Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 12

September 22, 2013

"Good Morning!"

"Shut it, kid, don't start this early,"

No, Auntie Seam you're not going to ruin my wonderful morning. It's such a nice Sunday morning. And later, I'm going to Chloe's place. I wonder what we're going to do today. She wouldn't tell me. Hmm, maybe her moody evil side is planning something to destroy me. Nah, I wouldn't care. She can do whatever she wants to do to me.

"What's up with the boy, eh, Seam? I don't like that ridiculous face he's giving." Clarabelle, no, not even you can ruin my awesome day. Yep, I made sure I've done everything I can to make this day as perfect as possible.

"Don't care. Hey, twerp fetch me a spoon why don't you."

I wonder what Seam is going to do with a spoon. I don't care. I mean, it's so nice and peaceful. I never felt anything like this before. I'm not drugged, am I? Wait, am I dead? Yeah, whatever, it's so quiet. Well, it is, if you ignore the ceaseless horns outside, the city noise, Seam's pop music booming on the living room, the construction on the lot next, next door, and Clarabelle's loud mouth, of course. Yeah, it's all so serene.

"Alicia!" called Clarabelle. My mother appeared from the stairs to heed Clarabelle's call for whatever reason I'm apparently too ignorant to understand right now.

"Eh, what is it darling?"

Nope. Not even my mother and Clarabelle's display of vulgar obscenity of making out in front of me will ruin my perfect day.

Skipping the part where they did five rounds of feasting with each other's mouths. Clarabelle had seen it fit that she had to say something.

"Alicia, your kid's acting real strange."

"Tsk. Clara, you know I hate being reminded about having a kid. And I was having a wonderful day too."

Well, I guess I'm not the only one who's having a nice day. Isn't it nice?

After a short moment of forgetting my existence, they did talk about er- much useful stuff such as the weather and politics. I actually thought that they did forget about my insignificant existence until for some unknown reason, one of the mentioned me again in one of their sentences.

"Let the little freak take care of the house for us. He is fourteen, he's old enough to leave here on his own," suggested Clarabelle at some point. I didn't pay much attention at their conversation. My mind was preoccupied with thoughts concerning Chloe's planned activities with me for later.

"I guess you're right. And if he would try and host a party or something, then he'll be answering to you, Clara. You heard that kid? You better stay here while the three of us will go and take a day off." I wasn't truly listening until being mentioned caught my attention. It took me a few moments to realize what their conversation had concluded to.

-It's not fair. They let me do what I want on Sundays. Chloe already asked me out. We can't cancel it now.

"I don't want-," I wasn't able to finish protesting as Clarabelle stepped in.

"You got the nerve boy? My house, my rules…" It was my mother's house, not hers. "Planning to go somewhere?'


"Don't bother. You'll stay here whether you like it or not. End of discussion," What now? Today? What about Chloe? If I didn't manage to come, she'll think that I stood her up. We don't even have a house phone either so I can't tell her. What will I do? She'll hate me. No, she won't, right? She'll understand. But what if she doesn't? That girl is a real mystery. She might already think of breaking up with me for some random reason but what if she was given some real concrete ones? It's all over. Mel will hate me too, and I'll go back to being absolutely friendless again.

Wait! I can't give up now. I just predicted one of the worst case scenarios. I can't let that to happen.

"Oh yeah," My silent rage was interrupted by their pre-departure announcement. "If you try and leave this house then I'll make sure that it's the last time you'll get out of this house," and I finally got rid of Clarabelle's face. They can't seriously lock me up in here right? It's a crime… oh yeah, nobody's going to mind and by implication the public will approve of it.

Great, I don't have a choice. Well, at least they're not planning to lock me here forever. Right? Yeah- though, they hate me so much that they'll be glad to finally rid of me. I'm forgetting something here. They can't do that - my grandparents' will. I hate my grandparents sometimes.

But really, why today of all days? Are they deliberately doing this to ruin my only chance to happiness? Yeah, that must be it. That made sense… but they don't know that I'm seeing someone.

