Bullets of Love and War

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Chapter 20

At home, I am greeted by my mother, who states I’m home kind of late for a school day. It’s only six o’clock. Usually I come home when school lets out.

“You look shook,” she notices.

It’s because I’m associated with a gang leader now. I’ve agreed to illegally sell drugs and wear gang-related apparel. That’s why I look shook.

My facial expression makes her laugh. It’s a laugh that lets me know her life is happy and wonderful.

“Sometimes I really think you’re afraid of the outside world,” she smiles jokingly.

I nod, make my way upstairs. She doesn’t understand. Nobody in this house understands what I’ve just done. It’s a heavy load on my chest, and I feel sick to my fucking stomach.

So I throw up in the toilet to relieve some of the tension.

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