I want to be yours

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Chapter Fourty Two - Arham

Arham's pov:

Flashback continues:

I gave Ruaa my card and said,"Call me when you make up your mind.

I left from there saying bye to little Aarzoo.

She didn't call me. I was worried so I went to visit them.

I was shocked to see a guy trying to slap Ruaa. I got hold of his hand before he can slap her.

He said,"Who are you?" Then he looked at Ruaa and said,"Your new boyfriend? You can't live a day without male in your life. First you blackened your face with this illegitimate child's father even though your marraige is fixed with me. Now you again found someone"

I saw little Aarzoo was crying listening to his words. How can a person be so heartless to hurt the innocent child. I was more determined to help her now.

I said,"It's none of your business what she does with her life."

He said,"Who are you to meddle in our matters again and again? Go away."

Before I can say anything Ruaa said,"He is my fiancee. We are getting married soon so get lost from here before I call police for creating nuisance."

He fumed in anger and said,"It's not over."

Once he left She said,"I am sorry without your permission I told him you are my fiancee. I was thinking of calling you. I am ready accept your proposal of fake marriage."

I said,"You made good decision. I have a favor to ask you. If you don't mind then can you shift to my house."

Her eyes widened she said,"You are misunderstanding me. This marriage is strictly business. I am not-"

I said,"No no..I didn't mean it like that. I love my wife a lot. I never in dream think of cheating on her. She is the only one for me. I stay with my parents. You don't have worry about anything. You will have seperate room. I just want little Aarzoo to be safe."

She said,"Can you give me time to think?"

I said,"Sure..Anyway I have to talk with my parents."

She said,"What if they will not agree."

I said,"They never said no to me. They love me a lot."

She just hummed in response.

I came home and told my parents about Ruaa.

Papa said,"She has a daughter without marraige and you want to marry her. Have you lost your mind son."

Lina ma said,"Calm down Sameer."

Dad shouted,"You are telling me to calm down. Haven't you heard what he said? He lost his mind. I never approve of this."

I said,"Dad please...You can't judge her for having child. She is very nice girl. That guy ditched her so what she can do? Why are you blaming her? You know, right? Ruhaani is Ruhaan's daughter not mine but you never doubted Zara's character. You understood her pain..her situation. We blamed Ruhaan for leaving her and not taking responsibility. Then when it comes to Ruaa why are you pointing fingers at her character? She is also victim. I hope you accept this marraige Dad. Because I am not going to marry anyone except her."

Dad became silent.

After sometime he said,"When can we meet her?"

I said,"Tomorrow. Dad one more thing she is going to stay with us till marriage. "

Dad said,"She has her own house. Why will she stay here?"

I told him everything about her Aunt and Uncle, that bad guy except for our fake marriage.

He said,"Are they human? They are torturing child who just lost her both parents. We should help her I am with you in this."

I hugged him and said,"Thank you Papa for understanding."

Dad said,"I am proud of you, Son. You have golden heart just like your Mehak Ammi. She was always ready sacrifice her life for other but I don't want you end up like her Arham. I want to give you best life. Promise me that when a time comes to choose between your happiness and others. You will always think about you first. Promise me."

I was hesitant..but he said,"Please son, Promise me.."

He extended his hand and I placed mine in his. I said,"I Promise. I will think about my happiness before others."

Flashback ends.

Today Ruaa and little Aarzoo are coming to stay with us. I was about to pick them up from their house.

Me and Ruaa has decided that we will not tell little Aarzoo about our marriage. As it's going to end soon. Her innocent heart will be hurt in all this. I will support her but as an Uncle not as Dad.

I was showing around the house when we came to our room. She looked at the pictures of Yahya and Ruhaani, Aarzoo.

She said,"Are they your kids?"

I said,"You can say I am their Godfather."

She smiled and said,"What does that mean?"

I said,"They are not my children but I love them as my own."

She didn't ask any further. I thanked for that. I am not ready to share my complicated past with her.

She said,"I heard you divorced your first wife after death of your second wife abandoning your child."

I don't know how to answer..

She said,"I am sorry if I crossed my line. I was curious to know about you so I searched little bit in net."

I said,"Don't trust whatever the paper says. They just want masala. They don't facts."

She said,"Okay so it's not true."

I said,"I am sorry but I don't want to discuss my personal life with you. It's purely business. I hope you don't mind."

She said,"No, I didn't mind. I was just- I am sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

I said,"It's nothing like that. You must be tired. Let me show you your room."

Once I came back to my room My mind again wondered about Zara and Ruhaani.

I really miss them...My baby..but before leaving India Zara requested me to not contact her for a while. She wanted to break all ties with me. She doesn't want to Ruhaani to think of me as her father. I know she told me to avoid for few months but when that months turned into years I lost track. I many times wonder how she is living but I don't want to disturb her small world.

Zaan Papa is thinking of getting her married. I don't know if Zara is ready to move on.

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