Bullets of Love and War

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Chapter 63

“Hop in the car. Don’t look back.”

Rides around in the Chevrolet that’s still intact. Thank goodness for no damage to the car. They’ve already sabotaged our family.

Rides back to the hideout house. Grabs money from secret compartment and all the weapons that were stashed. Hurries back out to car. Asks me a question.

"This is it, man. It’s war time. You better say goodbye to your sorry ass life.”

Agreement on top of agreement. We hit the road. Antonio and Valerie say nothing. They go with the flow.

Life is a little different now. I’m ready for it. I’m ready to avenge Barbara and prove to myself that this is my destiny and I have to live up to expectations.

It is sad that I have to say that under these harsh conditions. Barbara is not here anymore. She just was.

Rides to my place so that way I can face my family and grab my gun. I know they will be okay without me. They will be safe and sound in their perfect little house.

Already here, such a shame. My heart thunders violently. Brain strikes against my head. Blake turns to look at me. His eyes are telling me to get out and do it.

I nod to him. I love him. I will do this for us.

Walks in house, dad is yelling at me. Asks me what the fuck am I doing with a gun stashed in my closet?

"Where did you even get a gun from?”

"Are you even listening to me?”

"Have you officially lost your mind?”


The little one is staring at me. She cannot believe it. She has been believing a mystery and cannot face the truth of a human in front of her.

Tears are pouring. Hearts are shaking. I have to leave this house and avenge my friend. It’s okay that they don’t understand.

Pulling. Suddenly, I’m being pulled. In the process I’m scratched and this irritates me. Don’t care about me now mom and dad. I’ve never been here anyway.

The only one I kiss goodbye before being lugged out of my house is my baby sister.

"Ronald? Ronald, no.”

Runs down the driveway with two fussy parents on my back. Gun is mine again and I have told them I’m leaving. Forget about them, forget about Lincoln High, forget about sunny Springfield.

Screaming occurs. Mom has lost her mind. Once I’m in the car, Blake pulls off and the tears let loose. Stern tears. Natural tears. It’s an emotional battle. A battle I must win for myself.


I feel empty. Groggy, empty, and slightly chaotic. It’s a new morning as soft pink and tangerine paint the overhead sky. I have no idea where we’re going, but it’s 5 am according to my phone clock and Antonio and Valerie are fast asleep. Blake is still driving, demeanor and aura quiet and unreadable.

I stare at his side profile for a good five minutes before he notices I’m staring at him. He side glances once, and that’s when I notice the deep red color hidden in his face.

He has been crying.

“Blake?” I croak, lifeless and emotionless myself.

He keeps driving. Arms are tense, face is tense. He looks like a fragile rosebud just withering away with every passing second. Red, beautiful, and distressed. Then, the crystal tears play apart of it as well. I have never seen Blake cry before. I stare at him, indulging in his sadness like a movie I can’t pull away from. He’s even more beautiful when he’s sad. I cannot help but beautify him at every opportunity I get, even if it’s inappropriate.

Then, he finally snaps. He slams his forearms on the steering wheel (honking at others in the process) and screams from the top of his lungs. It fills the car with dark despair. Antonio and Valerie jolt awake, dazed and frightened by our leader finally soaking everything in.

Yeah. It’s messed up how this had to happen. It’s even more messed up how Barbara’s body has to sit and decay in the forest where she was unrighteously murdered.

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