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Chapter 11

31st day of August 2013

"Chloe," Oh for goodness' sake, I'm still annoyed at you. After telling me that you like Mel? After you suddenly showed up in practice? Well I actually appreciated that he came today. I greatly missed him in the weekdays. He's awfully quiet in class and I feel awkward to talk to him during the weekdays for some reason.

"Don't touch me!" I can't help but laughed at how adorable he looked right now.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"You know, you always apologize even when you didn't really do anything. It's getting annoying." But it's kind of sweet. He's like a little boy… I like little boys. He reminded me so much of my little brother.

"Uh, can I ask you something?" See? –like a little child asking permission to go outside and play.

"Can I- should I- could you be my girlfriend?" What?

"No," I answered. I hated that I broke that hopeful look of his but it's for the better. It seems that he wouldn't recover from the rejection that easily. No, it's not that, he might have thought that I was mad at him for asking that. "Hey, it's okay… I'm not mad – it's just … you know, not now." I was right. It looked like he released the breath he was holding and put on a half-smile.

"I uh- understand," I hope so.

"Look, let's forget about it. I got to go back to volleyball practice. See ya, tomorrow okay?" he just nodded. I turned back once as I went back to the school grounds. Geez, don't sulk. You're making it harder for me too. It's just if both of us are not serious about this then we're only going to hurt each other. I knew this from experience. (Don't ask) I don't think that both of us could bear something that painful to endure.

But I did not expect that I would get too distracted to get on to practice.

"Ce," that's what Miss Captain calls me, "what happened? Did something happen at lunch? It's like your heart's not set on practicing. Oh well, take the rest of the afternoon off. Don't come back unless you're feeling better. Anybody else?"

And at the captain's request I went on my own until Mel joined me, apparently.

"Wait for me," Mel called after me.

"Hey, you're doing fine. You should go back. Captain's trying to be nice but I bet she's really pissed at how I was doing this afternoon at practice," I just glared at the other direction.

"Whatever, Anna can say whatever she want. Oh, and I left to even the sides. She can't say anything." Mel looked smug for some reason, "Anyway, what's up with you? Is it about Miles? Oh, I know, he confessed-" WOW. "-and you said 'yes' of course, and now you can't concentrate because you wanted to have some nice good fun with him instead." Mel has a very interesting imagination.

I cried. Yeah, I don't know why. Frankly, I'm laughing at myself. And no, I'm not actually upset, maybe a bit guilty, about rejecting him. Nah, that's not it.

"Yikes, did he make you cry?" Mel looked furious. Like, she wanted to tear something apart. "You confessed to him, right? And the little bastard had the gut to reject you? Why that little-,"I shook my head violently to disagree, also making me stop at tearing up. She looked like she wanted to kill somebody. I don't want my best friend to end up in jail, I'll get lonely.

"No, Mel, I just feel really bad about rejecting him. I'm not sure,"

"Reject? He asked you out?"


"And why the hell did you say 'no' then? You've been waiting for this for years. Oh? Was it me because you think I still disapprove of the kid? He's actually really nice, you're right,"

"Really? Well, even so. It's just I rejected him because I think he's not serious about it. He's still innocent. He did not think this through,"

"I thought you like innocent little boys," Mel said cheekily. I must have blushed at this point.

"I uh-,"

"So what if he's not serious? So what if he just thought of this as just a game?"

"Yeah, but-"

"So what if you're just playing around toying with each other?" That doesn't sound very nice.

"I'm not like that!"

"Well, that's what your exes told me." Mel rolled her eyes. Yeah, it's sad.

"Fine, you're right. I'm supposed to date to have fun. I'm suddenly acting like a grownup. That's right, we're just playing around, and we'll stop when we get tired of it. It's that simple. We're too young for adult dramatics. Yeah, we'll just think all about the serious stuff once we're older. We might not even last as more-than-friends for that long," Mel now looked smugger than before I said this. Okay, now I have to find Miles… before I change my mind suddenly.

Smug Mel is an Annoying Mel. So, I ditched her, again.

Now, I ran to the park to look for him.

He's there at the swings. Poor guy. Did he really take it that bad? Maybe he's a lot more serious than I took him for.

Well it is his first rejection (that I'm aware of at least). I'm about to approach him when I saw a pair of woman pass by him.

"Hey, isn't that -?"

"Yeah, a little version of his father isn't he? He'll always be alone and friendless. Serves him right."

I can't believe people could even think like that.

Miles Vera is a child of one of the most wanted criminals. His felonious father is wanted for countless rape, theft, and homicide. Of course, people will be disgusted at the sight of Miles. Miles had the misfortune of inheriting most of the criminal's look. He's the spitting image of his father. Some even say he looks like a younger version of him.

I can't blame the people for thinking that way but I hate that they're all making an innocent boy miserable because of what his parent had done. It wasn't even his fault that he looked like his father.

Miles is just a kid. I'm observing him from a distance for six years, and I can say that he far from anything the adults think of him. But at this rate, without friends or proper guardians, he might become what those people thought of him.

Knowing all of that, I move toward the swings where he was seated.

"Hey-," I greeted him with the sweetest smile I can come up with. He looked up for a moment and flashed me a smile. I returned it seeing that it was sincere like he was just happy to see me, like I didn't really reject him earlier.

"-can you be my boyfriend?"

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