Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 14

September 28, 2013

"Aw, are you having trouble with your nonexistent girlfriend?" Clarabelle sneered at me.

I'm feeling nonexistent right now.

"Oh stop that already. Sheesh… Stop feeling like you're some kind of normal teenager feeling depressed over something. It's annoying. What? You're having girl problems now? Ho- ho, don't let yourself worry, no sane girl would ever take pity on you! Silly kid,"

"Shut up!" was my pitiful attempt to try and wipe that smirk off Clarabelle's face. Of course, she just went straight to me and swiped her hand right across my face.

"You dare? Ugh, just do your chores and go someplace else. Don't dare show your face to me for a while," she strutted out of the room. Yeah, right, my chores. I'm the only one doing chores in this hellhole. Regardless, the sting I felt from that slap and those words wouldn't compare to how I am feeling right now. The feeling is so empty, yet it hurts.

Chloe? What did I do to deserve that cool off or whatever? What have I done wrong? So am I just some kind of toy for her to play with? And when she's finished with me she'll just throw me away to the nearest waste basket? I shouldn't be thinking like that. She said that she still likes me. But then, it still somehow implies that she'll just cast me away when she DID get tired off me.

I need to calm down. Chloe just said that she needed some space, that's it. I shouldn't feel bad. And she said that it's just 'til this Sunday right? Besides she told me a little space apart will do us some good. Yeah, I'm just being a bit selfish… she has friends. Still, could easily get tired of me and leave me in the dust after realizing that being with her friends is more fun than hanging out with me.

Maybe I should try and play some arcade? She doesn't want me to go watch the Volleyball Club. I might just annoy her if I go there. I don't want to ruin my remaining chances.

My brain must be on auto-pilot as I found myself in front of the school gates, a while later. Maybe a peek at Volleyball won't hurt, just a peek. I was about to enter the grounds when someone stopped me. Great, now what? I always thought I wasn't a bully target. I have no time for them.

I tried ignoring the guy and went pass him. He responded by dashing in front of me, blocking my way.

"What?" I snapped at him. I looked down as he gave me an incredulous look.

"Heh, here to see someone?" he asked me with an annoying smirk.

Okay, breathe in…. breathe out.

I swung a fist at him, without thinking. Tsk, I missed, - no- well, he dodged it.

"Whoa. What did I do?" he asked. Yeah, why did I do that?

I just stayed quiet and glared at the guy.

"Hey, you're better that I expected." He didn't seem fazed at all. He doesn't look like that usual bully type too.

"What's your game here? I'm not really in the mood right now… could you torment me some other time?" I withdrew the idea of trying to beat him up. I don't want to spend my Sunday at juvenile detention.

"Oh, come on, I just want to be friends," said the strange guy. He didn't look like he's lying, though at the same time he didn't look so truthful either. No one tried and befriend me since I moved here six years ago. Why start now? Well, Chloe and Mel befriended me. I guess it's not impossible. Yet it doesn't mean it's not suspicious.

"I don't believe you."

"I can understand that. It's just that I'm in that rebellious stage. You know? My mother always told me to stay away from you. But I think you're alright. Also, you look lonely, well lonelier than usual at least." He sounded a lot more sincere this time. I can tell that this guy is weird though.

"Hey, don't give me that look," He said laughing. "Look, I'm Zec and you're Vera, right? Miles, is it?" He offered with a smile. I just nodded to confirm my name. So he's serious? He wants to be friends? Oh, why not? Besides I got nothing to lose. Well, at least, I felt that I got nothing left to lose again.

It felt great. I haven't got any guy friend since I was eight.

"Er- I'm sorry for trying to punch you. I thought you're a bully or something," I said. After that the flow of conversations went on. We got to know each other. All the way, it felt good. It's happening, I gained a new friend.

Our chat came to the point that we needed to take seats. It also got to the point that I told him about that cool off thing. He just laughed at me, of course. I found out that Zec is part of our school's Disciplinary Committee. He assured me that he won't tattle on me for my punching stunt earlier. Zec did admit that he was kind of random for doing that. And he could only blame himself for making me want to punch him.

"Miles, I can tell that you're a decent kid. You should know this. It's a curse to be good-looking. Sorry, I know it sounds rude but I wish I was like you instead. I mean, yeah, you're good-looking too," I gave Zec a weird look. "-I mean girls will find you cute, I'm sure, if it wasn't for your reputation. Anyway, I kind of wish I was like you because of that reputation. It may sound nasty, but I wish girls would stop bugging me," I don't understand.

"So, you only want to be friends with me so girls wouldn't bother you too? 'cause they don't give a damn about me?" I asked. He laughed again, probably because of my language.

"Yeah, but I really want to be friends Miles. I think you'll be awesome as a friend." It didn't sound synthetic. He did sound like he wanted to be friends.

Oh, I get it now. So, he felt that he's using me. That he's only befriending me to make himself less popular? I didn't mind, at least he's honest about it. Ugh whatever, I'm just happy that I could talk to someone.

I smiled. "But girls don't really ignore me. They find different and creative ways of pranking me. I'm being bullied by girls."

"Well, yeah, there's lots of flaws and holes in my plan," Zec then laughed. "Oh, I remember now. We're eleven at the time probably. You ended up in your underwear. Haha, I heard the girls gush how hot you were. I remembered that I was so jealous of you." I raised an eyebrow. Zec shrugged, "I liked the attention back then,"

"You made me remember,"

"Oops, sorry bro. Were you trying to forget that?"

"It's fine. At least now I remembered the reason why I'm scared of girls- or was it the reason on my fear of swimming pools." I can't remember.

All the same, it felt wonderful having to talk to someone.

Zec told me to sign up for the Disciplinary Committee too, so he could have me as company when doing patrols. Zec said he's in good terms with the Committee Head and that he's nice enough to recommend me since I'm not part of any clubs.

Chloe's right, maybe cool offs do good things to people.

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