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❝A pack protects you, even from the dangers of others stronger than you. We are a family through both thick and thin. A pack is a family. You're apart of our family Aella.❞ Once hearing the signal my father took off after him which gave the cue of the chain reaction of the rest of us. I made sure to this time stay next to my mother since it was my father first then my mother. Elenor was behind me and mother since she was second born. This was the formation for this pack. The male always leads with his female protecting their pups. The firstborn was always next to the mother wolf as the second born was behind to protect from the back. My sister never complained since she was trained in the field of always protecting my back as I was trained to run the Beta position of my pack. This was the tradition when it came to higher ranking wolves in my pack. It was something everyone followed when entering the pack weather born or from another pack. Admiring the slightly cold atmosphere allowed me to not overheat as I pushed myself to stay with my pack. Heavy breathing was heard from the omega's since some of them were weaker in their physical state as well. Though being an omega all depended on the mindset of both the skin and feral side of a wolf. It was ingrained into them either naturally or artificially.

Drama / Adventure
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“Come on Elenor, we’re going to be late!”

Rolling my eyes I wasn’t sure if I was to strangle her now or later? Mother came into view as I shrugged my coat on, making sure everything was buttoned and nothing was showing. It wasn’t ladylike to show skin to the males, you would be seen as an enticer. Though I am of an age that doesn’t stop the whispers that traveled faster than a burning fire.

No thank you.

“Do you have everything?” I nodded my head, the strands of curls covered my face like a curtain even though I tried putting it in a slick bun. “How many times have I told you, your hair will never go into a bun like the girls you seen back in pack school.” Reprimanding words hit my ears as I flinched back at the tone.

“Mom would you stop beating around the bush and just say it. My hair can’t go in the buns like the white girls.” Flames lit behind her eyes and I scoffed. “You always act like it’s a bad thing to say.” I was mocking her now and I could tell she was getting riled up.

“Watch that tone of yours pup.”

I almost rolled my eyes, I haven’t been a pup for nearly four years now. Shocker, I know that I’m still living at home, but I’m not allowed to leave the home of my parents until I find my mate. It was an annoying pesky rule that I saw no point to since I was an adult and I should be able to adventure on my own! Though since the King prohibited females from doing anything, I had no choice but to follow the rules no matter how simply feeble-minded they were.

“Are you guys done arguing yet?”

“We were having a discussion Elenor.” Irritation leaked from my mother’s voice as she fixed her coat. Though she was mated, it was still the females job to keep in mind that her mate wouldn’t enjoy her showing much of her skin to any male not blood-related.

“It didn’t sound like it upstairs.” She teased knowing mother didn’t have a problem smacking her upon the head. “I said we were having a discussion Elenor.” The tone in her voice made sure to shut my sister up. I rolled my eyes making sure my mother didn’t see me. I know a grown wolf hiding their actions from their mother, shoot me already.

“Are my girls ready?” My fathers’ deep voice floated into the room. He stood there at a good height of 6′4, towering over us all. His eyes held a deep shine to them as they glowed with happiness. They were a startling bronze gold that I had thankfully inherited, but I mean it was expected for the firstborn to inherit the fathers’ eyes.

It was frowned upon if the child was born with the mothers’ eyes and seen as a disgrace to the family. Quite shockingly the packs haven’t learned to leave the mindset from the old days and step into the new world that was being built around us. It caused a headache when I tried to think of the many rules that were enforced in this one pack.

My father though was a dark man with curly hair that framed his face when he let it down, most of the time it was in a ponytail. I was forever envious seeing as he barely took care of it but still held a shine to it and the volume always blew my mind away. I, on the other hand, had so many products in the bathroom I swear to you I could open up my own beauty salon. My hair wasn’t as calm as his and I would forever again be envious of him for those exact reasons.

“You ready to go hun?” Jeez mom, let the man at least put his shoes on.

“Just about, give me a couple more seconds love.”

After he was done, we made our way out of the house. Our house was pretty big compared to others but my father is the beta so it was expected. Our pack was just off the edge of a forest that had been deserted by the humans. It was a perfect opportunity for our group, well at least our ancestors thought so. We had built our own community here and stay up to date with all the new technology with the help of the Enlightened pack.

It was to be said that after the first king won the war with the humans he had divided the alphas’ into their own packs, the alphas’ split the packmates up by their personalities. It was to be said that control and power could be kept over everyone in a more distinct way. I know it sounds weird but that’s how we are grouped and separated to keep some sort of order. There were 8 sectors that included the King’s pack. I myself resided in the Vehement pack along with my family of course.

Here the wolves were very passionate and intense. My packmates often held many heated discussions that my alpha sometimes have to step into to calm them down. Though we get along with each other pretty well you don’t even want to get me started on the protection around here. You couldn’t even take a trip to another pack without the pack being stressed out. All I can say is it’s very intense here when it comes to protection. Though I am grateful because it only shows the deep concern that runs through the pack.

“Aella if you can focus on what’s happening now and not the conversation you’re having with yourself that would be very much appreciated.”

