Things We Should Learn To Leave Behind

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Reina Akame struggles to adapt to the violent changes that have been thrust upon her after the arrest of her mother. “Come on. We’re gonna be late.” The boy, standing at about 5’3 re-entered the room and took a seat on the edge of the bed, across from the dresser covered in some blend of dust, clothing, and trophies topped with small gold figures of people running. Just above the dresser, a multitude of papers were haphazardly taped up, as if trying to preserve something in a hurry, but not caring enough to go back later to ensure the product turned out well. The papers taped up were some messy combination of photographs of the boy alongside a girl topped with a mess of brown and hot pink highlights and what looked to be drawings that had been hastily ripped out of a notebook. As if desperately trying to get them on their own before time ran out. The boy struggled to pull his baggy blue shirt down and moved a hand to check the plaster covering his left cheek, just under his soft chocolate eyes. After ensuring that the plaster was still secure, he shifted his gaze back to the girl still lying face-down on the hot pink sheets of the bed. “C’mon, Reina.” “Ugh.” The girl, lying down at nearly 5’1 groaned with an annoyance that refused to be held back, even slightly. Her harsh hazelnut eyes blinked

Drama / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Come on. We’re gonna be late.” The boy, standing at about 5’3 re-entered the room and took a seat on the edge of the bed, across from the dresser covered in some blend of dust, clothing, and trophies topped with small gold figures of people running. Just above the dresser, a multitude of papers was haphazardly taped up, as if trying to preserve something in a hurry, but not caring enough to go back later to ensure the product turned out well. The papers taped up were some messy combination of photographs of the boy alongside a girl topped with a mess of brown and hot pink highlights and what looked to be drawings that had been hastily ripped out of a notebook. As if desperately trying to get them on their own before time ran out.

The boy struggled to pull his baggy blue shirt down and moved a hand to check the plaster covering his left cheek, just under his soft chocolate eyes. After ensuring that the plaster was still secure, he shifted his gaze back to the girl still lying face-down on the hot pink sheets of the bed. “C’mon, Reina.”

“Ugh.” The girl, lying down at nearly 5’1 groaned with an annoyance that refused to be held back, even slightly. Her harsh hazelnut eyes blinked themselves open. She grunted and shifted to regain comfort and lifted a hand to push the mop of soft chestnut and hot pink that was her hair away from her face. She blinked up at her friend, face half-hidden by the massive purple pajama shirt covering her abdomen, only somewhat matching the light pink pants worn around her legs. “I don’t care.”

“Yes, you do. Come on.”




“Do you want Mr. Kazehaya to yell at you? Do you want to get kicked off the track team?” He teased, moving to push a few strands of hair away from her face.

“Coach won’t kick me off just for being late on a Monday when I’ve so clearly had a horrible weekend full of awful pain and turmoil.” She turned over. “And you won’t get in trouble because all the teachers know that you’d never abandon me. They know where I am and where you are, and that means that whatever excuse I have for being late is also your excuse for being late. And if my excuse for being late is that I had a shitty weekend full of pain and turmoil, then your excuse for being late is that your idiot of a best friend had a shitty weekend full of pain and turmoil and has called upon you to stay with her.” She opened one eye. “I think that’s a pretty good excuse, don’t you?”

He sighed. “C’mon, Reina. I thought you were happy about it.”

“I am. But I’m allowed to take advantage of a great situation to get some time off from school aren’t I?” She raised her head and groaned at him. “How are you feeling anyway? Are you even gonna think about yourself?” She narrowed her eyes. “We need to go see Doc?”

“No. I’ve been here all weekend, haven’t I?” He smiled. “If anyone had tried to touch me I’m pretty sure you’d have killed them.” He laughed and then came to a total halt. “That’s not funny, is it?”

“No.” She looked up at him. “Your humor is stupid and you should just let me sleep.” She face-planted on the bed before reaching out and wrapping her arms around his torso. “You should just let me go back to sleep. My dad probably already made breakfast so who cares? Just yell at him to bring it up. He probably will, you know.” She groaned again. “He’s being weirdly nice to me. I wish he would just cut it out and go back to being cold and callous like he always is, you know?”

“Well it’s good that he’s worried, isn’t it?” He blinks, moving to run a hand through her hair. “I mean, I know you’re not used to it, but it’s better than him just being cold right now. Isn’t it?”

