Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 5

16th day of August 2013

"Mel, so how's Playboy?"

That might have caught my best friend off-guard. She flinched in such a way that looks like a dead person who twitched a finger.

"No luck. At least he smiled at me," said Mel the way a dead person would do after he or she came back to life. Please ignore my dead people references.

Wow, I never thought I would ever see the day Mel would even consider chatting about boys, especially that one. I wanted to gosh about Miles too but I wonder how she will respond. Should I start slowly?

"GAWD! MILES is SO FREAKIN' HOT!" That did not go well.

"Chloe, didn't you promise to me that you'll never obsess with that boy ever again? Come on, there are a lot of guys hotter, cooler, cuter, whatever that fits you better. You shou-"

"But I really like him. I want to get to know him better"

"But Chloe..."

"But what? I thought you're my best friend. If you know that I like a boy this much, then you're supposed to be supporting me on this. Not trying to discourage me to try. – OH, I know! You like him too, don't you? WELL, he's mine! So get your filthy-"

I managed to stop myself at that point and Mel just stared at me. I couldn't say if she's mad or confused or anything. Is she astonished by that or is she amazed? I don't know.

I took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Mel. I didn't mean that. You know that right? I know you'd never like Miles, not in a million years right? Come on, I'm sorry, Mel, it just came out. You know I'm always like that."

She smiled at me. That means she forgives me right? Maybe it didn't even bother her at all.

"You got me, Chloe. I do like Miles," she said in a matter-of-fact tone.


"Hey, you're joking right? You like that playboy-"

"No, Chloe, I like Miles," she said miserably.

"That's it! That just ended our friendship! You- you- betrayed me!" I pointed a threatening index finger at her. I turned and just left her. I'll never let her get Miles. No, he's going to be mine, just mine. And Mel's going to pay! -Literally and Figuratively or whatever. -Literally, because I just left her in a coffee shop without paying for my order. Haha! Take that traitor!

I opened my umbrella fully decided that I'm going home. The downpour hasn't stopped yet but I'm far too angry with Mel at the moment to go back.

I take it all back. I'm not mad at her anymore. I won't let a boy get between us. I just can't let a boy ruin our friendship like that. So what if she likes Miles too? We can still be friends. -Rivals, but friends. It sounds kind of corny, but so what?

I stopped on my tracks involuntarily and spun my umbrella while I pondered if I should go back to the coffee shop or not, even if I almost walked half a kilometer already. Yeah, she is my best friend. With this in mind, I was about to head back to the opposite direction when something caught my eye.


Sorry Mel, you can wait right?

He's sitting on one of the swings of a playground. The guy is soaked to the skin. What's he doing? It's so cold and it's raining. Oh well, I did not think anymore and I just approached him. Then, I stood in front of him. His gaze was still fixed to the ground, comparable to superglue. Is he alright?

"Miles?" I can't believe he didn't notice me until I called him by name.

The boy looked up to see who it was. I thought it might have saw a shadow of hope, a flash of smile, but then it didn't take long to leave his solemn face so I'm not sure if it's even real or it was just a pigment of my imagination. I wonder what's wrong with him. Sorry but… Gosh he's so cute!- Okay back to seriousness.

He stood up suddenly and he started to walk away. I caught him by his hand and he stopped. His hand is so cold, as cold as ice. But despite that, I held it even tighter.

"Where are you going? You'll catch a cold, pneumonia or even-" I know that it's pointless now but I held the umbrella over his head. He kept giving me that dead stare, like the ones I gave when I'm deep in thought. It's like how Mel mentioned when I do it. The only difference is that he's shaking.

"Let me go," he told me. That was the time he said something since today. I released him from my grasp and he pulled his hands and held it to his side.

"Hey, let's go someplace else," I said, giving him my friendliest smile.

"Leave me alone!" I was quickly taken aback. He just yelled at me. I'm only trying to help. Hey, no one in their right mind would stay in this torrent for that long. Maybe he's having problems? Should I leave him alone? No, I won't. I just can't leave him here knowing he'll probably get sick because I didn't try enough to convince him to get out of the bad weather.

"Hey, come with me," I pulled him along. He wasn't resisting me but he's not following me on his own accord either.

And after a half an hour of walking, we finally got to my place. At the entrance of the building, wet shoeprints left by the tenants can be seen. The guard wasn't around but I left a note saying that I brought someone with me. Then, I proceeded to the elevator with my extra baggage.

Seven, the second to the top floor. My room was just on the last corner. At this point, the boy behind me had gone completely frozen. I can't even hear his footsteps.

I inserted the key and unlocked the door. I pulled him in, ignoring the wet mess we were making. We stopped and Miles just stood there on his spot, still soaking wet. I've got to get him out of those clothes. The horrid pervy thought bothered me for a moment but it quickly subsided. It was too notable to be ignored and not to be mentioned.

Anyway, I went back to close the door. Still, he just stood there completely frozen.

"Hey, let's get you to-". I was cut off when he started to cry loudly, a quick moan, then silently in staccato. Tears mixed in the wetness of his face were not evident but still existent. It was the first time for me to see a boy my age show vulnerability in front of me. My younger brother doesn't even cry that often too. What should I do?

I have done the first thing that came to mind. No, it might not even be a thought, but an instinct.

"Hey, it's alright," I uttered every syllable soothingly as I locked him in a tight embrace. "I'm here."

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