Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 18

It took Chloe almost a week to go back to her usual cheery self. She also has been avoiding me all week. Anyhow, at least she's back to normal… or I guess her normal self. Don't tell her I said that. I started to have doubts that she only see her little brother in me. But thinking over it, I guess, I'm not making sense.

But what I don't get is that why is she avoiding me? Did I do something again? -I don't think so, I mean the usual reason whenever she's annoyed about me was not because I did something to her. She established that. Though, Mel always implied that girls are just like that. That they won't give any hints and let us guys figure it out by ourselves. Oh, well.

From what I gathered it may be Chloe just wanted me to come to her on my own. Now, even knowing all of this and I think I have a high chance of being right, I suddenly found myself not being able to do it. Why is that though?

I still can't do it. So, I was right maybe I need to come to her this time.

"Miles, you didn't know that Chloe's birthday was on October the 10th?" Mel came to me one time while I was about to go home. It hit me.

"Where were you at that day?" I was being hostage by Chloe's mother and her sister, should I tell her that? I'll try it.

"I was being hostage by Chloe's mother and her sister." I said in an annoyed tone that I didn't mean to.

"Oh, I thought it's your fault Chloe's acting like that. I mean she's lonely that day. We argued about something too. I haven't apologized to her yet- we're not talking to each other." Mel admitted. Now, that I realized Chloe seemed so lonely. "Maybe it's my fault," she said.

I didn't know how to reply so I just shrugged.

"I think I'm at fault too," I said after reconsideration.

"Well, I think we should talk to her," Mel said, ruffling my hair. I glared at her. What's with Chloe and Mel and touching my hair? Well, I'm not really complaining, but still-.

The next day after that little chat with Mel, they started walking together again. They're all talking happily that I wonder if they talked about me. Maybe, I should just come to her. I've been telling myself lately yet I haven't even made a move until now. I tried approaching Mel for some chat but I can't seem to do that too. I tried seeking Zec for advice too, one time, in one of our patrols. But all he did was insult (although mockingly) about my inferior knowledge regarding girls. Gee, thanks Zec. Well, he did admit in the end that he didn't know much about girls either. He's just popular with them. Poor Mister Playboy…

Then, I checked with a dating article about this. It only said that we're starting to drift apart. I don't want that. Even though, Chloe said not to get to serious about our relationship. She said that we just need let it flow naturally. At this rate though, it's like she's not interested anymore.

I need to do something about this.

There's going to be some kind of school field trip this coming Friday. It's my chance. I know I could just go to her now but I can't. And I don't know why, I tried but some mysterious tendency made me turn around or turn left in the last minute.

I planned the night before the trip. I messaged Zec for a favor regarding his involvement. It was a small simple plan, really, so Zec's cooperation wasn't much of a problem.

October 18, 2013

Now, I'm sitting on a bus. This was rented by the school for a coordinated activity with an elementary school. I didn't know what this was about as I wasn't listening to the teachers while they explained this. I heard whispers of teachers not wanting me to go but somehow they let me come. Well, after hearing about my classmate chatter about chaperoning kids this Friday. I guess the field trip was about that, chaperoning younger kids, I guess. Oh, that'll explain the whispers I heard about me. Parents would not like if they found out that their kids where influenced somehow by the freak. I guess that's that.

The bus is half-empty when I got here. I chose the seat behind the front where the teacher in-charge usually sits. After a while my classmates started to come in and of course they all avoided the seat next to mine. It's a nice seat in the front half. They don't know what they're missing.

Still, here I'm hoping that my plan will successfully work. Well, my plan is that Zec somehow delays Chloe so that she'll be the last to come. By then, the bus is full and the only seat remaining will be the one next to mine. She had no other choice. It's fool-proof… I hope.

It wasn't long now. I just hope that Zec doesn't go over board and make her miss the trip. Well Zec needs to go to the bus where his classmates were designated to so I didn't need to worry.

I suddenly realized,what if Chloe doesn't want our classmates seeing us together. I mean everyone knows that she's dating 'Miles' but no one knows or rather no one wanted to accept that Miles was me. I'm not even sure if anyone else, besides Chloe, knows my first name.

That thought kind of hurt.

Finally, Chloe stepped in looking all harassed and annoyed. That made me wonder what Zec did to accomplish that.

I didn't realize that Chloe already walked past me without even saying 'hi' or anything.

"Hey! Everyone settle down! Hmph, I thought all of you promised to be good to me when you elected me for Class President!" she yelled the first part and faked sobbed near the end. Everyone did settle and quieted down and laughed at her acts.

"Sorry, Miss President." I heard my classmates at the back of the bus chorused and laughed. I peeked at the back there wasn't any seats left. No there's one space left. There must be someone who won't be able to come, that or he or she was just running late. I saw one of the girls offered that seat to her. I felt like my blood was being drained from me. It all came back when I heard Chloe mutter a 'Thanks, but no'. So this is what 'butterflies in your stomach means', right? I feel it right now.

Then sudden realization felt like someone punched me in the stomach. The class president sits next to the teacher. Chloe's the Class President. For the second time since I was eight. I felt like I was about to cry. I know it's stupid.

Chloe grabbed her bag from the seat next to mine and replaced it with herself. I didn't even notice that she already placed her bag on the seat next to me. I nearly lost it. She's actually sitting beside me! I should say something but I can't. What's wrong? She's just right there but she wasn't looking at me.