“No. As happy and whatever as I am, I’d so much rather everything just be normal.” She groaned. “Even you’ve been acting different around me all weekend. Knock it off.”

“No, I haven’t!” He was quick to snap back and look down at her in near disbelief. “Why would you think that?”

“Cause you’re not dragging me out of bed, you’re letting me cling to you like a fucking monkey, and you’re running a hand through my hair like a boyfriend whose girl just had a panic attack and can’t calm down.” She raised her eyebrow up at him. “You’re not even a boyfriend, Rin, why are you acting like mine?”

“Oh like you’d know what it’s like to have a boyfriend.” He stuck his tongue out at the girl with her face still buried into his stomach and continued to run a hand through the roots of her hair with a gentle precision that he could practically feel lessening the tension in her shoulders. “Happy my foot. You’re practically a brick wall of tension.”

“Did you really say, ‘happy my foot’? What are you a grandpa? Or are you secretly my dad? Or maybe you’re just a really weird proper guy who doesn’t know how to converse with other human beings. Is that it?” She looked up at him with a teasing stare and half-hearted smile plastered over her lips. “Cause you’re literally the only person I’ve ever heard say that un-ironically, you moron.”

“Well, I have a reputation to maintain as the youngest grandpa in history.” He laughed and moved to wrap the pink ends of her hair around his fingers and move his other hand to rub comforting circles into her back. “Maybe the best young grandpa fake boyfriend in history too.”

“Rin, you’re acting like I just had a nightmare or a panic attack or something.” She groaned. “Knock it off. It’s annoying. I’m fine. I told you, I’m happy. I don’t need anyone to comfort me or be nice to me or act different around me or whatever.” She sighed. “It’ll just make it even less triumphant than it already is. I’m finally rid of her. Now’s a time to celebrate!” She flipped over, keeping her head in his lap, and thrust a fist into the air, barely missing his face.

He laughed and poked her cheek. “Okay, sleepy-head. It’s definitely time to get the heck up now. Cause if you don’t there’s literally no way that we’ll get to school on time, and I’m way more likely to get in trouble if we’re late than you are. And Hideki can’t cover for me forever. So we should really hurry up.”

“Can we just skip today?” She groaned. “Mr. Kazehaya won’t be mad and my dad can send a note to your teacher that you’re not feeling well or something. Or you can just text Hideki to tell him or something. I dunno. Just don’t go to school. I wanna sleep.”

“Are you really not feeling well or are you just trying to take advantage of how everyone’s gonna feel bad for you?” He sighed, gently rubbing his knuckles into her shoulder-blades.

“They’re gonna all be pitying me.” She mumbled. “Everyone stares at us enough anyway, with Daichi and Hideki being all lovey-dovey every damn second and you always having… stuff on your face and me having pink hair and glaring at everyone who comes near us and now they’re just gonna be pitying me.” She clenched her fists. “It’s like the last thing she’s giving me is just making every single day of my life without her just a little bit worse. She’s just fucking everything up, just like always.”

“Hey hey hey,” he started rubbing the sides of her head. “She’s not around to mess anything up anymore, is she? It’s okay. Everything will blow over and then it will all be better.”

“What the hell are you doing?” She narrowed her eyes and looked up at him. “Knock it off. You trying to be the Doc or something? You’re acting like my therapist.” She sat up, turning to face him again. “That’s what I mean. Even you’re acting different. Like you think I’ll break if you say the wrong thing or some shit. I won’t. I’m fine. Just treat me like normal.”

“I’m not trying to act differently.” He looked down. “I don’t know. I know you hate her… but…” He bit his lip. “She’s still your mom. And you know… she was still in your life for so long and…”

“She’s not gone forever. Probably like five years at the most. I don’t know. I didn’t go to the trial.” She looked up. “Dad did. We could ask him how long she’s gonna be gone. He only went because he had to. You know he wasn’t even on her side?” She looked at him with a smile. “How fucked up is that? Her own husband didn’t even wanna stand up for her. Her own husband was only there to testify against her!”


“They asked me to testify too you know. Well Dad did. But I didn’t want to.” She rubbed her hands together. “I mean my testimony wouldn’t have really changed anything. She’d still be guilty whether I was there to say it or not.” She rocked back just a bit and looked up at the ceiling.

