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Chapter 15

2nd day of October 2013

"Get away from him," said a certain Miss Somebody. Ugh, an average Miss Somebody shouldn't yell at me like that. She's annoying, really. I can't help but just smirk at her.

She turned to Teddy, probably for support. Miss Somebody (Her name escapes me) looked like she was begging or demanding (I wasn't sure) with the guy I'm currently embracing. I can feel Teddy squirm at my hold of him. So he's hesitating, huh.

I scanned the cafeteria where most of my classmates watched the scene we're making. I saw Miles scribbling something on a piece of paper on his usual seat. He's not even bothered to look at us. Isn't he even jealous? Well, I usually cause dramatics like this whenever we had a vacant period, or when it gets boring.

I heard everyone cheering for me to get Teddy away from Miss Nobody. Sheesh, doesn't Teddy realize that this is all just a joke to me?

"Let me go!" He, well everyone apparently, thinks I'm being serious about this. Oh well.

"Merilyn- Hey, look Chloe, I'm really sorry but my heart is set on only one girl," Teddy looks at Miss Nobody, who I realize was my classmate Merilyn. It sounded so cheesy and very UN-romantic to me, so much but I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Lame.

Everyone let out an 'ooh'. I did let him go and looked at the direction opposite to Teddy and Marilyn. So, everyone suddenly turned against me?

"Garcia," I heard my surname being called. I turned to look at whoever it was. Oh, it's Mr Playboy, I wonder what he wants? He approached me. Heheh, wait 'til Mel hears about this. By the way, where's that girl? She didn't even support me. I just realize that Mel was not a classmate. "The Music Teacher asked me to tell you that you are to help out later with the Music Room for causing a scene and disrupting the peace here during lunch." Oh, I forgot that Mr Playboy's part of the school's Disciplinary Committee.

I didn't care that I was punished for that stunt. It's just that it felt so costly and it's not even worth it. Miles didn't even care. You'll pay for this Teddy, just you wait. -And I laughed by myself earning weird looks from everyone who turned their heads upon hearing me.

I finally took my seat and glanced at where Miles was sitting. To my surprise, Mr. Playboy joined him on his table. I saw Miles acknowledge his presence with a smile. How the-? Since when did these two become friends? It felt weird. I tried my best plotting on trying to make Miles jealous, yet I'm the one who felt jealous of that Mr. Playboy getting close with him. Miles isn't even trying. I know it's bad. I should feel happy that Miles is finally making friends.

I wasn't able to have lunch properly after that. I wasn't able to concentrate on the afternoon class. I was still in a foul mood that I didn't notice that Mel was following me home. My mother was going to make dinner tonight and she invited Mel. This dinner became a routine since my mother found out that I'm dating somebody. She's going to bug us again for the identity of the person I am dating. I already slipped one time that the name of that person was 'Miles' but she still kept asking question that made me too annoyed to answer. Tonight, Mel slipped the fact that we're cooling things off earning laughs from my little sister, Chelsea.

"So Chl—"

"Don't call me by that name," I snapped at her.

"Sorry." she said solemnly. That finally silenced the room. They finally realized that I'm not really in the mood of any of this.

"How come you let Charles call you by that name?" asked my little sister in silent tears. Usually, I'll yell at her again but this time I just kept quiet. That didn't need to be answered.

"Chloe, I should go now. See you tomorrow. Thanks for then meal Mrs. Garcia," was all Mel could say. Ugh, the family drama made her too awkward to stay. I still haven't even mentioned to her about Miles and Mr. Playboy's apparent friendship.

After that, mother and my younger sister finally shut up for good. I'm glad that they realized that having to ask me about the guy I'm having problems with can be so annoying. Speaking of that Miles, what's wrong with him anyway? And I can't even call him. Those hags who were supposed to be raising him didn't provide him a cellphone. Well, at least they should have let him use their phone, but no, Miles doesn't even know their own phone number.

I miss him. But what else could I do? Am I supposed to say sorry to him for that silly cool off or what? I admit that it was less fun hanging with the girls than Miles. But after thinking about it, I'd rather have gone with a boring Miles than them. I should make it up to him somehow. -Tomorrow.

3rd day of October 2013

And that tomorrow came.

It was lunch break again when things started, as he pretty much ignored me all morning. Yeah, not even a single eye contact. I don't know how I should approach him, even worse he now has Mr. Playboy with him. How could I get near him now?

"Chloe- um- can I ask you something?"

"What?!" Yikes, I didn't realize that it was Mel.

