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Chapter 7

16th day of August 2013

I can't believe it. I actually hugged him. But I wonder what's wrong. He looks so lost. I wonder if it has something to do with his custodians. Oh well, he seem to calm down a bit.

"Are you alright now?" he just nodded thanks, and tried to smile at me.

"Come on. Let's get you out of those wet clothes." That sounded so wrong but he didn't react on its weirdness so I guess I'll just forget about it.

"I'll lend you my older brother's old clothes. I'm sure he won't mind. So just go and wash yourself on the shower, okay? You have everything you need right there," I gestured to the direction of the bathroom. "Oh, and I'll leave the clothes outside." I just realized that it's like I'm only talking to myself. Sheesh, he's too quiet. Oh, well. "Oh, and throw your clothes on the hamper, I'll sort it out later, 'kay?"

I nudged him to move when he was just standing there. And when he appears to be doing what's best for him and went to shower, I then exited the scene to try and find the clothes I promised to get for him.

I just remembered something. I don't want to do this but I can't really help myself. I'm sure what I am planning to do is only normal. I guess no one can blame me, especially when no one would know. That's right! No one would know. This made me giddy and excited, and very guilty at the same time.

I'm going to do this. After I set the clothes I promised him somewhere I'm sure he'd find, I went straight to my bedroom and changed to some much drier clothes. I remembered that I set this up when I tried to catch Mel in for a blackmail material, or was it my older brother? Anyway, there it is. I just need to connect it and… The camera's ready!

Oh come on! Oh crap, the towels on the view! Great! Now how am I supposed to spy on him! That's no fun. Grr! That's not fair! Now I'm annoyed. This is karma, huh? Still, I'm never going to have another chance like this ever again. Why now? -Wait, WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? The guy's all stressed and troubled because of something and I'm making fun out of him? That's just wrong. That's cruel! I feel so disgusted of myself right now. Gah, but still!

I need a glass of water. I need a nice glass of icy cold water.

I dashed to the kitchen area. Then, as I finished my drink I heard the shower turn off. That means he just finished.

I now went to the living room and got myself comfortable on the sofa.

"Um… Thanks Chloe. I- I mean it, you know." It sounded too rehearsed and mechanical. I'm really irritated at the sight of him. I don't know why. Maybe it's the frustration of not being able to spy on him while he showered. Did I just say that? Well, technically I thought of it, but really?

I cleared my voice, "take a seat," I said. Wait, why did it sounded so cold? Stop it. I'm being such a b*tch. What did the guy do to deserve my cold indifferent tone? Look, he tensed up again.

"Am I intruding? I'm really sorry for troubling you- I didn't mean it… I'll just let myself out," Those eyes of his, the eyes of a lost puppy. No! He's about to leave. Say something, Chloe.

"Hey! You're wearing my brother's clothes. Leave them here if you want to get out," Miles cringed at what I just said. What the heck, Chloe? You're scaring him. At least that stopped him from leaving. Though, I think he's definitely scared of me right now.

"Hey, I didn't mean that! Sorry if I yelled. I just remembered something that annoyed me so much. You know… I'm a girl and I'm in that time of the month again (Just an excuse) so forgive me alright?" Finally, it seemed to ease him a lot. His face lit up but confusion did not leave his face or was that embarrassment? I can't tell. - That's cute.

"Never mind that!" I yelled again without thinking. "Anyway, I don't mind if you're here, this place tend to get real lonely at times. Remember that I invited you here out of my own free will, okay?" He nodded and looked more at ease now. That's good. I just need to keep this up. Though, he still looked uncomfortable (and scared?). Well, that's only normal. I suddenly remembered my diabolical plan earlier.

"Are you sure though? Won't your parents mind? How about your older brother? You know… because you just brought a guy home," he asked me. Wow, he's starting to open up.

"Nah, this apartment unit is my entire room. Well it was my big brother's, but he gave it to me when he moved away with his girlfriend. So it's mine now. My mother's the landlady but who cares, she never comes to check up on me even though she's just upstairs. -No, we're not rich." He looked at me apparently amazed as he heard this. I felt a bit smug, but I tried my best to hide it.

"How about your Dad?" he paused then continued. "I heard that fathers tend to try and kill the guys their daughters bring home," So he's worried about that, huh?

"He's gone." I felt so depressed, suddenly.

"I-I'm sorry."

