomorrow night?” He suddenly asks after a few moments of comfortable silence. “Because I know it’ll be Tuesday night, but there’s this party going on at one of the guys houses from the football team, and I was invited. I thought maybe you could go with me?” He nervously smiles while keeping his eyes on the road.

A party? Me? On a Tuesday night? Who throws a party on a Tuesday night when there is school the next day? Forget hangovers, but having to stay up all night at a party and then get up early to go to school the next day cannot be fun.

Still, nothing prepared me for what I said next.

“I’d love to.”

“Great!” His smile grew bigger as he turned onto my street.

“Um, can I also invite Angie and Jax? I’m sure they will do their own thing most of the night anyway. Probably find some room to escape to, so they can finally talk about that kiss we saw on movie night. They really need to decide if they’re going to be a couple or not, because I need to release all of this excitement I am currently hoarding.” I shrug.

Shane chuckles beside me and nods his head. “Sure, invite whoever you want! Just don’t invite another guy.” He gives me a quick wink before pulling into my driveway.

“Now, why on earth would I do that when I have you?” I say, almost too confidently. My eyes widen at my own question, and I quickly get out of the car to retrieve the sleeping Jacob from the back seat.

“Good question. I’m pretty sure you already know the answer too.” He genuinely smiles at me, biting the corner of his lip before waving goodbye and pulling out of our driveway.

“See you tomorrow Add.” Is all he says, before accelerating off into the cool evening air.

“See you.” I mumble to myself with a smile.

“Was that Shane?” Jacob suddenly mumbles from my arms.

“Yeah, he gave us a ride home.”

“Did you tell him I said thank you?” He asks sweetly.

“Of course I did.” I lie, walking Jacob and myself inside.

Both my mom and dad are laying on the couch with a movie playing on the TV.

I place Jacob down and he runs over to them both, jumping in their laps.

I glare at both of my parents.

“I thought you were both going to be home late?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Yeah well um, we decided work was taking up too much of our lives, so we came home early and spent the afternoon together.” My mom sheepishly smiles, pulling Jacob in for a hug.

“So I just walked home for nothing!” I glare.

“Addie, we didn’t walk all the way, Shaney picked us up.” Jacob reminds me, thinking I forgot.

“Oh, so Shane brought you home huh?” My dad suddenly asks, sitting up from leaning against the back of the couch.

“Oh, well, yeah... but we were only like ten minutes away from home so it wasn’t a big deal.” I shrug, taking a seat on the recliner that sits next to the couch.

“You two are getting close huh? You should invite him to dinner on Friday night! Your grandparents will be here!” My mom urges, picking Jacob up and taking him towards the stairs to his room since he fell back asleep in her arms. That boy loves his sleep.

“Oh, that’s okay. He doesn’t need to meet the whole family already. We aren’t even dating or anything.”

My dad smiles at that. Que the eye roll.

“So what? He’s sweet and it’s obvious that both of you like each other.” My mom smirks, walking up the stairs with me trailing behind.

“It is not obvious.” I deny, though I know that is a lie.

Does Shane like me? Is it obvious? He does flirt a lot and he did ask me to go with him to a party tomorrow night. Crap, I think he likes me.

Crap? Shut up brain, this is great news.

“Hey mom, I didn’t want to ask in front of dad because you know, he’s dad... but Shane asked me to go with him tomorrow night to a party.” I mumble really fast.

“What? He asked you out? OH MY GOSH! Wait, a party? Like a teenage house party with illegal booze and what not?” She raises an eyebrow.

“The very kind.” I nod.

“Ugh, I am so happy for you.” She coos, placing Jacob in his bed and turning off his light.

We both leave his room and stand in the hallway.

“Why aren’t you a normal mom?” I sigh, heading towards my bedroom with my mom following.

“Addie, you NEVER go anywhere besides to Angie and Jax’s house. This is your first high school party! It’s exciting!” She smiles.

“Well even if I wanted to go, dad would never let me.” I state, confident that my dad will bail me out of having to go through with this party.

“Oh don’t worry, I will handle your father. You just tell Shane you’re going!” My mom waves me off, heading to leave my room.

“Yeah, thanks.” I mumble as she leaves and heads downstairs.

You know, most teenagers would bring up a party to their parents and get yelled at for even thinking of the crazy idea. Most parents would never allow their teenage son or daughter to attend a party where they know alcohol and probably drugs are available to anyone. Let alone on a Tuesday night! Not my parents though, they actually encourage me to go out to parties. Well, not really my dad, but my mom has really good powers of persuasion. Or so she says. I’d rather not find out what they are.

I begin working on some homework when my phone suddenly rings.

“Hey Jax, what’s up?” I ask, writing down the answer to one of my math questions before forgetting it.

“Addie, I need your help! It’s urgent! Can you meet me at Fred’s?”

I immediately stop working on my homework. “Jaxon are you okay?” I ask.

“No! Hurry!” Then he hung up.

I sigh and put my books away, before throwing on my converse and grabbing my bag.

I go downstairs to find my parents still curled up on the couch together. It looks like my mom forced my dad into watching another Lifetime movie.