Elenor’s annoying voice always seemed to interrupt my precious thoughts. I didn’t even have the energy to argue with her so I kept my eyes forward making sure not to trip over myself. The warm air gave hint to the fall that seemed to be approaching faster than usual. Father said it’s because of all the things humans are doing to the earth. Sometimes it makes my blood boil over from the amount of sensitivity they show for the very planet we lived on.

It was foolish of me to ask how far we had to go seeing as I had been with them on this trail many times, only this time Elenor was coming with us because she was of age to finally participate.

“Are you excited Elenor?”

Her features noted differently from what her mouth was saying.

“Absolutely.” Cheery as ever, I couldn’t help but cackle at her misery.

Though I knew it was just nerves taking over, I mean she would do fine and we hoped she’d find her mate. Goddess knows mines refused to show up no matter how much I prayed for them. I always made sure to not discriminate against females if the Goddess did decide to switch up on me. I didn’t mind for either and know that I would be happy with either a male or female.

Once I heard the chirping of others, I knew we had arrived.

Smiling at the passing wolves I could only think of how many ferals laid hidden beneath the smiles they were trying to pass off. All I could see was primal’s smiling in my face and if I was being completely honest my feral was about as close to an inch to showing her teeth to those who get to close to us. I smiled at everyone as though everything was okay though because that’s what you do at events like these.

“Aella how are you?” I was pulled aside by rough hands. My eyes connected with bright forest green eyes and a warm smile. “Rashad!” I wrapped my arms around him tightly as I breathed in the familiar scent of one of my closest friends. I met him back when I was just a small pup when I was first beginning to learn of the feral side of me.

“I’m doing as good as I was yesterday.” Chuckling as he punched my shoulder softly. “I see your moods are still the same?” Shrugging my shoulders, what did he expect? “I mean I’m still the same moody asshole waiting for my mate to come to sweep me off my feet.”

Walking side by side as we branched off from my family on a little path in the middle of the many wolves surrounding us. “Well, you never know he can show up today. This is the day when all the packs come together to see the trade of females to males.”

I hope the disgusted look on my face showed how I felt because I didn’t really feel like throwing up to get my point across. “That’s how you want to explain our sacred tradition you pig? You damn well know along with myself how many females wouldn’t mind punching you right in that pretty smile of yours and watching you cry as you held your own teeth in your hands right?”

He stared at me in horror and slight might I say admiration?

“Aella!” I jumped when my father’s voice came into the mix. “Could you keep your threats to yourself and come to stand with your family? You know what that’s not even a question, let’s go!”

I gave a farewell motion to Rashad and followed after my father knowing the tone of his voice left no room for argument. Once standing next to Elenor I noticed that she was sweating. “You okay babes?” I asked and she nodded her head a bit too quickly for comfort. “Just try to relax love. I’m sure your mate is here somewhere.” She glared at me. “I haven’t seen yours anywhere!”

Ouch, I could admit that one hurt a bit as I turned my attention back to the center of attention deciding to not respond to her hurt comment. I stared at the many faces that stared back at us. Since we were apart of the high ranking family means we were to stand with the Alpha and Gamma family. I kept my head up though and back straight so I wouldn’t give away anything other than prestige and confidence.

“I know you all are excited about the trade but you guys will have to hold your horses until the actual ceremony starts!” Alpha Andrew voice was strong and solid as the wolves paid their undivided attention to him. I couldn’t help but admire the complete control Alpha Andrew had over his pack. He turned towards Luna Milan and smiled as he grabbed her hand brought her closer to him.

The love they showed to us was simply enthralling and made my heart hurt knowing that I still haven’t found my mate to share the intimacy they showed to us. My face was hard as I scanned over the pack mates seeing if one of them was my mate but again I was left with the feeling of defeat. I continued to do this over and over again at each one hoping my mate would finally pop up but it was always the same.

“Beta born Aella Windsor could you step forward please.” Once hearing my name I stepped up to the platform and stared at the ferals that smiled underneath the human skins. My feral rose to the challenge that vibrated in the air as she looked at the many weak ferals she knew she could take out easily.

“Is there anyone who would like to challenge the first Beta born?” I made eye contact with each wolf and felt content when they looked away first. This was protocol before we could continue, we had to knock out any challenges early so things could run smoothly. Ferals tend to want to make appearances to higher rankings once they found their mates.

They never really went for the highest which was the Alpha, they instead tended to just stick to second and third in command which pertained to me seeing as I had Beta blood in my system. I didn’t mind showing off my skills that I had worked my whole life to obtain.

Once Alpha Andrew had gone through each high ranking member he continued on to the actual ceremony. “Now that we’re over with that part lets make our way to meet up with the rest of the sectors.” With that Alpha Andrew body fluidly shifted from skin to fur as he shook his body out. Giving a strong howl into the air I didn’t wait to follow the order as my feral broke through the thin barrier of my skin and in place was the wild that lurked underneath my conscious.

We took off following closely behind our Alpha towards what we hoped was our future.

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