Bloody Buddy

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Where did the humans go when they had known me all my life when they did not feel anything anymore but the takings of my body? The crumpet is there they would say the crumpet is what who is the crumb When I ceased to matter when the going rate was just a dime in a dollar shop what does a woman do who has known the failures and the tribulations of relationships go down the drain when her only option is the room at number 17 when that is the only choice she has. I think it matters to ask ourselves this question was it a joke that went bad and was it real? The thing was we were out of control so did not have any control in our lives when the failing parents went mad themselves on feeding and their animosity was such that they struck out the only way they could. Where did love go and when love fails what do we as humans take from that knowledge that one can know people forever and not know them at all. When the knowledge one takes from that is there is nothing we would not now do to our own children even to satisfy our beastly selves.

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter 1

This is the year 1997. I am 37 and I have been past it for some time. I do not go on dates that is what is the matter with the cafe they say. The customers want some action.

“Smile at us.”

“Just smile do not glower.”

“In the other cafes the waitresses go out on dates and they even let us squeeze their bums and tits. It is obligatory.”

“Fuck off sunshine.” I say and off they leave in a huff and they never come back again. I had lost the art of speaking I was sad and lonely and did not want to please anyone I was down and more down than I had ever been in my life.

Work place harassment was nothing to it there was this right we have a right to touch the goods and I said nothing of the sort.

“We feel like fools coming here and spending money when the goods are not even ours.”

“Look honey go away eat your breakfast and then leave. We have need of the tables.”

“I am not coming here again.”

“What reasonable cause do they have?” said dad startled at my rudeness.

“Look don’t pick fights with the customers.” he said determinedly wiping the counter and then trying to behave like a manager which he was he was the owner and we now had no dignity.

“I am not picking fights with them they are asking me out on dates and wanting to touch me up.”

“Well?” said daddy, “you did do it with someone why not try being nice to them?”

That is when I split my sides that is when the thing began the feeling of doomed failure that somehow I would never take myself whole self out of the cafe and be somewhere nice.

“Look dad why don’t you go and do the waiting on the tables.”

The customers pour sauce all over him. There was a determined action and they did not only destroy his suit but his temper too. This used to be so much nicer cafe.

“The thing was they are not themselves.” said dad and refused to serve them anymore. I went instead and was given nothing to do. Mother went and she was cheered on. Then came back minus her artificial leg. She just stood there minus her leg and they all went quiet. We went and took the plate and she settled and placed her artificial leg on.

“The tables shall remain empty.” I said in a matter of fact manner I had dealt with the customers, I added “Until they come to their senses.”

Some of these morons I had known from childhood and now they were behaving like beasts.

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