Bullets of Love and War

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Chapter 50



“Please let our son be alright. Please let my baby be alright.”

“Let’s keep praying honey. He’ll make it. The doctors told us he would make it.”

“But he lost a lot of blood. The doctors think he might have long-term effects after this.”

“Emily, please stop thinking the worst.”

“Ladies, both of you. Let’s just pray for Ron right now.”



“Blake killed a bunch of people last night.”

“I know.”

“You know? What the fuck was going on then?”

“I don’t know Antonio. I was trying to call your ass last night to tell you to be prepared but your head was so far up Ron’s ass you turned a blind eye to shit happening right in front of you.”

“I will take responsibility for that. But tell me, did you ever get in contact with Barbara?”

“Couldn’t get ahold of her either. You both were being pussies last night. But honestly, Barbara hasn’t been around since she argued with Blake over the rich kid’s drugs.”

“Do we have his drugs for tonight? Did Blake finally cough that money back up?”

“According to Blake, yes. We do. He’s driving back from TJ’s now with all the supply we need to sell.”

“Okay. Then what the hell was he doing out murdering people then?”

“He told me to not question him. I follow his orders. Something you and Barbara have a hard time doing.”

“Only if it doesn’t make sense. How the hell does Blake magically end up with all the supply we need hours before we need to confront this rich kid? He seemed pretty stubborn about not putting the money he stole back, according to your word.”

“I don’t know Antonio! He said he had to do a terrible thing and instead of interrogating him, I had his back and made sure I was in touch with him in case shit popped off. He told me not to question him.”

“Shit is popping off Valerie! Ron and I got pulled up on by the Chicago Saints last night.”


“Exactly. Told us to warn Blake to stop selling on his territory. Now from what I’m piecing together so far, we’re pretty damn broke up until this morning. Blake is so-called coming from TJ’s with the supply now. The night before, the Chicago Saints warn us about a territory war and then as he’s warning us, Blake is out killing people? And told you not to question him?”

“It’s not a big deal Antonio. We’ll tell Blake to leave the Chicago area alone, we’ll sell to this rich kid’s party tonight and make a killer profit, and whoever Blake murdered, they won’t find out it was him. He took a different car and disguised himself.”

“That doesn’t worry you? Not even the slightest bit? Blake could’ve killed anybody last night. The SWAT team could come knocking down our door right now.”

“You don’t trust our leader? Blake has always been streets smart. He knows he would do nothing he couldn’t handle.”

“Are you fucking sure about that? Seems like your head is far up his ass right now.”

“Oh fuck you Antonio. Can’t even answer the fucking phone because some mentally ill boy has got you all high in the clouds.”

“Let’s face it. No one knows what the fuck is going on right now. We just want to hope Blake has it all handled.”

“Whatever. I’m not about to keep stressing about this.”



“Where the hell have you been?”

“Ron is in the hospital. He tried to commit suicide last night.”

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