"Hey, er… enough about me, what about you? Why did I find you on the rain like that?" My voice was raised once again but I didn't care, this kid deserves some scolding. This is serious. He stalled for a moment but I glared at him when we made eye contact. After that, he finally started to talk.

"My mom and her girlfriend, and her girlfriend's little sister went to their friend's wedding. They won't be back 'til Monday. They left me. They told me to stay at a friend's house instead of leaving me the key to the house. And- I don't have any friends. All they left me is this," he said showing me a damp crumpled minuscule amount of paper money. I felt so terrible for yelling at him and forcing him to tell me all of this. I grabbed the discarded towel and helped him dry his hair while saying:

"My mom and little sister might have gone to that same wedding too. And they'd be back by Monday. They asked me to come with them but I said 'no'." Now I'm stalling, "Anyways, so, do you want to stay here?" Say yes. Say yes! I felt bad about my diabolical intentions but hey he's got nowhere else to go. Tee hee.

"Well, I really got nowhere else to go-" he said thinking. Yeah! "But is it really alright? I mean I'm in your 'room' right? And all I could give you is this." He showed me again the money his stupid caretakers gave him, "Besides, you won't just let a stranger stay here right?" Wait, he's thinking that I'm crazy. Well, Mel always told me that I can't deny that.

I let out an exasperated sigh. Does he not see that I'm trying to be nice to him?

"No, you're not a stranger to me and I see you as a friend Miles."

"Really?" he stared at me with hopeful eyes. Well, I guess he won't easily believe it if someone's being nice to him. Everyone is told to stay away from him after all.

"Of course. Wait, what? YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME?" I'm yelling at him again.

Miles' hopeful eyes faded to of that of betrayed. He looked like he's going to cry. That's so cute! Wait, no! Chloe, you idiot!

"Hey listen," I started to say in what I hoped is a soothing voice, "my friend told me that I might have a bipolar disorder of something so I tend to be like that sometimes. I really don't mean it, I promise. It seems my mood swings are more frequent and random like that. Can you deal with it?" To be honest, I'm afraid to say that to him. Of all people, his opinion about this means a lot to me.

Those hopeful eyes returned with a smile plastered on his face. Sheesh, stop being cute, darn it. Hey, it's the first genuine smile I saw from him today.

"Oh, so can I really stay? You don't hate me?" he asked like he's a little kid begging for candy. I just nodded to him instead of threatening to tie him outside the door under-clothed for asking me that again.

Ever since we settled that, he felt less tensed around me. Well, not until it was time for bed. At least we had dinner together, that's two points for me.

"Hey Miles," I pulled him to my bed. No! I'm not planning anything to him I promise! It's meant to be a joke. Well, at least the boy being a bit clueless helped me in this one.

"Yeah?" he blinked, in concern probably. Then, I pushed him so that he's completely lying on his back. Then, my face went close to his. His entire body turned stiff and at this closeness I saw the horrified reaction written all over his face. He started to shake violently so that he could free himself.

"Miles, I was just getting to the good part!" I whined. No! That's not what I supposed to say. Well, to be honest I had my sanity in control over that. He did not reply at that.

He laughed awkwardly. He got out of the bed. An apprehensive expression was on his face.

He ran away.

What the heck have I done? I'm not sure if I'm in control of myself or not at that time.

"I'm sorry, Miles," I called after him. Chloe you're such an idiot, you're supposed to be trying to earn his trust. Wait! I shouldn't take all the blame. It's also his fault that I'm obsessing with him.

"Er, right. I understand, Chloe, it's just that I don't want girls touching me." Oh right, so it's not my fault then? Wait, I just tried to do something to him that guys may get locked forever if they tried it to a girl. It's not okay. Doesn't like it when girls touch him? He was fine when I comforted him earlier. Sheesh, maybe it was something else?

"You're gay?" WTF? Chloe, what's wrong with you? Leave the poor boy alone! Great, they said talking with your consciousness is the first sign of insanity. That's not true Well, let's just say Miles took it better than my last two offences to him.

"No!" he turned away, blushing, "Do you think I'm gay, Chloe?" Great now the boy doubts himself. You're supposed to make him feel better, Chloe, not worse. Yeah, that's it.

"No, you're just a bit of afraid of girls. That's all. What's it called a mild case of gynophobia, that's what it is," Good Chloe, he's believing your silly ramble. Hey, maybe I'm going to be a good doctor or psychiatrist one day. Dr. Chloe Garcia-Vera. Hey, it has a nice ring to it.

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