Bullets of Love and War

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Chapter 35

“Damn, it’s ten minutes after eleven,” Blake says, glancing at his cell-phone. “I was supposed to have you home by now.”

“I texted my parents saying that we’re just now leaving. As long as I let them know I’m alright they’re usually fine.”

“Well good,”

Blake and I have been discussing gang-related topics for far too long. My head has started to hurt from all the information, and Blake had sensed this and finally decided that I had had enough for the night.

“I think you’re okay on the basics so far,” Blake explains, hovering over my shoulder to stare into the open space that is his desk. “I’m not gone talk your ear off all night long either. Let’s get ready to go so your poor parents ain’t got to worry about they antisocial son,”

I laugh, accidentally leaning my head into his stomach. Blake stands right behind the office chair I’m sitting in and this position already makes me uncomfortable. As soon as things get real quiet between us, Blake places his hands on either side of the chair so that way he’s engulfing me. I’m too afraid to even turn my head an inch in fear of bumping faces with Blake and probably doing something a gang leader and a gang member have no business doing.

Oh God, here comes the feels again.

The silence between us is literally giving me butterflies. I blush, trying to hide my face behind my blond hair. Then, unexpectedly, my hair is drawn back, revealing my face. Blake is gazing at me, that same affectionate expression that’s eating my heart down to the core.

He knows what he’s doing. He knows he has control over me.

“This may sound weird, and completely out-of-the-blue,” Blake starts, voice as light as a feather. I’ve never heard his voice sound so meek and child-like before. “but, I really do think you’re a great person. If I’ve ever been a bit of an asshole towards you or kind of bipolar, I’m sorry. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do when I really care about someone.”

“Y-You care about me?” my eyes widen.

Blake smiles sheepishly, which I find so adorable on a guy like him. His smooth, brown skin is only a touch away, right in my face, looking so inviting and so kissable.

He leans next to me even more, his shirt slightly falling off of his body. I see his exposed collarbone peeking at me and I try my hardest to hold in my urge. The urge is so bad that everything else has evaporated from my mind. All I can think about is Blake pulling me close and kissing me so hard that our lips bruise and telling me over and over again how much he cares about me. That’s all I really want. Nothing else matters anymore.

I must not realize how provocative my expression is because before I know it, I hear Blake mumble, “Fuck,” and he spins me around in the chair to face him full on. I’m slightly out of breath just at the sight of him. Blake is terribly sexy and I think he knows it. With a firm grip on either side of my thighs, he itches his face closer to mine and starts whispering on my lips.

“I care more about you than you’ll ever know...”

My heart literally explodes in my chest. All I see is Blake and his perfect, full lips and his sexy collarbone and his soft, brown skin.

I lean closer to him and search his eyes.

He wants me. He wants me so bad and I want him so bad and everything feels so right...

“Blake! Blake, are you still down here?”

...until Valerie comes down the basement.

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