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Chapter 17

10th day of October 2013

Classes just ended. I haven't seen Miles all day. Zec doesn't know where he was too. He didn't go to school.

I settled that he might have just caught a cold or something. Maybe I should pay him a visit. Yeah, that would be fun. It made me wonder though; do his custodians take care of him when he's ill? I never asked him about this. It made me worry. What if they just ignore him, and not take care of him? Will they let him die? I shouldn't say that. No one dies from a cold, right? But what if he didn't just get a cold? What if it's something worse? Road accidents? He might be even be kidnapped—ok I need to relax.

I'll just pay him a visit. That's the plan. Wait, wait, wait—why can't I just call him? That should have been the first thing that came to my mind.

I pressed the 'call' button as I wonder if we wouldn't be too sick to answer…




He's not answering. Okay, off to his house, then. I kept on trying to call his number as I walked for the slightest chance that he'll answer. Hmm… maybe he lost the phone I gave him and he's scared to face me. That's a possibility. Still, I like to think that if that was the case then he'll come running to me asking for my forgiveness.

Maybe he's just too sick to answer. I hope he's alright.

On the way to turn to the direction of his house, I saw Chelsea running towards me. And yet, I kept going and ignored her.

"Chloe! Hey! Mom wants you home now, upstairs." she said between pants. Rage suddenly builds up in me. I'm not really sure why.

"I told you NEVER to call me by my name!" I turned to her.

"But-," I don't have the time to talk to her.

"Tell Mother that I'll come later." I saw that she was about to retort. "End of discussion."

I walked away quite dramatically, not looking back at her. I started running and won't stop until I got in front of Miles' gate. I ignored every afternoon greeting any acquaintance might have given me. I have to see Miles first. Just one more turn.

"Hey there young lady, the people living there went somewhere with that no good son of theirs." an old lady told me. I got infuriated at how they perceive Miles that I can't help but completely ignore her. Let her think I didn't hear her or how impolite I was. I don't care.

But they went somewhere, huh? The hospital maybe? I don't know. I wonder where else they could have taken him. I need to calm down. Miles would feel bad if he found out that he made me worried when he'll just turn up tomorrow in class. Just relax, Chloe.

Oh, I forgot, I'm supposed to see my little brother today. I need to go home and get ready. I wished I know where Miles was though. I promised that I'll let him meet Creevie. Oh well, I can just take him to Creevie this Sunday. I just have to believe in Miles.

I took my time getting back to the building this time. Then, I remembered about my mother needing me upstairs. Maybe it was important. I decided to go and talk to her.

800 – 'the Landlady' was inscribed on my mother's door.

I didn't knock as I was always welcome here of course.

"Oh, you're finally here." I scanned the room. The penthouse felt more crowded than usual. We had company. My mother, my younger sister, and there were two other women, Miles' custodians. Wait, they're here? So that means—

There he was and I didn't care for a moment. I practically jumped onto him.

"Miles!" I might have cried out of joy. My worries are gone completely. I let myself let out a sigh of relief. He didn't seem to be very happy to see me though. He wasn't even moving. Is he dead? Did I kill him? Thinking back I shouldn't have smashed myself onto him.

But is he really dead? I looked on his eyes. They seem blank. He blinked though. God, he's so quiet. What was I thinking though? I can feel his heartbeat from my embrace. I just realized something,

"W-what's the meaning of this!?" my mother asked. I can't read face. Well, I can read everyone's face.

"What? I'm just hugging him. Sheesh, it's not like I'm making out with him." I gave my mother an incredulous look. So, I'm forbidden to hug my boyfriend now?

"So, he's 'Miles'?" she asked again. It's interesting that everyone in the room just played audience in our conversation.

"Of course he's Miles. I don't know any other, Miles, well for miles." Oh, what pun! So I see what's going on here.

"Yes, he's Miles, mother. He's my boyfriend." Finally, Miles made a small grunt. He's embarrassed. I wonder why Miles and his guardians are here, however.

"Well, that boyfriend of yours just happens to think it's a good idea to steal your phone. I can't believe you Chloe, you should have known better than-," I almost laughed, almost.

"Steal? I gave my old phone to him so I can call or text him. You know, for easier communication," Didn't Miles defend himself? Well, I guess they'd just think that he was lying or something.

The room felt silent. I remembered that I'm supposed to see Creevie today. I wonder where he is now.

"Alright, if that's all, then I guess I'll be going now, and I'm taking Miles with me." Hearing that Miles stood up although he was still looking down and silent.

