I want to be yours

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Chapter Four – facing Family

Aarzoo’s pov:

Finally the day has come when I have to face my parents and family. Especially him. Seeing him as someone else husband is going to be very hard for me. I wish I can just be here with my Yahya but I have to go. My flight is in two hours. I packed everything and took Yahya in my arms. He is 16 months old. Please Allah give me strength.

As the flight landed in Mumbai airport. My heart beat faster with each second passing. How will they react once they meet Yahya?

I saw papa waving at me.

I quickly walked towards him and he hugged me along with Yahya and my baby started crying.

Papa said,“Who is this Boy?”

I was about to answer but papa took trolley from my hands and started walking towards the car.

Once we sat in car. Papa again asked me,“You didn’t answer me who is this Boy?

I said,“papa he.. I mean he is -”

Just say it Aarzoo..

Papa was waiting for me to complete.

I said,“He is my son”

Papa got shocked. He said,“What are you saying princess? Are you in your senses? I didn’t get you. How can you have a son? Have you secretly got married to some British boy.”

I said,“No papa. I have not married any one.”

He said,“Who is the father? Where is he?”

I said,“he is not in my life.”

He seriously said,“Who is he Aarzoo? Arham?”

I shook my head in no.

I said,“No..he is not the father. Please.. I don’t know who is his father. I am sorry dad. I was so heart broken when I left Mumbai. I was not in my senses. I am sorry. I feel very guilty but I can’t change it now. I don’t regret having Yahya. He gives me happiness. I know I was wrong and I am ready to accept any punishment please forgive me.”

Tears started flowing from my eyes.
Dad hugged me and said,“Whatever children do parents can’t be angry with them for long. You are my princess . I am seeing you in two years. I am not angry but no running from us anymore. You will stay here with your papa. ”

I said,“but papa our society will not accept Yahya. I think it will be fine if I stay in America.”

Papa said,“You don’t worry about anything. I will think of something. Don’t forget that you have promised that you will do anything that I will say. For now don’t tell anyone about Yahya.”

I said,“but what will I say ? ”

Papa said,“say you adopted him.”

I was shocked and said,“papa I can’t. How can I ? He is my son. ”

Papa said,“please understand Aarzoo. It is not good to tell truth to them. They can’t take this news well. You know your mom. She was so against me for sending you America. ”

I said,“Still scared of her papa. She always tries to control other’s life. She is the one who spoiled-. Sorry papa. I didn’t mean that.”

He said,“you still blame your mother. It was not her fault Aarzoo. She didn’t knew that you loved Arham. ”

I said,“I don’t want to talk about this. Whoever fault it was. We can’t change anything now. I lost him.”

He said,“you still love him?”

I shook my head in no..

I said,“I don’t feel anything for him. love or hate or anger. Nothing..I don’t
have any feelings for him. Yahya he is the only one in my life. I want no one else.”

He said,“We are about to reach home. I just want to give you one warning. Your mumma might or might not have found a guy for you to get married .”

I rolled my eyes and said,“Are you serious?”

He gave me sympathetic look and nodded.

I completely forgot about this. My marriage. Oh nooo now everyone will start again singing get married.

Once we reached home. Dad rang the bell and Yarah opened the door. Once she saw me she hugged me and then she took Yahya from my arms and started kissing him.

Yarah said,“How are you my baby?”

Papa said,“You know about Yahya?”

Yarah looked startled so I said in her behalf,“I told her in call last week.”

Papa said,“Have you told your mother?”

She shook her head in no.

Papa looked at us and said,“both of you don’t tell anything to her. I will talk with her once I find right time.”

We both said,“okay papa”

Then mumma came out in hall and saw me, tears started flowing from her eyes. I quickly ran to her and hugged her.

She wrapped her arms around me and said,“My baby..finally you came back.I missed you so much..”

I said,“I missed you too”

I was so angry with her as I thought somewhere she is the reason why Arham is not mine today but one hug from her I forgot everything. All the anger or hurt nothing matters now.

I came out of hug and she kissed my forehead then she saw Yahya in Yarah’s arms and said,“Who is this cute baby?”

Papa placed hands on her both shoulder and said,“You come with me. I will tell you everything.”

She went with him.

Yarah said,“How are you di?”

I said,“I am fine.How is your life?”

She was about to reply when Yahya started crying . I took him from her arms and went to kitchen. I made milk for him and gave the bottle to him and started preparing baby food for him.

After he ate the food. He was sleepy. I took him to my room and rocked him for a while.He fell asleep.

I lied him on bed and was placing the supports when mumma came to my room.

She said,“Can I have a talk with you?”

I nodded and walked towards her.

I took baby monitor and went to momma’s room.

She said,“come. Sit with me.”

I walked and sat beside her. I placed my head in her lap and she was running her hands in my hair. It feels so good. I feel relaxed.

She said,“How are you ?”

I said,“I am fine mumma.”

She said,“your papa told me that you adopted Yahya as you are feeling very lonely there.”

I nodded.

She said,“You are still young baby. You should get married and have your own children. ”

I said,“mumma please I don’t want to get married.”

She sighed and said,“Do you still love Arham? He is your cousin’s husband. You can’t love him. You should move on Aarzoo.”

I was shocked and rose from her lap.

I said,“you knew about it.”

She said,“Zara told me. Last year on Ruhani’s birthday.”

I said,“Ruhani?”

She said,“Arham and Zara’s daughter.”

It hurts..it hurts..tears started flowing from my eyes. I should not feel like this. I don’t love him. I don’t.

Mumma hugged me and said,“I am sorry baby. I was not there for you. ”

I hugged her and cried my heart out.

She rubbed my back and said,“He was not meant to be for you Aarzoo. You know before I met your dad. I loved someone else but he rejected me. He got married to the girl he loves. I was devasted and then I met Maan. I realized that he is the one for me. Nothing matters after that. In the same way there must be someone who is made for you..You just have to wait baby.”

I nodded..

I heard cry from baby monitor and went to my room and took Yahya in my arms. He smiled looking at me and I forgot my every pain.

In the evening I met Zaan chachu and Maahi Chachi. Yazan is studying in hostel but he came here in holidays for Shahyan and Asmara’s marriage. He is very mischievous before but when Ruhaan left. He changed a lot. Now he don’t talk with anyone much.

I sat with them while Chachi was frying pakoda. Me and Zaan Chachu were eating them and Yazan was just sitting with us busy with his phone.

Maahi Chachi said,“I am so happy you came back Aarzoo. Everyone was missing you. Especially Zara..”

Zaan Chachu said,“She is coming today for dinner with Arham and Ruhani. She will be very happy to see you.”

I thought I was ready to meet them but when I heard that they are coming today I wanted to just run away from here. No.. I don’t want to meet them I am not ready.

From that second I was very tense. I didn’t even come out of my room. Papa and mumma understand me so they didn’t force me.

I was playing with Yahya. When I heard knock on door.

I said,“Come..it’s open”

The door opened. I lifted my eyes and saw him. What is he doing here..?

A wishper left my mouth with a lone tear from my eye,“Arham?”

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