"Never mind," Mel took it hard. "You seem to be in a foul mood. You've been like that since last night,"

"I'm sorry, Mel. What was it you wanted to ask?" I felt guilty all of the sudden. Mel's my best friend yet I felt that I'm ignoring her too. She should be the first one to hear of my troubles. Well, in fairness, everyone annoys me this week to the point that I forgot all the crucial things in my daily routine, such as Mel, my class rep duties, my homework (but really, who cares about those?) and other things.

"Oh, yeah, since when did Miles and Zec become best buddies?" Mel asked quite excitedly. Oh, so Zec was Mr Playboy's real name.

"I don't know Mel. I haven't even had a talk with Miles since Saturday. Do you think that he's mad about the cool off? Do you think he gotten so close with a guy his age that he had forgotten me?"

How I regret that cool off now. Why did I even declare a cool off with him?

"Hey, I know! Let's go sit at their table. Please Chloe," said Mel that and it was pretty clear that she wasn't listening to me. Go at their table, huh? Maybe Mel has a point, I should just go on ahead and talk to him. That's it. Now that I have Mel with me, I'm not outnumbered anymore. It's an even match then. Of course, I'm aware of Mel's ulterior objectives too. Oh, Mel…

I nodded and gave her a 'let's do this now look'. Mel looked like she suddenly felt like wanting to look into a mirror and check herself. My impatience did not allow her to and I we went to their table without saying a word.

I took the seat next to Miles while Mel took the one next to Mr. Playboy –er- Zec as we planned. Miles didn't look like he doesn't want me to be here but at the same time he wasn't welcoming us either. Zec just stared but he doesn't seem to mind that we interrupted their guy talk or whatever they were doing earlier. Well, at least Mel's happy. Good for you, Mel, good for you…

It was a long moment of awkward silence. Er- a staring contest is a much better way to describe it, though. It surprised me that it was Miles who breaks the ice.

"H- hi." Well it wasn't much of an ice-breaker and it awfully sounded awkward but I think that it did manage to dent a small crack at that said ice. Yeah, but nothing changed much. I'm still staring at Miles. Zec is staring at both of us. Mel is happily staring at Zec at a very close range.

"Chloe, is it true?" Miles said in a cracked voice. Like he was begging me to deny whatever it is. I saw Zec glancing away from us. Zec told Miles something then. Oh no, I just realized, Zec might be a bad influence to my innocent Miles.

"Chloe?" Miles gained my attention again. I involuntarily turned away from his face. By doing that, I saw Mel attempting to do weird thing like trying to touch Zec. I can't help but comment.

"You look so pathetic," I told Mel. The weird thing is that it also got Zec 's attention. He looked surprised for some reason. Mel too… Miles' was the worst, he looked like that I dumped him or something, assuming that he'll feel terrible if I dump him. Well, of course he will.


"So, it's true then?" Miles sounded like he was close to crying. Wait. –oh- He thought that I think that he looked pathetic? But that was Mel.

"Chloe, so it's true then? Zec said that there's the possibility that you might want to break up with me. So, it's true." repeated Miles.

"No! Miles I don't want to break up with you."

"But you said that I was pathetic." He looked really cute when he's all squirmy and helpless. Ugh, stop it Chloe.

I tried to concentrate. "That was Mel!" I turned to see a scandalized Mel. "She was doing some- wait look Miles. I promise, I don't think you're pathetic." I might have said a white lie there. He does look kinda pathetic, but he looks so cute.

"But- what's up with that Teddy guy?" So he's also worried about that stunt I pulled yesterday.

"I thought we're doing a live theater," Partially that's true, my real intention was-

"I was jealous you know," I could have hugged him now if Mel and Mr Playboy weren't here. They should've left already!

"Oh, I'm sorry, Miles." I decided to clasp my hands against his instead. "Don't worry about that. Teddy is nothing - but if you don't like it I won't do it again. I might also have wanted to get a bit of your attention. I was kind of jealous that you're spending time with Mr. Playboy- er Zec here."

Zec just scrunched his face as being acknowledged as a Playboy. Actually I'm glad that Miles found himself a new friend, but why is it had to be Mr. Playboy? What if Miles turned to a player too? Maybe I'm just being silly, but it could still happen.

"So, we're not breaking up then?" I nodded in confirmation. "So I'm jealous of you being jealous of Teddy being jealous of that Marilyn girl talking to that boy she met on her block since you're not really jealous of Teddy being jealous of that Marilyn girl talking to that boy she met on her block and-,"

I just pinched Miles' cheeks. It was a sign that it was all over. Mel and Mr. Playboy both sighed in relief. They shouldn't have seen all that.

We must have caused a scene by now, but to my surprised nobody was here. At looking around, I glanced at the clock that read 1:37 PM. So lunch break was finished more than half an hour ago?

And that was the day the four of us ended up skiving classes the entire afternoon.

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