Weekly Sanity

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Chapter 8

August 17, 2013

"Miles…" My name was uttered by the girl beside me. Her hair was unkempt as some strands touched my neck.

She was at it again. This was the second time.

"Miles…" she went closer than now I'm sure she could see the sweat rolling down on my forehead. I tried to move my body to find out that I'm bound to the bed.

She licked my cheeks.

I knew it! She's a cannibal! Why would someone be that nice to me? I knew that there was a catch in all of this.

"No! Please don't eat me!" Wait, who would care anyway? No one would be sad to know if I were to die. I might as well give up this stinking life. At least, Chloe here let me felt for the final time the feeling of being cared of.

"Fine, I give up. Please make it as painless as possible." I closed my eyes as I anticipated the pain that would sure to come as she tears me flesh by flesh.

"That's a good boy, Miles," and she went closer and closer her teeth was about to touch my skin. I take it back. I don't want to be eaten alive.

"Argh! Please don't eat me!" I find myself waking up screaming on her face. She fell back laughing at my shenanigans. I remembered that we watched a movie about cannibals last night before we went to sleep. I then remembered my urge to knock on her room to ask her to sleep with me here in the living room no matter how inappropriate it is and how embarrassing the reason was.

Chloe was still laughing her head off.

"I'm glad I decided to wake you up," I must be red all over now.

She was still laughing at me.

"Aww, don't pout Miles. Anyway you must be hungry," She must have seen the look on my face. "-For breakfast. Anyway, clean up here while I make us something to eat, okay?" Oh, so it's all just a dream then. Still, it's her fault for keep calling my name, which must have triggered the nightmare or something.

After a moment of catching up with reality, I did try and tidy up the living room, picking up fallen popcorn from last night. I set aside the sleeping bag Chloe lent me. After that I went to follow her to the dining room and kitchen.

I heard the sound of something being fried, and I secretly hoped that it wasn't a dismembered human hand or something. I'm starving. Well, we only did have popcorn for dinner.

Scrambled eggs, huh? Oh, I'd go for anything as long as it's not human flesh.

"I'm really sorry, Miles. This is all I had here. I haven't had a run to the convenience store for grocery and I wasn't expecting a visitor," she winked good-naturedly. I still felt guilty for kind of intruding though. I feel like a free-loader even though she reassured me a couple of times that it was alright.

"Hey, don't make that face. We're going grocery shopping later so don't feel bad." I guess she's right, any kind of shopping with a girl is torture enough to a guy. She can get back at me that way. Well, at least that's what the almighty television kept drilling on our minds.

She gave me my breakfast as she saved her half for later.

"Hmph! I'll just go somewhere," Chloe said about halfway in the process of leaving the room. She's at it again. Living with three women I should really be used to this kind of attitude. Well, in fairness Chloe treats me a lot nicer than those three.

"What did I do?" I protested under my breath. Still, Chloe heard it loud and clear.

"Don't worry about it Miles! I'm just gonna take a bath…"

Oh that's it then. I actually thought that it was the most normal thing I heard from her until she said something in an afterthought.

"…want to join me?" and she asked it in her usual moody voice. I wasn't sure if she was being serious or not. Just to be safe though, I stuck to common sense and decided not to reply at that statement and NOT join her.

I was chewing the last bits of my breakfast when someone poked me. I turned to see Chloe, a bath towel slumped in her shoulder and holding her shampoo and other stuff.

"Hey…" she poked me again even though she had my full attention.

"Hey, if you really want to come with me… I don't really mind,"

She's not in her right mind. How am I going to respond? I don't know. Wait, I know this! Is she… seducing me? But that only happens in movies and made up stories, right?

"Ugh, you're no fun sometimes. You know that Miles? Oh, feel free to play some video games instead," and she finally left me to wonder why she's in a foul mood again.

It's a Saturday. Normally, I should be at my mother's house doing chores today. Since the three of them left me on my own, I had no other choice but to stay with my classmate and new friend Chloe. Well, at least I think of her as a friend. I don't know if she only thinks of me as a pitiful classmate who she felt responsible to, she is our passionate Class President after all (I just remembered that detail). I know I'm still presumptuous to think that she sees me as a real friend, but she wouldn't be this nice if she doesn't, right? Yeah, we're even doing weird things only friends do like fooling around. Though, it's kind of one-sided and I'm always at the receiving end of the jokes she pulls. So, I'm still not sure.

