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Chapter 19

17th day of November 2013

And another month has passed. For some reason, Miles feels awkward around me these days. I admit that it was my fault, but hey, you can't blame that my ten-year old self wrote a letter to Santa asking to kidnap him for me. It's harmless enough.

Dear Santa,

All I want for is to have this boy for Christmas. Pretty please, I promise I'll take good care of him. A picture of this boy is attached to this letter.



PS. Please tie him real tight so he can't escape.

Come on, I didn't even believe in Santa back then. I just wrote that letter out of boredom. Also, it's his fault for snooping around my drawer. Well, I did tell him to look for my phone on my drawer, so it's partly my fault that he came across the letter. Anyway, he needed to man up a bit. I don't really see anything wrong with that.

Today was one of our Sundays. And I hope he's back to being not awkward around me. I did plan to watch a horror film with him and I can't score if it's too unbearable for him to be around me. We met on the playground swings, our usual meeting spot. It seems that he's in a good mood or he's just good at hiding the fact that he's still being difficult.

"So, what do you want to see?" asked Miles. I didn't say anything but point at a poster with an innocent looking little kid. It may not look like it but it was a suspenseful horror film.

"Oh, okay!" He then asked the teller for two admissions ignoring the fact that the teller was glaring at him. Anyway, not everyone knows who Miles is, so I could guess that it was just a coincidence that the fellow just liked glaring at everybody. He ought to be replaced.

The film was supposed to for fifteen-year olds and above. I qualify for that restriction but Miles won't turn fifteen until February. Oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter since the teller didn't ask anything.

I lead the way to the seats near the back, behind what looked like an elderly couple. Well, they're maybe in their early forties so that statement should have offended them. Anyway, the movie premiered a few weeks back so the place wasn't as packed. I heard that the plot of this film isn't that good but the bloody gore and horror makes up for it. They even said that it can break the most nonchalant cold stiffened face you might know.

I held on to Miles' hand, as the kind of intense opening started. Really, it's lame but hey, it made the couple in front of us scream.

The gasps and reeling screeches progressed with the movie. Halfway, when someone was being eaten alive by some supernatural, I failed to hold my laughter. It's just so hilarious. Miles laughed too, not because of the fact that one of the support characters' head just fell off (Well, personally I find it quite hilarious) but because he fell in awe on how a human finger would look like if it was dismembered by a chainsaw.

I knew Miles would enjoy this film!

"Hey, keep it down." A guy hissed at me. Miles and I must be laughing real hard that we're being too noisy or that he's just freaked out at the fact that two fifteen year olds (Well, Miles is only fourteen) find the bloody gore very hilarious. Personally, I think it's the latter. I mean he said it in a way that he sounded like he was pleading for us to stop laughing, not demanding us to keep it quiet. Yeah, that must be it! Right now, Miles and I were being stared at like we finally lost it or something. One guy even changed lanes just to get away from us and one even suggested to ask the management to take us outside (reasonable enough). Yep, we just gave everybody the impression that we're bloodthirsty sadists. Which is not true, I just really find the movie effects pretty awesome and slap-sticky. Miles thinks so too.

At some point, the plot continued with a parent being asked to cut open her son's throat. That had a huge traumatic effect on the boy sitting next to me. From our cheery little game of making fun out of cliché movies, he went down to a slushy wimp who's clutching my forearms for support. He looked so torn suddenly. Oh no… but hey I'm not complaining. I like the fact that he trust to hold on me for support. I know it's wrong to think like that at this time, still… delinquent-y-type of guys tend to look so adorably helpless when threatened.

So, all the way to the end, I did not dare laugh, fearing that Miles would think that I'm laughing at him. And when we finally got out, I fell on my knees laughing and forgetting my mental note that Miles could still feel bad as he might still think that I was laughing at him.

The patrons started to walk by watching my hysterical laughter. Of course I had to stop, it's alright if it was just me but I'm with Miles right now. They're not only gaping at that weird insane girl, they're also judging her poor boyfriend. Oh, poor Miles.

"I know, I'm such a baby." Miles looked away sulkily as I stood up.

"And I know that you know very well that I'm not laughing at you, Miles." I said seriously, and then a laugh escaped from me again. "Sorry," I followed up.

"Yeah," he smiled sadly. "I need the bathroom," he told me. I can't help but laugh again. It just gave me the idea that the movie scared him so much that he wetted himself. I know it's not true but thought is so funny.

And now I wait for him to come back-

It was only two minutes but I already crossed the boundaries of impatience so I texted him:

'hey, you better not be ditching me XD txt me back if you need any help in there, don't hesitate, 'kay?'

