Marilyn My Shadow

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When someone is there all the time what can one say to them? Is it hell or heaven what does it do you this other fiend and the delights we seek and the pleasures we know what do they want from us? About two women who loved and lost the same man. It is about their sexual jealousies and the tensions between themselves. It is also a bite of the apple their stings their sorrows and about letting go. The women are in a failed doomed relationship and they have become addicted to each others company they might be fostered out to something other than the man but they cannot decide on whether one of them wants. It is what we do want that matters is it not what one cannot want does not matter? If someone had asked me what a woman wanted in previous centuries these would not have come to mind we are changing so fast now that change happens like we bleed and the next day we are out walking. What happens when two women bleed for the same man and he has extensive interests?

Drama / Humor
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Chapter 1

I do not know what this is about. Might be that the threesomes and the things which matter the equalisers which we took for granted in the lib movement does not now give us the things which we wished for. Some have it and others do not as always.

Although I do know it is about people who used to be my own in the circle called the familiar. Why would Banksy shred his masterpiece what does it matter? We all feel hard done by life. What does it matter feel happy do it wisely when you cry it feels hurtful because the sobs will never subside. Life does. But when they do there is rainbow all the way through. Why do I feel as if someone has shredded me? What does it matter when the world has elected a rapist for a judge? That mankind now is at a crossroads whether to live with men and behave like men or to be like themselves as nature intended. Raped and pillaged people swearing what has been done to them. When the only people standing their ground are the victims of such crimes. There are no victimless places, these are the outcomes of our new butchness.

Why is the earth moving when did it start moving. When did evil reside in our hearts. I have been treated like a call girl placed in some hell made nonsense of and told to shove it in. In a matter of days we will have a agreeable Britain again keep us safe and the give the worst to the world. Social niceness means being nasty to social outcasts because they do not matter socially.

When someone comes in and says things to me I want to hear them out. Look it is a sin to behave like she did. Who is she this Marilyn well you know her very well she is akin to Marilyn drives everyone insane. There is such insanity in this world and it is down to people like her. I do not, yes they are like that. Glutton there is gluttony there must have generation and will never part.

My doctor was Marilyn. Qualified therefore cannot do evil. Marilyn/Jane was her name other things was she looks like Marilyn and lives like her. I did not matter in the reality of this world. My worst nightmare was to be seduced by her. To think I was groomed to become a bisexual wife. I cannot there is too many yearnings there is the conscience there is the good and evil. What does it matter when we have one life? Look honey it is that because of it there has to be one single choice. No deal I cannot live in such a narrow manner. But not everyone is as gifted as you my dear Marilyn. Reason does not work with her at all. I do not want to hear it. That beautiful women are evil indeed? Of course if they are seducing all the time anyone anytime they are what they never should have been given that power.

The thing is not to make the remarks not to feel the pain anymore but to speak out. My behaviour they said was uncalled for. For being hurting to my mummy. But mummy said we should sleep in the same bed. I told everyone I had been seduced or narrowly done for and that caused a lot of heart searching heartaches and all that. No one heard me out. But what did it do to me? Then a nice policewoman came and had me sectioned you see that is very bad even when one is abused it is wrong to leash out.

I had time to cool down in the next three months it was insane I chilled out until I cannot face anyone else.

In hospital for three months and no visitors no phone calls. But it is your mum she asked to sleep with you so you could become closer to her. That is Britain? Nothing to look out for but Tom; if he had not been there I would still be doing the reasonable acts without anyone noticing.

“Did you think that attacking a woman your mother’s age was justified?”

I did not know the truth left me. I could never be dishonest what did it matter she had swindled me not just from the lands but from my life. Then take it to the court. With what? I have just said she has swindled me out of my savings and lands.

“Does it justify this then?”

“This act on your behalf?”

“Does it mean a disabled woman can rob and plunder at will?”

“She did not kill you nor kick you out what does it matter a couple of million?”

So they sectioned me.

They did not even say that I had behaved wrongly they shouted it.

“Damn lies do you think she was hard done by?”

“The cufflinks hurt.”

“Tighten them tighter.”

Vicious sods. The police are the worse for doing such deeds the thing was did not matter as crossed the line. I had crossed some barrier where did not even have a voice anymore the more I said things the less they listened.

Has anyone any idea what goes on in British psychiatrist hospitals? The thing was it is okay it is alright it is never alright because there is not enough nurses to deal with things. If one is waiting to do ones laundry for half a day what does it do to ones self esteem?

“Where I’m I going with this?”

In Marilyn’s world we are bisexual and to be not that means we are insane. And Marilyn now has the power to commit us into psychiatry because she has a degree as a doctor. Now swallow that before it becomes a dirty thing.

Look if Marilyn as a doctor thinks I am insane and she has the power to section me as she is in the ruling classes and has the ability to be amiable with both sexes. I mean she never has a off day.

That I was now in some sort of shit as well?

“Well what do you know?” said his darling wife who had come to gloat. She had the priviledged post the position that settled the odd score she had scored the points all the way through in this hell of a life I had been living in. That she held nothing on me before now she held the goodies what a deal what a climb down.

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