Bullets of Love and War

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Chapter 67

The Chicago Saints are celebrating. Their message was heard, their message was clear. The empire of their hard-earned status and success was still thriving. Was a little gang member townie from Springfield, Illinois really a threat to their reputation? After all, Blake had disrespected them. He crossed the line, and after many chances he still kept crossing the line. So taking him out set a solid example for any other gang member townies who wanted to blantly come to their territory and challenge their authority. Who did these people think they were?

And the good part was that nobody would care. No one ever cared about black-on-black crime anyway, especially in places like Illinois where gang crime is especially prevalent. Blake was dead and the Chicago Saints were thriving. That’s, “one less little nigga out of the way.”

But when news came to light that a 16 year old girl identified as Barbara Fowler was found shot to death in the same woods that the Chicago Saints had had Blake and his gang trapped in, all celebration ceased to exist.

A girl. A 16 year old girl named Barbara Fowler. The news states that she was a student at Lincoln High School and was found in the woods Saturday morning at 10am by a couple who routinely goes fishing throughout those parts. Celebration dies quickly. It takes a second to register, but the front-center gang members of the Chicago Saints realize that they killed the wrong person. It stings. It hurts their egos. And the member who was in charge of eliminating Blake now has a lot of explaining to do.


Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell don’t know where they went wrong. What in the world would cause their precious boy to go off and hang with gang members? The term alone left a bile taste in their mouth.

They had called fifty times, left around thirty messages, and to no avail, Ron had blocked them. There had been tears all of early Saturday morning. No sleep, no food, just tears full of hurt and rage. The couple had debated whether or not they should call the police to go out and find Ron for them and bring him home safe and sound. The reality of not knowing where or what Ron was doing was killing them. But what killed them even further was when the news came on. A girl. A 16 year old girl identified as Barbara Fowler was found shot to death in the woods. They displayed her high school picture. She was a smiling girl with poofy curls and a medium brown complexion. She was Barbara, the same girl Mrs. Mitchell recognized as being one of Ron’s, “study group” friends who came over to the house to talk to their son after his suicide attempt. This was the same girl. Gone and forever wondering if people will know that all she wanted was acceptance and love.


The news reaches the students of Lincoln High over social media. Barbara is shown everywhere, the poor girl who was murdered in the woods. The news states that the situation will be under further investigation. This catches the eye of Adrienne Conrad as she sits in her room mindlessly trying to comprehend that one of her classmates is dead. The feeling is heavy and full of dread. She thinks about how just yesterday it feels, that she was just trying to talk Ron out of signing himself up for Blake’s gang. Barbara had sweetened everything up for him, made the act of being accepted into a gang sound friendly and inviting. Adrienne is now lost and confused as to what’s happened and whether or not Ron will be okay if he is still associated with them.

Ron, oh how she misses him so much. She hopes that more than anything, Ron will eventually find his light outside of Blake and realize that he made a huge mistake by hanging with them. Barbara’s heartbreaking death proves that Adrienne was right.

Ron would eventually find out the hard way. It’s sad that she had to let him go. Adrienne had loved him very much, and all she ever wanted to do was protect Ron and shower him with all the love and affection in the world. Too bad he had to find his own way. Too bad Barbara had to die.

Too bad he didn’t listen to her.

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