I guess I my plan worked but I still haven't gotten her back yet. The bus started to move. I kept looking at her every five minutes. Charging and retreating at the same time. I'm not sure how should I approach her dangerous territory. I decided kept myself entertained by looking at the scene outside.

It was a dreadful first hour. Add my situation to the annoying antics of my classmates. First, one should definitely know his or her limitations in vocal talent. Also, only children under eight years old go up and down along a bus aisle. In addition, children below eight should be supervised by an adult. By the way, what's Miss Homeroom doing about this? -Sleeping all-throughout the trip. Chloe also yelled from time to time to reprimand. It made me feel kind of bad for the bus driver.

In the middle of the chaos, Chloe reached from her bag and produced a device and a pair of earphones. It's a music player. She must have given up on scolding our classmates. I would too if I were in her shoes.

She noticed that I was watching her and I suddenly turned to the window. I peeked back to see her smiling at me. .. She's smiling at me. Chloe was still not saying anything but she was here smiling and offering one to share the earphone. I smiled back and took it. Then, I placed in on my left ear. I heard a jazz tune played. Then some pop music…

I opened my eyes to find couple of eyes staring back at me. I gazed down as I felt being melted at my spot. I also tried ignoring them, and just listen to some old track that's playing on the music player. I realized that Chloe's head was resting on my shoulders, sleeping. Not for long, though, apparently sensing the small crowd she opened her eyes.

"Are we there yet?" Chloe asked she rubs her eyelids. She's apparently confused as I am why the bus stopped and about the unexpected company.

"Heavy Traffic. You looked comfy, President." A girl classmate of ours whose name escapes me asked sarcastically at the way Chloe's dome was resting on my shoulders.

"Yeah?" Chloe elevated her head from my shoulder. At this point, I saw that one of them had his eyes locked with the earphones we were sharing.

"No way!"

I felt irritated at the way their gawking at us. I wanted them to go away but I can't say anything. Every word that I'll pronounce, they will turn it all against me.

"What is it?" Chloe smiled innocently.

"You're sharing earphones?" asked another.

"So?" Chloe asked keeping her nonchalant façade.

"With Vera?"

"I don't see anything wrong with that." Chloe stated in a matter-of-factly.

They all gaped at me. I turned away.

"And you're resting your head on his shoulders?"

"Ugh, he's my boyfriend, so what?" She finally dropped the bomb.

I felt my self-esteem just went up. She actually said it in public. That she wasn't just dating 'Miles'; Chloe declared clearly that she was dating me.

"Very funny, Pres." They thought she's only kidding

"Miles Vera is mine! Deal with it! You can't have him," Chloe embraced me on my neck. I don't care if it's embarrassing. No one can deny it now. Still, the lingering doubt that Chloe's just acting won't go away. She sound like that she's just playing around. Well, we did establish that we're doing everything casually. Oh well, I don't care.

"No way! you're really serious?" I ought to feel insulted by all of this but feeling all high in cloud nine about Chloe saying it out loud and public overwhelms it.

"What?" Chloe asked in mild exasperation of why people can't process the simple fact that we're together.

"But he's- he's a- Really?"

"What?" she said looking scandalized. "He's cute." Chloe said seriously.

I felt every eye were on me again. I might explode in embarrassment now as Chloe proves her point by pinching my face. Wait, is she somehow getting back on me this way? For whatever I had done? Well, if it is, then it's working.

A long moment passed and the eyes still did not leave.

"Ugh! Just leave us alone." Chloe said irately making our classmate scatter. But, it made Miss Homeroom in front to peer to check on the noise. Chloe detached her hand from my forearm that I haven't noticed that she was holding on to.

Miss Homeroom Teacher raised a brow but quickly retreated to her position.

-Finally that's over.

I quickly resented that last thought as for the rest of the trip Chloe seemed to not want to converse with me. I didn't get my chance. Why is she not speaking to me? I shouldn't whine. At least she didn't move to another seat.

We finally reached our destination. I noticed that the bus of the elementary school has arrived. I thanked the fact that we were getting third graders. A bunch of eight-year olds, huh? Oh well, I'm just relieved that our class did not get the first-graders.

"Hey," Chloe poked my rib. I was startled that I had to keep myself from not screaming. I did gasp though. I felt nervous suddenly.

"We probably won't be able to talk much after all this," What?

She placed a finger on my lip telling me she wasn't finished.

"I mean, the teachers probably assigned the three brattiest problem children of the batch to you. I mean we're doing chaperoning activities and we can combine our groups, so we can still hang out but energetic eight year olds will tire us out. We won't get much of a talk and even after this we're going to get too exhausted." By looking at her she seems to be delaying her talk. I hope that doesn't mean I'm going to hear bad news.

"Miles," This is it- "Thanks for giving me some space." Chloe smiled then she leaned in to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

I didn't deserve that. I'm the one wanting to go to come to her earlier in fear that she's losing interest. It's just that I kept chickening out that I unintentionally giving her the space she wanted. Of course, I tell her all of this...

"You're just adorable, Miles," Chloe said turning to face me as she leaned her palm on my head and started caressing it. I didn't notice on time that many of our classmates were watching our exchange. I felt embarrassed again, really.

Actually, I didn't care that Chloe was treating me like a puppy or a little kid. Chloe's beaming face was enough to distract me from caring about small details like that.

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