Also, I haven't been this close to someone my age since I was eight years old.

Now, I did play a bit with her gaming system. I really don't know how to operate this stuff but I only had to press 'On' and the rest I can understand it like the games in the arcades.

I just realized why Chloe told me to play a game or two. Typical, indeed… I manage to play an hour and a half worth of gaming when she came out from the bath and greeted me from behind by blinding me with her hands. I felt kind of annoyed that I'm not allowed whine about her throwing off my game. Well, it's only a small gamer dilemma that should really be ignored and never to be mentioned again.

Just like we planned earlier, and after I had a change of better clothes fit for outdoors, we were off for groceries. Chloe hums the elevator tune as we walked to the nearest convenience store. When she got bored of that tune, she struck a conversation about my name. That conversation ended up making her cry for no apparent reason. Making her cry, even though I'm sure I didn't actually made her cry but it still resulted to disgusted glares from the passing pedestrians. And of course she apologized to me and I forgot the emotional damage she caused to me.

After that, we arrived at the store.

"Fetch us a basket," Chloe said in a cold unforgiving tone. I'm still on the process of getting use to her bipolar urges, so the tone hurt me a bit even though her mental condition is within my knowledge. Come on, what did I do to deserve that?

Well, it also appeared that she seems to be ignorant of my current condition. Clutching my forearm she dragged me along while I dragged the basket to the different aisles. The basket that I was asked to hold was now half-full when she finally said something again.

"Hey, do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?" she asked me unexpectedly. She's acting friendlier again. Maybe this is some kind of trap. That's it, maybe I'll just pretend that I didn't hear her and-

"Hey! You're not answering me, chocolate or-"

"Vanilla! I prefer vanilla. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to er-… I'm just distracted." I unknowingly completely abandoned my former plan of trying to ignore her.

"Hmm alright… I really thought you um- never mind. Hm. Anyway, what do you want me to fix for dinner? Let's just order some take-outs for lunch," she resorted to her foul mood again. Well, at least I now confirmed that her perks had an alternating pattern.

We quickly went back to her place without any more dramatics and traumatizers.

She then asked me to keep myself busy while she's making spaghetti for later.

"Miles?" she called.

"Yeah," I'm currently playing a single player game we called.

"Could you pause that for a moment." She sounded serious, and she did look serious when I turned to look at her. Did I really do something to upset her this time? I tried my best to rack my brain for anything that I might have done to possibly upset her but I couldn't seem to remember anything.

"Miles… I wanted to-"

"Look! I'm sorry," I said without thinking. "I didn't mean to- ugh I un-paused the game we were playing anything 'cause I got bored and I decided to play in single player… I'm really sorry," I closed my eyes when I said those so I opened them slightly to peek at her reaction. I unwittingly just babbled the first legit thing that came to mind.

"Huh? No, it's not that. It's," there was a pause. So I didn't do anything? That's a relief, I think. She continued. "Miles, I wanted to if you want to hang out with me like this every weekends," then there's another pause. Wait, I think she's finished.

I didn't need to think when I responded. "Yeah, sure. I mean I don't have any friends. Is that really alright?"

She seems to look at me like I did not quite understand something.

"We're friends now Miles," she said.

"Yeah," Wait. What did I just agreed to? We're friends? Of course we are. She's serious right? She considers me as a friend. Apparently, she looked at me now, studying my face.

"Look. It's alright if you don't really want to. I don't mind." She embraced herself smiling at me but I can at least tell that she sounded disappointed. Of course, I quickly disagreed with her.

"Of course I want to be friends."

"We're already friends. I meant the whole hanging out thing."


"Yeah, I wanted to hang out, we can play games and other stuff." That seems to be enough to satisfy her.

Still I did not expect to be hugged because of it. I didn't mind it felt so warm and comforting. I felt that I did not need to raise my guard when I'm with her.

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