Rin looked over her with creased brows full of concern. “If you really don’t feel well, I guess we can stay home.” He leaned over, grabbing his phone from the table beside the bed. “My dad’s probably still at work, your dad’s downstairs. Think he’ll mind?”

“No. I told you he’s been weirdly nice to me. It’s annoying.” She looked back at him. “Who are you texting?”

“No one.” He was in fact texting someone. “Just Hideki and Daichi. If they’re not already at school, I figured they might want to come over. It’ll be nice to all have a day together. We haven’t hung out together in a while, you know.” He smiled at her. “And if they’re already at school then they can come over once it’s done.”

She groaned. “I didn’t ask you to do that.” She dropped to her side and slammed her eyelids closed. “I’d rather it just be us all day. I guess Dad too. He told me he’s gonna take the next two weeks off. ‘For my sake’ or whatever. He’s being so WEIRD Rin!” She threw her hands up. “He’s acting like I’m made of glass or some shit! That or her being gone just affects him that much.” She sighed. “I just want everything to be normal.”

“That’s not gonna happen anytime soon.” He frowned. “Daichi says they’re on their way. He’s getting Ms. Tsukiyama to write up an excuse for them.”

“You could just call her Ms. Nori. Or Detective Nori. Or Detective Tsukiyama. Why do you have to make her sound like a mom?” A smile came over her face. “She acts like one but that doesn’t make her one. At least she’s kinda fun to have around.” She rolled over to stare up at the ceiling.

“It’s called respecting your elders, Reina.” He teased and leaned over to poke her cheek. “It’s something us teenagers are supposed to do, you know. Have respect for our elders. And I think Ms. Tsukiyama is pretty deserving of our respect.”

“I think she and the Doc would get along.” Reina moved to push his hand away from her face.

“Why’s that?”

“I dunno. Something about her just makes me think he’d like her. And she’d like him back.” She rolled back onto her stomach and propped her face up on her hands. “I mean Daichi loves him and he loves Daichi, right? And Detective Tsukiyama isn’t that different from Daichi in her personality and all that.”

“Agree to disagree on the personality thing.” He raised his hand as if they were seated in a classroom. “Ms. Tsukiyama is way more together than Daichi could ever hope to be. She’s more mature, she’s got her life together, she’s a little nosy but not too nosy, and she wouldn’t be all over her boyfriend in public. At least I don’t think so. I’ve never seen Ms. Tsukiyama with a boyfriend.”

“Okay but like half of those things are just Detective Tsukiyama being an adult instead of a 17-year-old.” A smile broke out over her face. “Actually, you’re right. The Doc isn’t interested in people who act like adults. Maybe he’d be more interested in Ms. Fukunaga.”

“Would you really want to set Doc up with Ms. Fukunaga of all people?” Rin raised an eyebrow as a smirk overtook his face. “I thought your dad was into her.”

“My dad would never do that. He loves my mom. Even if she is a grade-a bitch, he stands by the fact that he loves her.” Reina’s eyes sank and her smile faded. “Makes me wonder why he testified against her. And why he’s being so nice to me all of a sudden.” She moved a hand to rub the hot pink highlights at the end of her hair. “If he loved her so much… he wouldn’t want her to go to jail, right?” She blinked and looked up at her friend. “I mean… if I was in trouble like that… Dad says he loves me too. But if I was in trouble would he testify against me?”

Rin’s mouth opened, then closed, then opened again. “I don’t think so.” He nodded to himself as if satisfied with his own answer. “Because you wouldn’t do something like what your mom did. So your dad would never have any reason to testify against you.” He reached out a hand to pat the top of her head. “Mr. Takao loves you more than anything in the world. I know it.”

“How do you know?” She raised an eyebrow and then blinked as if coming to a realization. “Rin–“

“C’mon. Hideki and Daichi will be here soon. Daichi probably doesn’t care, but I don’t think Hideki would appreciate seeing you in your PJs at like 9 AM.” He laughed. “It doesn’t have to be anything nice or fancy, but you really should put on some real clothes. Maybe that old sweatshirt?” He smirked and pointed to the hot pink sweatshirt that had been lazily tossed onto the head of the bed frame. “It’s comfortable, right?”

