Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 26

Years later

Birthday celebrations, Christmas, New Years: to me and to Chloe these are either celebrated late or advanced. She always says she feels special when occasions such as the High School graduation, which she only attended as a visitor, Zec and Mel's first engagement party, class reunions, Zec and Mel's second engagement party (just after getting back together after huge fight) were all set on a Sunday so that she could attend.

I manage to reach my 'come of age' where I can finally leave that house, only to move in with the tyrannous Charles for a while. That's the closest I can get to become part of Chloe's family as she flatly refused all of my propositions regarding marrying her. She always says nonsense that I still have a chance to find a girl who I could be much happier with. I always respond that these weekly instances with her make me the happiest.

Of course, there were inevitable instances where I was almost killed by Charles. Like those times where they thought Chloe was pregnant and I was the only possible suspect. (Whatever happened on those nights was initiated by a very fully aware, and very sane (in-a-matter of technicality) Chloe, so I shouldn't take all the blame. The times I 'kidnapped' Chloe from the asylum so we could spend a day on an amusement park. (My only fault there was I 'forgot' to invite Charles. I got permission from all possible authority concerned except Charles, so I didn't do anything illegal.)

At some point, Charles and I worked hard to convince everyone to change Chloe's living arrangements to be in the Garcia's home in the province with her mother and sister. The hospital accepted, provided that they would survey Chloe for research purposes. Chloe agreed. I'm fully against it at first but they convinced me as long as they won't interfere with our Sundays.

In time, despite not being married by any means, we started to live in the same house. Though, I only said that because they provided me a room in her house, as I can't really call it that as I only come 'home' once a week. And her mother doesn't really like me that much. Her sister can talk to me normally at least.

I am also named guardianship of an orphaned little boy, nicknamed Jimmy, she was fond of. Chloe and I came across him during one of our Sunday escapades on an orphanage. (Apparently, hanging around with kids was her idea of fun and I can't say anything about it). It was quite an adjustment for all of us despite that, it did work out even though he only actually see his 'real' custodians every Sunday.

I guess there were also sad times in Chloe's shortened time. One of them was when Melissa and Zec decided to migrate to Australia after getting married. Chloe wasn't exactly depressed as they always made it a point to visit their families and friends back here once a year around Chloe's birthday instead of the December holidays.

All-in-all, Chloe's right. She has a normal life like a normal person would. Though I don't want to counter her, I know that hers feels shorter, bitterer, and less sweet. Though, she would agree with me when I say that it was sweet nonetheless.

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