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Jiya and Maan kids Story. Ruhaan and Zara are engaged when they are in their teen. Three years later he comes back and their parents decided to get them married but does life always go like we plan? Aarzoo, .Ruhaan's twin sister is in one sided love with Arham as long as she remember but Arham never gave her any sign of love. Will she able to make him love her.. If you want to find out Join me in the journey of these couple.. Warning: they are more love stories in this story along with the above ones and many characters. If you don't like stories with many characters then this story is not for you.

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter One – Aarzoo’s Life

Aarzoo’s pov:

It’s been two years and two months since I am staying here away from my parents..from him..in this foreign land..

I never thought my life will turn out like this. I loved him with my whole heart but what I got in return?...pain for life time. I want to hate him. forget him..move on..but I can’t.

I came out of my thought with a shill cry voice of my baby who woke up. I picked him up in my arms. He is my life...My baby..My Yahya..no one knows about him. I want to keep it that way.

He stopped crying and smiled looking at me. I forgot all my pain. His one smile makes me forget everything.

My parents want me to get married but I can’t. How can I marry when I have to take care of Yahya and have someone else in my heart? I don’t know what’s written in my fate.

I got call from papa..

I said,“Assalamwalikum papa”

Maan said,“Walikumasslam. How are you my princess?”

I said “I am good papa. How are you? How is everyone?”

Maan said,“we all are good and missing you a lot.”

I said,“me too papa. I miss you a lot.”

Maan said,“Princess then why can’t you c-”

I said,“sorry papa. I can’t come.”

Maan said,“I always respected your choice but this time you have to listen to me..”

I said,“papa please..”

Maan said,“you have to come this time. Shahyan and Asmara are getting married. Are you going to miss their wedding?”

I was shocked....Shahyan and Asmara but there are just 19 years old. Why so early?

I said,“but papa..Why so early?”

He said,“you come here. You will get to know everything.”

I said,“I will think about it.”

He said,“okay.I will call you later.. I have a meeting.”

I said,“Allah hafiz”

He said,“Allah hafiz princess. Take care..”

I looked at yahya and said,“I think it’s time you meet your grand parents. I don’t know how they will react.. no matter what they will love you.”

I kissed his forehead.

I closes my eyes to sleep but his face flashed infront of my eyes. Arham..My Arham..whom I have loved since I first saw him. My love has grown for him with my age. I have not thought of my future without him and now I can’t have a future with him. He is not mine anymore.

I don’t know how I am going to face him but I have to do it..I think now it’s time to move on. One last time I want to cherish the moments I spent with him.

20 years ago:

I was of three years old when I first saw him.. I don’t remember clearly but I like him instantly that time I just wanted to play with him but he always avoided me.

18 years ago:

I was of 5 years old. That’s the first time he talked to me. He wished me Happy birthday but he hugged and smiled at Ruhaan while wishing. When I tired to hug him .he pushed me. I felt so bad..

15 years ago:

I was of 8 years old when he first touched me. While I was crossing road. He held my hand when I was about to hit by car..

12 years ago..

I was of 11 years old when I kissed him. We all went to picnic..we were playing hide seek. Coincidentially we both hid at the same place.

We were so close. He was checking on Shahyan who was looking for us..

When I kissed him on cheek and he got startled, stood up and got caught . After that he started fully avoiding me. Before at least he use to talk to me but he stopped that as well.

10 years old:

I was of 13 years old and I proposed to him.
Ruhaan and Zara got engaged because Maahi aunty was not well.

I asked Arham to get engage to me but he just looked at me shocked and said,“Stop thinking useless things.. ”

5 years ago:

I was of 18 years old and I hugged him.

He was leaving to abroad for his Internship. I wrote him a letter calling him to backyard with Ruhaan’s name.

He came there..

He said,“Why did you called me here?”

I turned around and said,“Because I wanted to give you this..”

I forwarded my hand and gave him a gift which I brought for him.

He said”stop it Aarzoo. How many times should I tell you that I don’t love you ? I am getting sick of you. Thank God I am leaving from here. You have made my life hell.”

I was shocked by his outburst. Why is he saying like this? He never said like that to me..Why now? After all these years when he is going out for 2 years.
I wanted to make good memories with him.

I said,“Arham..I love you.”

He rubbed his temples and said,“but I don’t. It will be good for you if you forget me.”

With this he started walking towards door when he reached corridor..I caught hold of his hand.

I said,“I can never forget you. You are the only one for me.”

He jerked my hand and said,“What you know about me? Nothing. It just attraction .”

I said,“No I love you from heart. It’s not just attraction. My heart beats only for you.”

He said,“Come out of your fairy world. Real life is not like that. ”

He was about to go when I hugged him from back.

I said,“please don’t go like this. I love you.Why can’t you love me back?”

He turned around and said,“you love me or my looks.”

I said confidently,“you”

He said,“prove me”

I said,“how?”

He said,“Spend a night with me..”

I was shocked that he asked that from me. How can we before marriage?

I said,“Do you love me?”

He said,“No.”

I said,“Why you want to spend night with me then?”

He said,“To prove that you don’t love me”

I said,“I love you and I can prove it to you but only after marriage.”

He smiled and said,“you are dreaming too high. I will never marry you.”

I said,“even if I spend a night with you.”

He said,“that we will see later but first are you ready to take that step with me?”

I was confused what to do? Should I agree? No No I can’t break my parents trust.

I said,“No.. I am not but I love you”

He said,“I got my answer. You don’t love me. Talk to me when you are ready to take that step before that don’t you dare to say you love me.”

With this he left me shocked there. He didn’t come back once in two years. Ruhaan also went with him but he used to visit us. I was waiting for him.

3 years ago:

He came back from London. My life got back it’s spirit.

My Arham came back but my happiness was short lived. He went back to London in a week.

2 years ago:

He came back with Ruhaan bhai for Zara and Ruhaan’s marriage.

This time I thought our love story started but life took such a turn that I lost him forever. My love story ended even before it started. I lost everything that day. My hope, My love, My dream, My reason to live, My best friend, My family. I came back here and since then I am living here in America alone with Yahya. Ahaan visits me time to time but that’s it. Ahaan is my childhood best friend. He was there with me in my tough times. I really like him but just a friend. I know he has feelings for me but My yearns for only one person and that is Arham. Even though I lost him. Even though he can’t be mine ever but he is the only one who rules my heart.

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