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Maan and Jiya get separated because of misunderstandings. Both of them trying to start their life new but What will happen when the path of these two cross again after three years? Maan and Jiya get separated because of misunderstandings. Both trying to start their life a new but What will happen when the path of these two cross again after three years. Jiya is under the misconception that Maan is married and Maan is under impression that Jiya is with Sameer. How will they react when the truth comes out. Will it be easy for them to come together once they learn the truth. The love hidden in their heart will rekindle or they will remain strangers forever. Sneak peak: Maan said,"You are not the girl I loved. You are not my Jiya.FYI nothing happened between us and I am feeling thankful now. You don't deserve my love. You want divorce, right? I will give you. After that I never want to see your face." He removed chain from his neck and open the oval shaped locket and then extended his towards me. I was shocked to see the ring which I gave him on our first month anniversary.I told him that if he remove that ring that means he don't love me. He is giving that ring back to me it means he doesn't love me anymore. He said,"I think I don't need it anymore. I am getting engaged in one week so please don't forget to attend."

Drama / Romance
Melodious Song
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Chapter One – Three Years

Maan’s pov:

I am leaving for London in 1 hour.

Now I sat looking at my princess who sitting in her grandmother’s lap.. Smiling looking at me.

She said, “Pa”

I smiled and lifted her in my arms..

I said, “I love you My princess. How are you? Missed me”

She giggled and said, “Pa”

Zara.. My two year old niece. Zaan’s and Maahi’s daughter.. My reason for happiness..

Zaan came from house and walked towards me and said, “Oh my princess is here. Where is princess’s momma? ”

Whenever he returns from office. He looks for Maahi..

She said, “Ma”

I said, “She is in kitchen.”

He said, “Oh.. I will just come.”

I never thought they can love each other.. This much.. They also faced many difficulties but still they are happy together with Zara. A happy family.

Sometimes I wonder how would it have been if Jiya and me would have been together.. We also will be a happy family.. But We missed everything because we failed in test of life. Only me.. She might be happy having kids with her so called Husband.

Why I am thinking about her? I just wish that I will never meet her. Otherwise I don’t know what I will do.

Zaan came smiling from kitchen and said,“You are not leaving. I thought you have flight to catch. ”

I said,” Yeah.. I am leaving. You guys are coming right.. ”

Zaan said,” Of course we will be there in two days. It’s big day. My brother being honored as best business man. How can we miss that opportunity. ”

I smiled and left for my destination.

Finally I achieved what I wanted.

Jiya’s pov:

It’s been three years without Maan in my life. I miss him but my cute babies are always for me to let me forget my pain.. Ruhaan and Aarzoo have become my life..

My life changed a lot in this three years..

I am working in khan industries as a PA. Yes it’s the same company my husband Maan owns.. But he sits in Indian branch. I choose this company because I wanted my children to grow up using their Dad’s money. In this way he indirectly will be part of their life..

I want my children to know who their father is.. My room is full of our pictures.. Maan, my babies and me.. I photoshopped some photos to appear like he is sitting with us.

Whatever I do but their always be a void place in our life’s but I am giving my best.

I bathed my daughter Aarzoo.. I dressed her up.. Now it’s my baby boy Ruhaan turn..

I called, “Sameer.. Bring Ruhaan here..”

Sameer brought Ruhaan.. His face is full of chocolate.

I said, “Sameer I told you to not give him chocolates. It’s not good to have Chocolates in the morning. You are spoiling them.”

Sameer said,” Okay... Okay. I won’t do it again. ”

I sighed.. He always says that.. I took Ruhaan from his hands.. He smiled looking at me. He is so naughty among both.. He can’t stay at one place. If you remove your eyes for a second he will be gone. It’s toughest job to babysit him.

As all three of us are working. So it gets hard to take care of them. So Sameer also joined in the same company. He is a famous artist but he works with me to help me. He is trying his best for repenting on his mistakes. We take kids with us. He keep them in daycare but still mostly we try that at least one of us will be with them.

Salina and Sameer are helping me a lot. But I want them to settle down in their life’s.. I know they love each other but Sameer is not ready to accept her in his life. It’s like he don’t want to start his life.. He can’t live his life taking care of me and my children.. But he is stubborn as always.

I promised Salina that I will talk to him so I said, “Sameer.. Don’t you think that you also should get married”

Sameer sighed and said, “I will marry when you and Maan will be together”

he always says that he hopes that we will be together

I said, “Sameer it’s impossible. He is happy in his life. We can never be together. Please give up on us and move on. You know right Salina loves you. And I know even though you don’t express you love her

Sameer last you did mistake of running after wrong girl.. Now you are doing bigger mistake of loosing the right girl. Please don’t miss her.. It’s not easy to find true love. It’s no use if you regret later when she will be with someone else ”

Sameer said,” I don’t love her. I don’t care if she moves on with someone else. I want her to be happy but she is just a friend to me”

When I looked at door Salina was looking at us. Her eyes had tears. She left from here.

I got angry, “Why are you hurting her? You knew right she was listening to us but still you said all those things”

He said, “it’s for her own good. I don’t deserve her..”

I was about to say when he said, “We can chat later. Now we are getting late for office. Let’s leave.

Oh my princess Aarzoo. Come to Sameer uncle..”

He took her and left.

I also lifted Ruhaan and followed him

Actually we went on vacation for two week. So today I am not at all interested to go to office.. But have no choice

Sameer said,“Why they have decorated the office? Someone coming for visit today? ”

I shrugged my shoulders.

We dropped my babies at day care. It’s the toughest job to do everyday. Because they cry whenever we do that. It hurts me.. It would have hurted Maan as well. He can’t see me cry. He always loved kids so he would have given his world for their happiness. I don’t know why but today I am missing him a lot.

We came to our seats.

Our colleague Reyna greeted us, “Hello Mr and Mrs siddiqui.”

I am tired of listening this.. I am not Mrs. Siddiqui it’s Mrs khan. I told her many times but she still does that I don’t know why.

I said, “It’s Mrs. Khan, Ms. Kapoor. If you are getting confused then call me Jiya okay”

She smirked and said, “Why are you getting so riled up? Not now but everyone knows that you sooner or later will be Mrs. Siddiqui.”

I said, “Mind your own Busi-”

Sameer got hold of my hand and said, “let’s go Jiya”

I Said, “What’s her problem Sameer. Why she always make rumors about us. I hate her..”

Sameer said, “She is just jealous Jiya.Don’t spoil your mood”

I nodded then we sat at our places.

Suddenly we heard a siren. Everyone stood up in line. I asked Sameer, “Who is coming?”

He said, “Wait..”

He asked Mr. Patel then I saw panic on his face.

I said, “What happen? Who is coming?”

He said, “Maan”

I said, “What? I have to go”

There is no way that I am going to see him. I have to go.

I tried to leave from there at the same time someone entered.. We clashed with each other. I was about to fall. He placed a hand on my waist to support me. I closed my eyes because of fear.. But when opened then I met with familiar blue eyes..

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