I laughed at my own joke. Stop it already, Chloe. People are staring at you.

"Hey! My phone!" I gasped realizing that my phone was snatched from my hand by someone. It happened so fast but I ran after him. It was late to realize that he led me to a more secluded area. Obviously, he did that on purpose.

Well, I know that I can fight off one person even if he's a guy but it would be too risky to do so. I guess I just need to go now and think of where to buy a new phone.

"Hey, you think I would let you get away?" Uh-oh.

"What? You can have my phone. Keep it, sheesh." I walked away hoping that he won't follow… The bastard's following me.

I turned back as he was about to put his hand on my shoulders.

"Aww, does the little boy want to touch me?" I said sweetly to the guy who's probably a few years older than me. I caught his hand and turned it to the way it shouldn't. I wonder how Miles would react if he saw what I'm doing right now.

"Why you little b-," I made a quick kick to his nether parts, snatched back my phone, and ran away. See? I can take care of myself.

Well, yeah, but they planned this. That one lead me somewhere his gang could corner me.

"Where do you think you're going, Miss?"

They started to come from different directions -Swarming me slowly. One, yes I can take care but not this many. Maybe I should scream now? It's too late.- I know! Maybe, Miles would heroically come and rescue me here. Yeah, that always happens on TV shows. Yep, any second now.

Ugh, he's not coming.

Oh, well…

I took in some air and I punched the nearest guy on his face but he caught my arm and pulled me into a tight hold. I poured my entire power to elbow him with all my strength. He let go of me and I sprinted to the nearest way out to the open. Yeah, I needed somewhere where there are many people.

Almost there… I made a brave move and glanced back. They're catching up.

"Ouch!" I bumped into someone. Well, yes! Today is the perfect day to bump into someone when you will almost finally going to reach the safe point. Oh, yeah! I can ask for help! Well, I hope.

OH it's Miles; and he's glaring at me. Yay, I got to see him angry again. His annoyed disgruntled face is the cutest in my opinion. Seconds passed and the glare did not subside so it means that he's not angry because someone bumped on him, his angry because he probably thought I ditched him.

Wait! The punks!

"Oh, Miles," He's still annoyed but now is not the time. "Look, a guy snatched my phone andIranafterhim-Ishouldn'thave-Anyway-Idon'tknow that they- and I almost," They're here.

I think Miles understood. I'm glad—I wasn't sure myself what I blabbered about.

"Great. Now, let's get out of here." I tried pulling him like usually but this time he won't budge. What the-?

Then, I saw it. I saw Miles grin- smirk- maliciously. I pulled my hand away, letting him go. I stepped back. Then I watched, Miles, scrawny Miles, took on a couple of guys older and bigger than him. He's a lot stronger than he looks. He even threw one of the guys like it was nothing. What the hell? This is probably the most illogical phenomenon I ever witnessed.

Okay? …

And they all fell down with a painful thud. Miles, all grazed and bruised, gave me a sheepish guilty smile.

HE'S SO COOL! So, cliché late hero arrival also happens in real life. That or I'm only imagining all of this? But why did he look so scared of me? What? I won't hurt him or anything. Oh no, did he somehow found out that I effectively took down the thug who snatched my cellphone? Is this his reaction?

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked grabbing his hands as I could sense that he wanted to get away.

"I lost it…" Wait, so he lost the phone I gave him? "I'm a freak, Chloe- a monster." Oh, and there I was probably coming up of ways if how to chastise him for losing the phone I gave him. That's too bad.

I coughed to clear my throat before speaking again.

"Hey, don't say that. I think you were awesome! Well, I didn't know you could do that. Hmph, and here you thought that I'm scared of you? I took down two of them just so you know." The talk was getting nowhere, "Look, I don't care Miles. Yeesh. Most girls would feel safe around a guy who could protect them. Anyway, that's not what's important here." Yes, I'm getting his attention. "How the heck did you do that?! That's impossible!—taking down six guys like that, and they're bigger than you. It's simply illogical… er no offense but you're a bit scrawny and all."

I watched as he crossed his arms to think of a possible reason for it all.

"Adrenaline rush?" he shrugged. He did look tired and spent.

"Oh- okay," I shrugged too. I guess that's reasonable enough. Well, I know that we shouldn't end our discussion there but knowing that there weren't any more explanations. I had no other choice but to leave it at that.

Just leave it at that...

And all seven guys lay there… Forgotten. Nah, someone will find them, eventually. I guess.

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