Bullets of Love and War

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Chapter 46

We move in an uncomfortable rhythm. Antonio has been silent the whole time, and I can’t help but feel slightly sorry for him. Antonio has great character from what I’ve seen so far, but I just can’t shake the feeling knowing that I have slept with him before. Even when I didn’t remember, he never told me. He never once mentioned familiarizing me at some God forsaken party nor did he even bother to get to know me after we hooked up. He went back to his life, and I went back to mine. It makes me truly wonder...

If I had never been recruited by Blake and joined the gang, would Antonio still have said nothing? He would have seen me everyday in the hallways, knowing what we did and not even talking to me. What’s even scarier is figuring out his intentions. I don’t remember agreeing to sleep with a stranger. In fact, I remember drinking a whole lot and trying to dodge human interaction as much as possible. What throws me off, even more, is the fact that Antonio said there’s a lot I don’t remember from that night.

So what else happened then? And why did he keep it from me even after he got to know me as a person?

I let it go. It is too much to think about right now. I don’t even bother asking Antonio because I know he probably won’t even have the answers I’m looking for. He’s suffering enough knowing that I figured out the secret he was never gonna tell.

As I’m walking, my cell phone rings and it disturbs the silence that was layered thick and heavy in the air. It’s my mother, and the sight of her caller ID makes my throat close up and I can barely move my fingers.

“Why don’t you answer the phone Ron? It’s your mother. She probably has something important to say.”

I shoot him my best evil eye then proceed to answer my call. Unlike him, I didn’t neglect the person on the other end.

“Hello?” I croak and stop walking to steady my breath. Antonio stops with me.

“Do you have any idea what time it is young man?”

“Uh...I’m coming home now actually, I just-”

“It is almost nine-thirty, and you’ve been gone since six.”

“Mom, I’m just with my study group. I promise I’ll be home in a little while.”

“I hope you’re telling the truth.”

Then she hangs up. I feel the metaphorical smoke rising out of my phone from all the steam she had in her voice. I growl and almost feel like attacking someone. Running my hands through my hair aggressively, I hunch over and let the stress run through me.

I hear Antonio chuckling. I raise up and boldly get in his face.

“And what are you over here laughing about, huh?”

“You. I’m laughing at you.”

My eyes narrow, and Antonio seems to think twice about getting smart with me.

“Glad my parents never gave a fuck about me,” he retorts, that lazy smile back on his face. “it comes with advantages, such as staying out late.”

“Fuck you.”

Antonio stands unbothered and this pisses me off more than anything. I pick up my stride and begin to walk by myself. The night is velvety and cold, making it hard to see and hard to feel warm. Fog races in and out of my mouth as I firmly stroll away from Antonio, arms crossed over my chest. I’m done with him for now. I know I’ll end up doing something I’ll soon regret.

And it happens before I even reach the next street curb.

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