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"Axel, kill her," Chase, my long time partner, snapped. My eyes averted from hers to gaze into those of my lover who laid on the ground bloody and beaten. Part of me was screaming for me to end her. For a century, Sofia Adair has been laying low within the human world and has been pretending to be human because of the Blood Brothers, an organization that was created during the Salem Witch Trials To hunt down and eradicate young and old witches at any cost. Sofia knows that if she's ever caught using an inkling of magic, then the organization will catch her and kill her like they did to her mother and grandmother when she was a child. Sofia makes it her mission to seem as human as possible by only practicing her magic within the safety of her home at night, by getting a normal job within the human world, and by leaving each town she goes to every ten years so that she won't get caught by them. Axel Pekelo is the son of Gabriel Pekelo, the leader of He Blood Brothers organization that has been passed down through generation after generation within his family. Axel is very devoted and loyal to the organization because of the fact that his mother was murdered by a witch when he was just a child. Axel detests of witches with a passion and wants them all killed mercilessly, especially if they are children. To Axel, witches are just soulless, evil beings that only bring chaos and d

Drama / Romance
Maia Black
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1. Sofia

In the spring 1692, the Salem witch trials began after of young girls within the Salem village, Massachusetts claimed to be possessed by the devil. These girls’ claims led to them accusing innocent women of witchcraft causing a widespread hysteria to rise in the village.

Due to the hysteria, a special court was created in Salem to hear the cases of those accused of this evil craft. The first convicted witch, Bridget Bishop, was hanged that June. Eighteen more followed Bishop to Salem’s Gallows Hill to be hanged for being in alliance with the devil. In such a short time 150 more men, women, and children were tried and hanged for witchcraft.

In September of 1692, the public’s attitude towards these trials began to turn sour for many people started to speak out against these trials. This in turn caused the courts to later annul the guilty verdicts and pay indemnities towards the families of the victims. Bitterness over the tries still lingered amongst the people of Salem and the legacy of their horrible paranoia would live on in history for centuries to come.

As for the real witches, only a few amongst the accused were hanged. Some of the real witches were forced to flee while others were hunted down and killed by a group known as the Blood Brothers. The Blood Brothers made it their mission to seek out and exterminate any and all witches no matter for they were evil beings in alliance with the devil. Many innocent lives were lost, such as that of children who didn’t know any better, but those men didn’t care as long as they did the world of us.

In modern day society, witches are still being hunted down and killed by the merciless Blood Brothers. This is the way it has been for 326 years. For a hundred of those years, I’ve been laying low in the human world and using my magic in secret. Why? Because if any humans saw just an inkling of magic, then one of the many spies placed in my town would run and tell the organization who would come to my home in the middle of the night and torture me for information on other witches before killing me. I’ve witnessed this on many occasions where a witch that I’ve known for years has accidentally used her powers in public only to have the organization go to her house in the dead of night and torture them until they gave out information, which did not happen, thankfully. The reason for this was that there was a rule we had to live by within our community and that was, ‘If hunted down and forced to give information by the organization, do not oust your fellow sisters and do not tell them about the council’. This meant that many witches were to keep their mouths shut about others until they died. If you think that’s horrible, then imagine what they do to little girls who have powers. It was horrible to think about what they did to adult witches, but young witches was much worse because they never get the chance to live out their lives until their flower is plucked.

As for the Blood Brothers, they never get caught with what they’re doing because they never leave any evidence at all of their existence. To humans, they are just an imaginary organization that only exists within the stories they tell their children or the rumors they spread about them. No one really knows about them, except for witches, and they’d like to keep it that way because they didn’t want to cause a panic amongst humans who didn’t know about the supernatural world at all or amongst those humans who do know about it and might be against their practices. Either way, they wanted to keep themselves a secret and would kill anyone who threatened to reveal them to the world.

As for me, I’ve been laying low for an entire century since my mother and grandmother were killed when I was five. Because witches stop maturing at a certain age, twenty-one is the age, I’ve had to change towns every ten years just to keep the organization from ever figuring out what I was. I’ve gone as far as using magic to age myself to human standards and told humans that I’ve been friends with that I was leaving the country and going to travel for a while. They all believe me and eventually they lose contact with me because they have moved on with their lives like humans normally do without so much as a second thought. It has worked for over a century, but it was a little tedious considering how I’ve changed my name many times, more like switched it around, and this gives me the advantage of actually being able to start over without any questions. In short, I have seen and done many things in this world that many humans have dreamed of doing within their short lifetime. I’ll continue to do what I’ve done for centuries until the day that I die so that I don’t get caught by the dreaded Blood Brothers.

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