Great, off we go.

"So, you're dating him? Chloe, I'm only allowing you to date if—,"

"-if the guy is good-looking (don't ask), if he can protect me, and if his grades are better than mine, right?" my mother nodded. "I don't see where Miles violated any of those, besides even if he did, I'm still the one who gets to decide if I like him or not!"

And yes, even if Miles is a bit of an idiot. He's on the Top 10 of our year, and I'm not even on the Top 20. He's not even trying. Well, it's my mother's mistake to make academic ability as a criterion in that standard of hers.

"So, no more? I guess we'll be going now," Finally. I can have Miles all to myself. I'll just stay at Miles' house later so I could talk a bit with his carers. They looked like they wanted to ask me if I'm insane or in need of mental health assistance.

I restrained myself from slamming my mother's door at frustration. I took Miles by the wrist and we went outside the building. He's still quiet though.

"Hey, Miles, say something." I tried shaking him for a response. "Did they hurt you? Or did I upset you? I'm sorry. Come on say something."

He smiled at me.

"Thanks for getting me out of there," he said. That's it?

"Did they hurt you, Miles?" I asked firmly and sternly this time.

He avoided my gaze. I thought so.

"It's okay though. The pain numbed when you stood up for me," he said thinking that I leave the fact that he was physically assaulted. I raised an eyebrow.

"Let's just leave it, Chloe. No one would care. It's no use telling them." He said, and I hate the fact that he's still smiling.

"Fine, but I'll do something about it." Yeah, let's just leave it at that, for now. "Anyway, I'm going to see Creevie today. You'll get to meet him too." He nodded, probably thinking that he's safe since Creevie is not an older brother.

"Do you like kids, Miles?" I asked out of the blue while we walked.

"I can't say so… I'm jealous of them." Did he just look bitter? Well, his childhood ended when his eight, I can't really blame him.

"But you'll love Creevie I'm sure."

I stopped.

"An asylum!? He's in an asylum?" asked Miles. He blushed because he thought he sounded rude. I just laughed at his chagrin. What is he even talking about?- Oh, I abruptly stopped in front of an asylum. That would give him the wrong impression.


Miles sighed in relief as I crossed my arms as I said this. We started walking bored of just walking he started another conversation.

"Oh, is he living with your older brother? Do I get to meet him too?" He's terrified upon the concept of meeting Charles, huh? I can't help but just let out a giggle. That made him sulk for a few minutes.

"Chloe, why don't you like it when they call you 'Chloe'?" I wondered when he'll ask me this.

"I'm alright with being called Chloe. It's just that I don't want to be addressed in my first name by the people I think that don't deserve to." I watch his face being painted with worry. It's not about his question.

Miles started to trudge closer to me. He clasped my hand with his. Tightly.

"Chloe?" he looked at me. He just looked at me, for the reason that he probably forgot what he's supposed to say next.

I tried to smile to reassure him. I failed.

I felt something wet. Is Miles crying? I glanced at him to check. - No, he's not. I'm the one crying… for some reason.

I felt an ominous wind hit me. I turned around.


A Cherished Son.

A Lovable Brother.

January 14, 2001 – October 10, 2010'

We were at a cemetery somehow.

"Chloe?" Miles asked me again. I can't distinguish how I feel. Is it anger? Disappointment? Hurt? Insanity?

Miles, he's probably just worried for me.

"I'm sorry Miles. I didn't mean to." I embraced him. And he accepted me. "Until now, I can't just accept the fact that—I can't even say it. I'm so sorry. We were so close… too close he's closer to me that he is with his twin, Chelsea. I always play with him. We're always together. He's the first person I told about my first crush – that was you. Even though he didn't even understand what was a crush back then. He told me I'll get you someday. Once I have you, he told me he wouldn't mind if I forget all about him. As long as I promise that—,"

"Hey that's enough, look, you're breaking your promise to him right?"

I can't help but let out a snort. I can't help but laugh as I let tears continue.

"Yeah, I really love him, Miles." I had to stop myself from laughing. Miles was keen on trying to not look jealous.

"I'm sorry I lied Miles." I wondered how he's going to respond this time.

"Chloe," he now looked all panicky. "Come on, this is too hard," he whined, but he didn't sound like he's whining. "I don't know what to do—," Ugh, he's too honest. I offered him a smile, though the tears still haven't stopped from flowing.

Somehow I didn't mind-

All of it.

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