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Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 2

July 14, 2013

9:09 AM. Morning already?

"Hey! Are you up yet? Come down here."

What? It's a Sunday. I don't want to get up. I had no choice though. If I'm not down there after they called me for the second time, then they'll climb up here and drag me downstairs themselves. Experience was such a reliable source.

I did not answer their calls. Though, I checked my reflection and headed downstairs without saying a word of greeting. What now?

I yawned as the two women in front of me gave me a glare. What did I do now? I'm here now right?

"What's this?" One of them gesture their index finger to point to the floor. My gaze turned downwards and I identified a puddle of spilled water showing a dim unclear reflection of my face.

"Water, I think," I said for the first time today.

"I know what that is! Clean it up!" One of the women growled.

Like I had any other choice…

And I did what I'm supposed to do. Then, I snatched a piece of bread from the dining table.

"Hey, twerp, pass me the pitcher," a younger woman told me, much younger than the other two.

I passed the pitcher to her like I should. And she just nodded in approval and dismissed me. Yeah. Good morning to you too.

I'm tired… still tired. Also, the fact that I'm living with the three of them just made the whole thing a lot more tiring.

"Oh, here's your allowance." The youngest woman said suddenly. Allowance? Really? I'm getting some? Maybe it's just a piece of candy? Well, it's better than a bottle cap like last time, and at least it's edible.

And, I suddenly become 2 bucks richer. I should really be grateful. Yeah, very grateful, there are lots of kids who still suffer from starvation somewhere around the world.

I had a great affinity for Sundays, since they let me do I want to do on these days. I'm exhausted though. It's just a fact that if I stay here than I won't get any rest. So, I decided that I'll just go wander off somewhere.

Yes, it's a nice sunny day. Not a single cloud in the great blue sky. Birds chirp in harmony with the serene setting. I hate it! It's too bright. I should have worn a hoodie or brought a cap. Oh, shades might be nice too. Nah, I don't even have any of those things.

Oh well. What to do this measly two bucks?

It's too bright! So, the park is off the list for me. Oh, a friend's house, maybe? Nah, let's face it I'm a friendless freak. The mall! That's it! Who cares if it's awkward to hang out at the mall all by yourself? I could always go to the arcade. I'll just make sure that I can last this money for the whole day. Also, I'm going to be surrounded by gaming freaks. Though they were a different kind of freaks, I'll still blend in… no problem.

With that in thought, I walked to the nearest mall and found myself a decent gaming arcade where I could spend the day.

I first chose that mission-type game and set it in a decent difficulty. If I'm good enough, I can last at least three hours in this thing.

During the last stages of the game, I now had a couple of kids watching me play. The crowd almost threw me off my game but I guess I finished with the whole thing before that could even happen. The sad thing is that I didn't last longer than the three hours I expected and I didn't even get the high score too. I shouldn't have ignored those virtual coins floating around.

I tried a fighting arcade next. In this one, I got to play with the person on the other side of the machine. I can play with the PC while that seat is vacant. It's a type of game that you have to dethrone the current winner by beating that person and breaking their winning streak. This is great I could last the whole day if I'm lucky enough.

I had to wait another few minutes for my turn. The waiting was alright, the game had a good graphics and animation to keep me from being bored.

I rushed to insert my remaining coin in the machine. An action I wished I thought of first, as the guy I'm against had 39 straight wins.

The guy on the other side sighed and said:

"A young one, thou shalt not…. Blah blah blah," the last part of his statement did not register in my mind. I can't figure out if he was trashtalking me or he was just trying to sound cool using Old English like that. Bah, it's too random and too mainstream, a typical gaming geek? It would annoy you, I promise.



Ha! Take that you Old English trashtalking geek. In reality I didn't say single word. I just pretended that I told him that.

"You just caught me off guard!" The guy inserted another coin. "Listen kid, I'll reclaim that seat from you!"

And that's how I got my first eleven wins. Then, I got to fight geeks more annoying than the last.








It's getting hot in here. There are too many people crowded around me. If they weren't giving me compliments and praises, I could have yelled at them already.


"Aww, that's my last coin… darn, the new kid's good," I heard from the other side.

A nanosecond later, the machine notified that there was a new challenger. Alright, game number 58.

I won the first round with ease. In the second round I lost my game because a kid pushed me accidentally, I think. He did look kind of scared when I turned to him. I said nothing, and turned back to the screen. I just let the other people reprimand him for being a bother. It's really alright. I was about to lose then, anyway.

His game was a lot better than the last round. It was close fight.

"Final Round!" The machine announced, surprising me for not paying attention

What seems like a second later, I lost. I didn't even manage to connect a hit. Ugh, but it's too early!

"The new kid was beaten by the cute girl. Awesome," I heard one of the older kids say. Wait. I'm fighting against a girl. A girl?

I peered at the other side and saw that I was indeed playing against a girl. She looks familiar… she's a classmate. She caught my eye. She then stood up patted the nearest kid's head and gave him her seat and the controller to him. She looked straight at me. At this point, I already stood up completely and was about to dash away but she caught me by my left shoulder.

I cringe in fear.

"Nice game," she told me. Oh, she's being nice. My heart rate went back to a bit above normal. She's apparently waiting for a reply. I have to say something.


Great… Good work! I noticed she kind of froze up like she's on some kind of trance. Yes! Now is my chance. I have to get away. Forget that I might have some kind of superpower to freeze her like that.

I dashed out of the arcade and ran to the nearest corner. I ran onto with a few people on my way to the men's washroom.

When I finally caught my breath, I realized something. She was being nice. Why did I run away from her? -This is weird. -Why do I feel a bit lightheaded? -And nauseous?

I went to a sink and washed my face. It might wake me up. -Then, I suddenly felt so heavy. Why is that?

I tidied myself and prepared to go home. It was 3PM. I'll get home after an hour. So, I guess I did kill enough time in the arcade. I exited the bathroom deciding that I'll head home and up to my room to take a nap or something. Maybe that'll cure me of what I'm feeling.

About ten meters later, I accidentally bumped into a woman in her twenties.

"Oh, I'm sorry-," I didn't manage to hear everything she said as I ran back to the bathroom.

I confused as I gazed upon my frightened reflection in the mirror.

-What's wrong with me? -Why am I shaking?

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