Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 6

August 16, 2013

The teacher finally dismissed us. It was a Friday again. That means that the weekends are coming up. How am I going to spend it this time? I desperately wish that I have friends. I wonder what's wrong with me. It's like every time I try to talk to someone, they would make some kind of excuse to get away from me. I had lots of friends before but I was eight back then. My grandparents were still alive and they would take me in places I remembered I hate going to but I can remember that I had a best friend too. He was waiting, sharing troubles eight years olds might have.

When I moved here, I did try to fit in and make friends but everyone was keen on shoving me away like I had the plague or something.

I managed to find my way home. Like I usually do, I turned the knob to enter but I found out that the door was locked. I reached for the keys to where I found that they usually leave it, under the third plant from the left. And I found a piece of note instead.

"to Miles:" it was my mother's handwriting. "We're going to a friend's wedding. We'll be back on Monday morning. Stay with a friend for the weekends." There was a small amount of bill stapled to the note. I took it in frustration.

I don't even have friends. I don't have a phone to tell them this. Heck! I don't even know their number.

Wait, Clarabelle knows that I don't have any friends. She's been around mocking me about it. Well, of course she wouldn't tell my mother this.

They're trying to abandon me? What should do now? I guess walking around might help me think.

I tried asking for help multiple of times in the past but apparently no one really cares. So, why would they care now? -I don't know any safe place to spend three nights. I just heaved a sigh and I started to stroll around aimlessly.

Did I do something wrong? What are they punishing me for this time? This is a crime right? Who to approach? The social workers? The police? What could they do? I mean I tried doing it at least once in the past and what? They laughed at me telling me that parents are like that and I was exaggerating. That time Clarabelle beat me up and made me confess something I didn't do. The memory itself hurts. That one time I remembered my grandmother telling me to go the Social Workers or the Police if ever my mother ever does something like that. Well, my mother did not really do anything. She did abosolutely nothing.

Anyway, back thenI approached a man in an officer's uniform. He led me to the Women and Children's Department. Then, I told the woman in the desk everything. I actually thought she was helping me until she picked up the phone in her desk and called somebody.

"Hey, Clarabelle, this kid's hilarious… he really- yeah?"

I didn't know what's going on and I was dismissed and asked to go home and not bother them ever again.

I also tried running away once and I was shoved back to the house two hours later.

I sighed, again, and I tried to empty my mind. I felt that my feet were now worn out for walking around in circles. I decided to sit on a swing on a playground and laid down my school bag. I looked up in the sky. It was around 5 or 6 o' clock. I can't tell for sure since the sky was covered in dark grey clouds. Great, it's going to rain soon. As I finished in realizing it, it did rain down.

Whatever! I don't care anymore. I'll just let the rain shower down on me. I regarded the ground with that feeling of betrayal, so familiar that I'm not sure of the word anymore. I'll give them what they want. I hate them. Nah, it's no use hating them, it wouldn't do anything. I'll just accept my fate. Haha, will I live through this? Will I last for two days? Well, I might have if it wasn't for this weather.

It's so cold now. Would whining about it would make it better? I guess not. I wish I'd lose my mind right now. Great, now I envy those nutters. At least they got to stay in a warm cozy shelter. Hey, I haven't tried that yet. Maybe next time I'll try act like I completely lost it. Yeah, they won't have any other choice and send me away. Will it work? First thing first though, will I live through this?

"Miles." Huh? That's my name. Who called me? I gazed up to the person who called me. It was a girl. She's that girl who beat me in that game. She's in my classes. Right, she's Chloe, if my memory still works. What is she doing here? Is she worried about a person drenched by the rain? Is she worried about me? Someone's worried about me? Nah… but I can dream right?

I pretended that I was startled, and then I stood up and walked away from her. It was a nice four feet when she caught my hands.

"Where are you going? You'll catch a cold, pneumonia or even-," she said it in a compassionate voice or maybe I just imagined it. She covered me with the umbrella she was holding. What's the use though? I'm wet to the skin and she's starting to get wet too. She only made me feel guilty.

Was she truly worried about me? Wait, maybe she's one of them.

"Let me go," I realized that possibility. The last thing I want is to be held by one of those witches.

"Hey, let's go someplace else," she said as she tugged me along. I forced us to stop.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at her. She looks like she was taken aback but her face turned stern

"Hey, come with me." I can't help but decide to just follow her. Where was she going to takeme? Did she planned on kidnapping me? Is she concerned about me? Oh well, whatever I got nothing else to lose, right? Nothing else to lose.

After a while of walking, drenched and cold to the bones, we arrived in front of a building, an apartment building I guess. Is she taking me to her house?

We took the elevator and we waited to a corner dragging our things along with us. We got out when the elevator stopped on the desired floor. I was being half-dragged until we were in front of the door that's probably hers. She inserted the key and pushed the door.

Is this truly happening? Everything seems to be happening too fast.

"Hey, let's get you to-," She's being nice to me? She doesn't even know me that much and she pulled me out of the rain. She got drenched by the torrent herself.

Am I crying? Yes, I am crying. Why am I crying though? I can't stop.

Oh well, I got nothing else to lose, right? I don't care what she thinks anymore. I just can't take it anymore. I can't hold it back.

"Hey it's alright, I'm here," Chloe pulled me closer to her and hugged me. This is embarrassing, really, but I don't care. She embraced me tighter apparently not caring that she's getting herself all wet. I felt bad that I thought of her so badly earlier, she didn't deserve that.

We stayed like that while I let everything out with silent tears. She was comforting me.

"Are you alright now?" I just nodded mechanically.

"Come on, let's get you out of those wet clothes," she paused probably thinking something. "I'll lend you my big brother's old clothes. I'm sure he won't mind. So just go and wash yourself on the shower, okay? You have everything you need right there. Oh, and I'll leave the clothes outside."

"Oh, and throw your clothes on the hamper, I'll sort it out later, 'kay?" she said in an afterthought.

Wow, she's so nice. But wait is this alright? Where are her folks? Her older brother? Surely she's not leaving alone right? She has an older brother at least. I'll ask her later.

I went for a quick shower and doing all the things she told me to do. After I finished, I reached outside to get an old shirt, a pair of short, and embarrassingly, a pair of boxers that belonged to her older brother. They were all a little too big for me but they did fine.

Finally, I got out of the bathroom. I felt stupid as I got a little lost getting to the living room where she was seated. She seems nice. I should thank her right?

"Um… Thanks Chloe. I- I mean it, you know." Apparently, I upset her when I said my thanks. She had an annoyed expression on her face. She observed me and she cleared her throat.

"Take a seat," and I did, looking and wondering why she said it with bitterness. I felt a bit kind of betrayed but that's my fault for expecting too much. But she's so nice earlier, did I do something wrong? Maybe it's best that I just go. That might be it.

"Am I intruding? I'm really sorry for troubling you- I didn't mean it… I'll just let myself out." Oh well, I got nothing to lose, right? Well, maybe for a false moment I did gain something and I lost it just now.

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