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Chapter Twenty Three – Her Suspision

Aarzoo’s pov:

When I woke up next morning I was in Arham’s arms. He was looking so cute and I just wanted to kiss him but i restrained myself from doing that. I can’t forgive him so easily. He didn’t trust me and believed Ahaan. He stayed away from me for this misunderstanding. It hurts a lot to think that he married Zara and we were away from each other for two years just over a misunderstanding. The pain I went through when I got to know about his Marraige. The sleepless nights I spend for two years thinking him and Zara together all this happened just for a misunderstanding. I can’t seriously forget it.

This one misunderstanding has took many things from us. I can never be his first wife,I can never be the one who share his first intimate moments or romantic moments, his first touch. I can never give him his first child. Zara is his first in everything and I will always remain his second choice. I have to share him with Zara and I have to be grateful for that because it’s Zara who is doing favour on me by accepting me as Arham gave her the right of being his first wife. When I think that all this happened just over a misunderstanding and this can’t be reverted back I want to kill him. I always thought may be he didn’t love me, may be he had his reasons. I always tried to justify him but when truth came out it hurts like hell.Tears flowing nonstop from my eyes. I don’t have any problem with Zara...but I am very hurt because of Arham.

I quickly got up from bed and went to washroom. I got freshen up and wanted to leave the room before Arham woke up but I was shocked when I came out of washroom as Arham was already awake and was sitting on bed. When he heard the door click he looked at me before he can speak anything. I said,“I am going to my room.”

He quickly stood up from his place and hugged me from back. He said,“Don’t go Aarzoo. Not like this. I know you are upset and I don’t know how to defend myself because I know I was wrong. I am Sorry..please jaan forgive me.”

I wiggled and came out his arms and said,“Don’t touch me. Your Sorry can’t do anything Arham. It’s just a word it can’t make me forget the pain I went through. It can’t make me forget the facts and my place in your life. I am going. I need time. ”

With this I left the room and opened the room in which Zara is staying. Yahya must have woke up. My baby..I unlocked the door and went inside only to get shocked to see Zara and Ruhaan sleeping on bed in each other arms. What the hell? Both of them are married and they are doing this what if someone sees them. If I keep all this aside..then they are looking so adorable together..peaceful..cute..why can’t they be together? Yeah my stupid brother married that Adira then how Zara is allowing him to be this close to her..I was in my thoughts when a hand came around on my waist and a head on my shoulders..I know who it was without even looking back..Arham.. I was scared what he must be thinking looking at Zara and Ruhaan like this. He must be hurt and angry..Oh no..but what he said shocked me.

He said,“They are looking adorable just like us,right?”

What???..Your wife is in someone else...I mean her ex’s arms and you think they look adorable.. Is he gone mad?

Before I can say anything..He said,“I mean..let’s go out. They might get disturbed.”

He took my hand and dragged me out. I was confused like damn confused .What the hell is happening? Why is he so calm? For time being I forgot I was angry at him.

Once we are out I said,“Are you Okay? Are you shocked? I mean there must be some misunderstanding. Zara is not lik-”

He said,“No I am not upset..”

I said,“I know that’s why I am worried your reaction is like a admirer not of a husband who just saw his wife with someone.”

He said,“I know and I am not doubting her. I was just hmm...I mean she must be alone..as I was with.. I think..I was wrong I married you..I mean I don’t regret it..but Zara..she...”

What is he saying?

Before I can say anything..

Yarah came there and said,“Thank God di I found you outside only. I have something to tell- ” then she looked at Arham and said,“Assalamwalikum Jiju..if you don’t mind can I take di with me for a while”

He nodded and said,“Walaikumassalam. Okay.” and left.
He looked so relieved..Something is fishy..very fishy..Arham’s reaction on seeing Zara and Ruhaan. Zara’s reaction on his second Marraige. Both of them are so calm and indifferent. That is not how a normal husband and wife react to such situation who shares a bond and have a child together. I have to find out.

Yarah brought me out of my thoughts by saying,“Di Are you listening?”

I said,“What happened Yarah?”

She said “Come with me”

She took me to her room and I said,“Where is Aliza?”

She said,“She went out with Y-Yazan. Anyway I have a important news to tell you”

I said,“What is it?”

She said,“Ammi want me to get married?”

I was shocked and said,“What??”

She said,“She told me that they got a very good proposal for me and they want to know my opinion.”

I said,“Who is the guy?”

She said,“Saleekh..”

I said,“Saleekh as in Aneekh mamu and Samaira mami’s son.”

She nodded and said,“I don’t know what to say? What do you think di? What should I do? Should I agree?”

I said,“I think you should do what your heart says. ”

She said,“I don’t know di. I think in a way it’s better to marry Saleekh than to some stranger. I know his parents as well. I will be close to Mumma, papa and you as well. I am thinking of saying yes but what about my past? Should I tell him about it?”

I said,” It’s your life Yarah whatever decision you make it’s going to affect you and you have to live the consequences so I want the final decision to be yours but if you ask for my opinion then I will suggest you to tell him.”

She looked to be in deep thoughts but she nodded and said,“I will think about it.”

I hugged her and said,“Don’t forget Yarah. I am always with you no matter What.”

She nodded and said,“you are the best di.”

She has seen a lot in such a young age. I want her to be happy now. I know Saleekh is a good person. Ya Allah please give my sister her happiness.

Zara’s pov:

When I woke up I was still in his arms and I quickly came out of them. Zara what are you thinking. He is Adira’s husband. I should stay away from him. When I was about to move out of bed. He got hold of my hand and pulled me towards him, wrapped his arm around my waist and moved closer to me. His face is in crook of my neck and his face buried in it, sending tingles along my body. He is shirtless and it’s making the moment more intimate.

He said,“Where are you going? Stay atleast in dreams with me. Don’t leave me”

Dreams??? He is thinking that he is dreaming.

Before I can say anything. I heard cry of Ruhaani and that made him woke up from sleep. He immediately moved away from me and looked at me. He said, “Are you real?”

He slowly touched my cheek and moved farther away like I am some ghost.

He said,“What are you doing here in my room?”

I said,“This is my room.”

He looked around then his eyes landed on kids and he seemed in thoughts then his expression changed as of he remembered what happened?

Without a word he went to the washroom and when he came out he was wearing shirt.

He was leaving and opened the door to go but stopped and said,“I am Sorry ”

Then he took one more step and stood still on his steps. Why? What happened?

I walked towards the door and was shocked to see Adira. Her eyes are switching from me to him and she looked angry. She came and stood infront of me. What she did next was unexpected. She slapped me and said,“How dare you to spend a night with my husband?”

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