Beyond The Scars

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If you were to look at me, what would you think. Would you make assumptions? Would you see me as a human being? I can't really tell you how far my story goes but, I can tell you what I've been through Everyday every night, the pain comes back. children think that there's a monster under their bed. What if the monster isn't under my bed. What if the monster living with me. I can't say much, But i can show you. I can make you visualize what I been through. My friends I don't have any, The people around me, they don't help they just stare. How does one find the light at the end of the tunnel? Someday the light is going to find me. Someday. No one really knows, no one knows why. They see the scars, but they don't see what's beyond. Life isn't what its seems. You think the bad would get punished, and the good would get rewarded. It's the other way around. People only wants to here about the bad they see no good. they can't look beyond the scars that hold the truth.

Drama / Poetry
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chapter 1

The scars they tell a story. A story of hope, a story of faith, and the obstacles I accomplished among my days. People look and they stare, they don’t see beyond the scars. A strong woman who worked her way in life, hid herself from the world. Only she knows what she can do. They cover up who I really am, people take pity on things that don’t exist. While, you see scars, I see art, I see stories that are ready to be told to the world. Don’t be mistaken, I’ve been through more things than you think. It’s not a typical story on how I was abused or how I escaped, it’s a story on how I embraced and overcame the walls in front of me.

November 4, 2018

My name is Kylie, I’m 19 years old. Life for me isn’t all that wonderful. You know sometimes I wish my life was a movie. Then, I can tell everybody that my life is just an act, it’s not real, my story is not real. But, then reality kicks in, nobody’s life is a movie. Some people were born to live a good life, others were born to suffer in the world. For me it’s both, most of the time I’m suffering. All the other times I’m wearing a mask to hide myself from the world. The mask won’t last any longer, once the mask is broken I have to face the world. The monster inside the house is who I fear the most. Punches makes bruises, and broken glass makes cuts. The pain, the agony I must get out of this bottomless hole of torture. No one knows what has been happening to me, I must make my voice be heard.

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