-Chloe will understand right? But – what if? Ugh stop thinking about it. Chloe will understand... -Still I promised… Maybe she'll forgive me? That's my last hope. She's clever despite her moodiness and bossiness. She'll figure out that I didn't mean to not come to our – err- date. Or I'll tell her myself, she'll listen to me. She'll believe my excuse right? But what if she doesn't?

Maybe I should start getting used to being back to that life of loneliness. Yeah, that's my best bet.

10 AM… 11… 12 noon

1 PM

By now she's probably… wait, I should start forgetting about her. I still wonder what she's up to though. She's probably on our meeting place, waiting for me to show up. Fine, that's it; I'm condemned to become eternally friendless. I'll just stay at this corner hugging my knees for the rest of my life. I don't care anymore. I give up.

There's someone knocking at the door.

My heart suddenly lifted itself up, filling itself with hope and happiness. It's her.

My mind intercepted… Don't get your hopes up! It's probably a delivery guy, the postman, or the pizza guy. It's too early to start hoping again. Did Chloe even know where I live? I don't think so. But still, there are no posts on Sundays, no deliveries, and Hell will freeze over first before my custodians will order pizza take-outs for me.


"Miles! I know you're there! Open up!" I heard Chloe's voice shouting from outside the door. She's really here. I'm hopeless… she's mad at you, idiot!

"Miles!" Chloe called from a window. She doesn't look very happy. But I had to face the music sooner or later, right? At least my day couldn't get any worse than this. I dread opening the door. As I knew what was coming.

I didn't notice that I'm already at the door at the process of turning the doorknob. How did I get here so fast? I don't want everything to end just yet. At least delaying it for a few moments will prolong the fact that I at least had a girlfriend in my pathetic life. Yeah-

With every ounce of will power I could muster, I finally opened the door completely. I gave my best 'I'm the worst guy ever and I deserve everything that you're going to do to me' look. At least there's a chance that she'll hold back a little, right? I don't care if I looked pitiful. I got nothing else to lose right?

"Miles!" for a second there, I really thought she sounded happy to see me. "Hehe… I got tired of waiting so decided to head here," She paused again, examining me from head to foot. I winced. "So, what's the hold up?" she smiled. No! Don't let your guard down yet Miles. It may convincingly look like that she doesn't want to rip you to shreds. It'll come to that… yes, it'll come to that. -I eyed that suspicious basket she's holding.

"What? Hey, say something." She smiled again. Don't let her fool you.

She's started to stare at me for some reason.

"Oh, Miles, I'm sorry." Chloe leant closer and embraced me. Wait- What?

"Well, you look like I'm going to rip you to shreds or something. Well, to be honest I wanted to rip something to shreds," She looked down for a moment and looked up again, "but I promise it's not you. I'm not mad at you. It looks like your trapped here. -I heard your parents chatting about you on my way to our meeting place and I overheard them talking about locking someone on the basement, hehe, good thing to… I was about to think of several things that I'll make you do if you came late or if you stood me up."

That's really it then?

She poked my right cheek.

"Hey, say something," said Chloe. For the first time today, I managed to look at her in the eyes.

"I'm hungry." I didn't mean to say that. Chloe raised an eyebrow and started to have a fit of giggles. I felt my face heating up. Well, at least I made her laugh.

She opened her basket and took out a sandwich. So, it's a picnic basket then. I felt silly think that it was a power toolbox earlier. Heck, I felt ridiculous for thinking a lot of unnecessary thoughts earlier.

I took a bite at the sandwich. I felt I should say something.

"I was really scared that you'd never talk to me again." She looked confused but she offered me a smile.

"-Because I might have thought that you stood me up? No, maybe for a few days yeah, but I'll forgive you, yeesh, you're being too dramatic for a guy." I can't help but felt entirely reassured.

She then went closer to me and a felt something warm on my face.

"Oh, I won't mind if you did something wrong. I'm talented at getting back at people. Don't worry," she had that weird smile again and I just smiled back.

"You had mayo- on your cheek," and she licked it off?

"No reaction? Ugh, you're no fun!" she said, playfully nudging me.

She licked it off?

She licked it off?

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