Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 3

1st day of August 2013

It's so boring. I take it back. The mall seems so much better.

"You know class that there are three sides on a triangle. Remember that the measure of their angles sums to 180 degrees. They may be classified to the types of angles they possess or the lengths of their sides. Those are some of the basic properties of a triangle that you learned in grade school. Now for your homework, research some more significant properties regarding this figure."

And yes! The bell finally rang! Yay! School's over! Hooray for triangles!

"Um, Miss Garcia, I would certainly appreciate it if you wouldn't try and cut class right in front of me."

I didn't imagine the bell ringing, did I? Wait, this school doesn't have any bells.

"Next time please try and do it more discreetly so I wouldn't notice, alright?" What the-

"B-but… it's – I –uh". Most of my classmates laughed at my chagrin. Oh, I'm not the only one standing up but I was miles ahead and already at the door while they're just standing up. My teacher's just making fun of me for being so eager to get out and not see her face.

"I'm only kidding. It's just; it's not like you to eagerly let the classes end." At this point my classmates started to leave the classroom one by one while I remained trying my best not to glare at Ms. Geometry.

"Are you implying that I'm a nerd?" I yelled at my teacher's face. Wait, what? That's not good. "I'm sorry ma'am. It just came out. I really didn't mean to. Oh, I'm a terrible person!"

My math teacher just laughed at me.

"Fine, Miss. Garcia, you may visit the detention hall. I know you want to see Miss Melissa of 3C there,"

Mel is in detention? We had a detention hall?

"Oh yeah, you got me, Miss," I just went along with it. I awkwardly sorted my things and I started to leave the room too. She smiled at me. I wondered what Mel did to get her land herself I detention.

I never went to the detention hall before. Yeah, I'm a good girl or the teachers were just too blind to see me do something detention-worthy.

Anyway, where's Mel? I scanned the room from the opening of the door and I saw her on one of the backseats. There was a boy in front of her. Miles!

Aww, why is he in detention? Did he do something- oh I suddenly remembered. He ignored Ms. Geometry teacher earlier in class. I keep forgetting that we're classmates. Tee-hee.

Now, what to do? Should I wait for them? Yeah, I got nothing better to do. Besides, Mel would probably ignore me for days if I didn't wait for her.-Wait!- Did I just say (well, thought) 'them'? Did I subconsciously want to wait for Miles too?

I felt that I blushed at the thought. There's nothing wrong with having a crush right? It's just a crush, well, a rekindled one for seeing him up close for the first time in years.

Almost two hours of the detention period passed and just like that detention is over.

"Chloe! I'm sorry if I kept you waiting." Mel went to me suddenly, holding my hand.

"Nah, its fine,"

"I think I know why you didn't mind that much," Mel looked at the general direction at where was Miles. "Anyway, I'm sorry Chloe but I got to go to the Student Council. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you," she paused to draw some breath in. "My teacher caught me texting." and with that she's gone. What does she mean by that? Oh! She's so BORING. I was hoping she got a better or more noteworthy reason of why she got detention. With that I felt that two hours of waiting went to waste. Well, not really, I get to see Miles. Wait, I see him all the time in class.

Never mind! I'll just follow him to see where he goes. Yes, stalking him would be fun! It's a normal thing to do. No? Let's see, what else would you do if your best friend just left you here after you waited for her?! The traitor. Oh well, she did say sorry.

Anyway, back to stalking Miles, it appears we stopped at the park. He took a seat on one of the swings. I saw him sigh and then he looked at the sky and he watched the clouds drift by. A flash of one of his rare smile blinded me somehow or it's very bright. Nah, I'm just getting bored, that's it. So, I like a guy who thinks watching the sky is fun, alright then. But he did look at peace.

He hadn't changed at all. He never noticed that someone was following him. Well, that's debatable knowing that I'm stalking him might be the reason why he's scared of me.

Wait, he did change. I remembered that he always had that cute innocent smile on his face when I stalked him four years ago with my younger brother. I guess he lost it and now replaced with a different one, the one that looked so tired and dreary.

Puberty must not be doing him any good huh? Oh well, he's still pretty hot to me.

Apparently, he finally got over of staring at the sky above as he stood up and he started to walk. The bright blue sky turned into the dullest shade of orange I ever seen. He stood up probably thinking of going home. I continued following him though. And I found out that he still live in the same place.

At this point, I turned to the direction of my house. It was a short walk if you ignored the distance. I bid the guard a 'Good Afternoon' and I used the elevator to our floor. I went to my place directly, as I wasn't in the mood to say hello to my mother and sister in the upper floor.

I went to my room. I threw my phone to the bed after I checked it for any text messages or missed calls.

I then decided something.

It's been six years since I first met him. We are finally in that age to experiment and to start dating. I guess, at this age, it's normal to think of boys and dating. I guess that I've been keeping what I'm feeling for him, whatever that is, for too long. I decided that I don't care what other people might think.

I'll try and get closer to him even though everyone else tried their very best to stay away.

I guess I, in fact, like him a lot huh? Some way. Well, that's something.

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