I want to be yours

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Chapter Five – Meeting Arham

Aarzoo’s pov:

A wishper left my mouth with a lone tear from my eye,“Arham?”

I am seeing him after two years. I just want to run and hug him but he is Zara’s husband. I can’t have such feelings for him.

He looked at Yahya and he raised his eyebrows. I don’t need to give any clarification to him.

I said,“Why are you here Arham?”

He said,“Maahi mom is calling you.”

Maahi mom obviously she is his mother in law.

I said,“I will be there. You can go.”
After saying this I started preparing Yahya for shower.I felt he was still standing there but I ignored him.

I saw he slowly walked towards me.
He said,“H-How are you?”

He dare he to ask that question.

I said,“I am not interested in talking to you. I will come down once I get Yahya ready. You can go now.”

He didn’t burge from his place. Please just go from here Arham before I lose my control.

He said,“Who is this baby?”

I stood up from my place and said,“That’s none of your business. You have no right to ask me any questions but still if it makes you go away then listen he is my son. My son Yahya. You heard it clearly ,right? now go from here. I don’t want to see your face Arham just get out. NOW”

Yahya got startled when I shouted and he started crying. Oh my baby.. I looked at Arham he was shocked and also I saw hurt in his eyes. May be I have mistaken or may be not but I don’t care.

I took Yahya and went inside washroom and slammed the door. I bathed Yahya and once I came out he was gone. I sighed in relief. I dressed Yahya and I also got freshen up and did little make up.

Once I came down Zara walked towards me and hugged me. May be she likes to show off but I can’t act like her. I thought she was innocent but she was way too smarter than me. I know Ruhaan did wrong by leaving her on marriage day but What she did? even after knowing that I love Arham she got married to him. I felt like she punished me for Ruhaan’s mistakes. Anyway she was not to be blamed alone. May be I was not good enough for Arham but if I was in place of Zara then I would have never betrayed her like this. I don’t want to see both of them.

She understood that I am not going to hug her back so she moved away and smiling said,“How are you? It’s been so long”

Why don’t they understand I don’t want to talk to them.

I said,“I was not aware that everyone is so interested in my well being. Anyway I am good. Actually I have been sooo good after being away from fake people. My life was amazing. Anymore questions?”

Her smile dropped but again she composed herself and said,“Come sit with us. We were just talking about you.”

Stop it now. I just can’t take it anymore. Why I came here?

I looked at Yahya to get some help but he just smiled..

Zara said,“Aww he is so cute..who is he?”

I said,“My son”

Her eyes widened and she said,“You got married?” She said it so loud that everyone eyes were on me.

Maahi chachi said,“No Zara. She adopted him. Girls come here. Why you guys are standing at stairs?”

I said,“Yes chachi I am coming.”

I walked towards her but there was No chair available other than beside Zara.

Mumma was about give space to me but Maahi Chachi said,“Let both of them sit together. They are meeting after long time.”

Mumma looked at me . I mouthed it’s okay and sat beside her.

Zara was acting too overfriendly and seriously it’s pissing me off. She is behaving like nothing happened.

Just calm down Aarzoo just for today..

I quickly ate dinner and stood up and said,“It’s sleep time of Yahya. So I will take your leave. Zara and Arham see you at wedding..”

With this I left to my room and locked the door. My resolve broke down and tears started flowing from my eyes. It hurts when the people you love betray you. Yahya looked at my tears and tried to wipe them. My baby..

I said,“you will never betray mumma, right?”

I don’t know what he understood but he shook his head in no. I smiled at him and hugged him. We don’t need them baby we have each other..“Let’s sleep.”

Next day when I went down for breakfast. I saw Arham sitting on dining table and having tea while reading news paper. They are still here. I will come back later. I was about to go when Arham said,“Aarzoo come have tea”

I said,“No thanks. I think Yahya is crying. I will come later.” I quickly ran towards my room but before I can close it Arham placed his foot and stopped the door.

I said,“What do you want Arham?”

He said,“Stop behaving like kid Aarzoo. When will you grow up? Why are you so rude to Zara ? She was crying-”

I said,“Oh I am sorry I made your dear wife cry but please can you nicely tell her that I don’t want to talk to her because she is not getting my queue.”

He said,“What is wrong with you Aarzoo? Why are you being so bitter towards her? She cares for you. She loves you. She just want to talk to her cousin. What’s so wrong in it?”

God why don’t they leave me alone?

I said,“Nothing. Nothing is wrong. She is very sweet but you know doctor told me too much sweet is not good for my health so I am staying away from her. Just leave me alone both of you.”

With this I pushed him and about to close the door but he came inside and closed it.

He grabbed my arms and said,“Why are you being so rude and sarcastic? What did we do to you? Don’t tell me you have problem with my and Zara’s marriage. Aarzoo you know that I have never promised you anything. I never gave you any sign that I have any feelings for you. I have right to marry whomever I want. You can’t act like we wronged you. It was your obsession with me that caused you the pain.”

I jerked his hand away from me,“Don’t touch me. You have no right. You are wrong. I don’t feel anything for you. I don’t have any problem with your marriage . I have moved on from you long time back. You are nothing to me. ”

He smiled sarcastically and said,“I know that then why are you so cold towards us?”

I said,“I don’t need to give any explanation to you. But for your information. I will tell you something which no one knows that will clear your misunderstanding. YAHYA is my son. He has my family blood in him. He is not adopted. ”

Blood drained from his face and he visibly paled.

He moved back from me.

He said,“You mean you have someone in your life. ”

I said,“you can say that”

He said,“Who is he?”

I said,“He is coming to the marriage. I will make sure that you meet him. So now leave..your wife must be looking for you. She might misunderstand if she caught us like this in one room. So please leave and stop bothering me. I am not interested to have any relation with you and your wife. Please tell her this..have a happy married life. Now leave .”

He left from my room by slamming the door.

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