Bullets of Love and War

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Chapter 59

9:20 pm

Antonio cannot believe what he is seeing. The gang’s property, which was intact just an hour ago, is now completely vandalized. Spray paint and holes decorate the exterior and the interior is ten times worse. Valerie zooms out of the house at lightning speed, greeting Antonio and Barbara who are in shock in the driveway.

“What the fuck?” Valerie spats, hair sticking to her forehead.

Barbara crosses her arms, shivering at the nightly chill blowing over them.

“Someone trashed the hideout house and I can’t get a hold of Blake,” Antonio says, nerves about to shoot out of his skin.

“Of course!” Valerie is hysterical, pacing around to control her anxiety. “We can never get a hold of him in serious situations.”

“Did they take our money?” Barbara asks, cowering when she’s met with icy stares.

“Money? You’re worried about money?” Valerie is red, about to explode at any moment. “Our only home is gone! Destroyed! And you’re worried about money?”

“Money is important you retard! What’s an abandoned trap house good for if we have no money?”

Antonio allows the girls to argue because something disturbing catches his eye. It’s in bold red, outlining the side platform of the house. He identifies it as a gang tag. And a red gang tag sprayed on their property on their territory equivalates to war.

Blake has finally overstepped his boundaries.

“Someone tagged our shit,” Antonio butt-in, heart racing like a motorbike. “that ain’t good.”

Barbara and Valerie are finally quiet. They soak in how serious everything is.

The gang members allow the autumn breeze to dance over their bodies. The nightly chill is nothing compared to the ghostly chill they feel up their spines by observing the conditions of the scene.

Tagged property, which is bad for multiple reasons. Someone knows where they live and someone has posed an immediate threat. Their drug lab was exposed and God knows if the intruders broke into the safe containing their funds? They are all too cowardly to check.

“Call Blake again,” Barbara protrudes, holding on to Antonio’s arm. “call him again and again and again until he answers.”

A random bang sounds from the backyard of their property. The gang members freeze. Footsteps are heard a few feet away. This means the intruders have not left.

“Holy shit,” Antonio’s mind goes blank.

In a matter of milliseconds, the gang members take off running. They leave everything behind. Their lives are more important.

“Where are we going?!” Barbara screams, barely catching up to Antonio and Valerie’s sprint.

No one talks. Adrenaline takes over. They have to try and make it to safety on foot which is not guaranteed because they are being followed.

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