“Going to Fred’s with Jaxon, be back later.” I shout as I open the front door.

“Don’t be out too late!” My dad replies.

Fred’s is the town’s local diner that many of the high school kids go to. Fred Anderson owns the place, and it has been here for over thirty years. It’s about a fifteen minute walk from my neighborhood, so I texted Jax and told him I was on my way. I asked him if I should call up Angie to invite her, but he wrote back in all caps saying not to.

I furrow my brows as I read his last text and roll my eyes. Pulling my headphones out from my bag, I put them on and listen to Pandora as I walk.

Won’t this be fun...

“Jaxon... why did you bring me here?” I sigh, sipping my strawberry milkshake.

Quit eating, Addilyn.

“I need your advice.” He nervously scratches the back of his head.

Why do all boys do that?

“And does this advice pertain to a certain blonde haired friend of ours?” I smirk, picking up yet again, another French fry.

Jax rolls his eyes, taking a bite of his hamburger.

“Since you already know, I’m not even going to answer that.”

“Well, it’s obvious since you practically screamed at me over text not to invite her here.” I give him a pointed look.

“Will you help me or have I wasted my time asking you here?” He looks down at his food.

“Okay, I’m sorry. What’s up Jax?” I genuinely ask, pushing my plate away before I devour the entire thing.

“Aren’t you going to finish that?” Jax raises an eyebrow.

“I’m full. I ate a little something before I left home.” I shrug, pushing my plate towards him so he can finish my fries.


“Okay, so... I want to ask Angie out on a date.” He casually says, thinking I wouldn’t freak out.

I already knew they liked each other, the kiss during movie night confirmed that.

Wait, he doesn’t know that I know... I have to act surprised!

“YOU WHAT?” I yell, causing his cheeks to turn a slight shade of pink.

“Will you be quiet?” He hisses, looking around to make sure no one is paying attention to our conversation. Nobody ever is.

“Yes! My two best friends like each other! They want to go out on a date! Oh my God... why did I not see this very cliché thing happening? There is something seriously wrong with me! Oh my... your babies will be gorgeous! I can already see her wedding dress. Man, she is going to be a beautiful bride! I wonder if I’ll be the maid of honor... well of course I will, I am her best friend! Shane can be your best man! Maybe by then we will be a couple. Did I mention he asked me out to the party tomorrow night? By the way, you and Angie should totally come!” I say all in one breath, babbling on like an idiot.

“Jesus Addie, can you shut up for two seconds?” Jax glares, clearly annoyed with my outburst.

“Sheesh, Mr. Grumpy gills. Why aren’t you more excited?” I cross my arms over my chest.

“I want to go out with her, but I don’t know if she wants to go out with me. Get what I’m saying now? You don’t know this... but we kissed during movie night while you and Shane were upstairs. Ever since that night she’s been acting weird towards me, so I don’t know what she’s thinking or if she even likes me in that way. I don’t want to ask her out only to have her tell me no and that the kiss was a mistake or whatever. I just need your advice on what I should do. I don’t want to make our friendship weird.” He sighs, sitting back against the wall of the booth.

“Awe... you really like her, don’t you Jax?” I genuinely smile.

“I do.” He smiles back at me.

“Well, it’s settled then!” I clasp my hands together and sit them in front of me.

“What’s settled?”

“I will talk to Angie, see what she’s feeling, and if it seems as though she likes you back in that way then I will give you the go to ask her out.” I shrug, as if it is so simple.

“Really? That’s it?” He gapes at his plate of almost finished food.

“Yep, that’s it.” I smile, popping the P.

“Okay... thanks, I guess.” He shrugs.

Boys. They don’t know anything.

“So, are we done here?” I ask, ready to head home.

“Yeah, I suppose we ar- wait a minute... Shane asked you out to the party tomorrow night?” He suddenly asks, finally registering everything I rambled on about earlier.

“Yes.” I look down at my lap. “Should I go?”

“Of course! Angie and I will be there, as friends of course... and we will keep an eye on you if you’d like, of course we won’t intrude on your night with Shane.” He smirks.

“Goodbye Jaxon.” I sigh, standing up from the booth.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Teller.” He teases, taking one last sip of his soda.

My eyes went wide and my cheeks turn a deep shade of red.

“I hate you.” I mutter before grabbing my bag and storming away.

“Love you too Addie!” Jax yells after me.

The nerve.

Walking home, I feel sick to my stomach. I know I ate too much food at Fred’s and I’m starting to feel really bloated.

After getting home safely and taking my shower for the night, I weigh myself and write a new entry in my diet journal. I make sure to place it back in its secret compartment before going to bed.

I toss and turn for a while, thinking about making myself sick again to get rid of this bloated feeling, but I have zero energy.

I pick up my phone and text Shane. Don’t ask me why.

Me: Hey Shane, can’t wait for tomorrow. Jax says him and Angie will go too.

Shane: Perfect. See you at school Add. I’ll wait by your locker and walk you to first.

I smile at his text and place my phone back down onto my bedside table.

My first high school party and I’m going with no doubt the hottest guy in our entire school.

What could possibly go wrong?

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