“Yeah.” She groaned and sat up, moving to stand from the bed. “But I don’t wanna get dressed!” She whined. “Ughhhhhhh, Rin!” She grabbed the sweatshirt and pouted. “I don’t wanna! Why’d you even invite them!?” She grabbed his arm and pulled him from his sitting position on the bed to push him towards the door. “Go talk to Dad or get breakfast or whatever. I’ll call you or go downstairs. Tell him he needs to make more of whatever he’s making for Hideki and Daichi so they’re not hungry and he doesn’t feel bad.”

“Alright alright.” He laughed as she practically slammed the door closed. She moved to collect a pair of jeans and a plain blue shirt from her drawer and swap the sweaty pajamas hugging her frame for the clean fabrics of more vibrant colors. Then she added the hot pink sweatshirt that she knew should probably be falling apart at this point, but somehow managed to stay together by strings and fibers and attempted stitching by a man who really did not know how to stitch. She really should ask her dad to try and fix his past mistakes.

Once the entire ensemble of exhaustion was together, Reina made her way across the hall and into the bathroom to make an attempt to tame the wild mess of chestnut and hot pink that was her hair. The brush with a deep purple back struggled to even get through one handful of hair without catching at least fifteen different times. There reached a point, somewhere around the seventeenth time through the fifth handful, where Reina just slammed the brush into the edge of the sink and threw open the door to the bathroom.

“RIN!” She shouted down the hall at the top of her lungs. “RIN, CAN YOU HELP ME DO MY HAIR!?” She grabbed the brush from the sink and started down the hall. She thumped down the stairs, step by step, not even waiting for a reply as she entered the dining room to see her friend sitting across from another man.

The taller, older man who sat at 5’8 and had hair that nearly perfectly matched the color of the chestnut part of Reina’s own and his eyes were almost a perfect duplicate of those in her own sockets. Small creases in his skin were clearly visible around his eyes and near his forehead, easily giving away his age as just above 40. The white button-down shirt covering his torso was perfectly pressed and there wasn’t a single wrinkle in his dark-gray dress pants.

“Morning, Dad.” She didn’t spare him a second glance as she held the brush out to Rin. “Can you help me? I can’t get these damn knots out of my hair.” She gestured to the half-wild, half-semi-neat tangle of colors atop her hair.

“Good morning, Reina.” Her father brought a blank, navy blue mug to his lips to take a sip of what had to be coffee. “How are you feeling?” He looked over his daughter and her friend as she slipped into the chair next to that of Rin and turned to let him run the brush through her hair.

“Fine. Rin?” She turned her head slightly, prompting her friend to respond to her father’s question.

“I’m fine.” He beamed a smile towards Mr. Akame. His hands gently glided through Reina’s hair with an almost surgical precision. Picking knots and tangles from the mess without so much as a whimper from the head attached as she simply smiled and leaned into his touch. “Thanks for letting me stay over this weekend, Mr. Takao.” He turned his head to send a beaming smile to Mr. Akame before refocusing on Reina’s hair. “C’mon, Reina, hold still.”

“I am holding still!” She crossed her arms.

“Anytime, Rin.” A small smile came over Mr. Akame’s face as he took another sip of his coffee and lifted his newspaper to turn the page. A headline on the front page managed to catch Reina’s eye as he dropped the paper back to the table.

Top Joins The Bottom: CEO Arrested for Fraud

Reina turns her head and scowled at the clock hanging on the wall between a framed photo someone who Reina was pretty sure was her grandmother and a framed painting that Reina knew her father received from his closest friend that she must of bought with some of the money she got through her known to be less than legal methods. The clock glared back with the knowledge that it was almost 9:30 and that the other two members of their little posse would be arriving soon.

Then there was a knock at the door.

What timing.

“I will get it.” Mr. Akame set his mug down beside his newspaper and moved to stand up. Reina groaned and sat forward, pulling her hair from her friend’s grip. Rin frowned and set the brush down on the table.

“I wasn’t done, you know.” He paused. “I guess it’s enough.” He sighed as he scanned her slightly less messy hair. “It looks sort of presentable at least. More than it was before.” He leaned his elbow on the table and put his head in his hand. “At least it’s Daichi and Hideki. They won’t notice if you’re a mess. You’re always a mess around them.” He smirked.

“Hey! Daichi’s even more of a mess and you know it!” She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Than you? No way in hell.” A snicker came from a voice full of playful glee and maybe just a hit of concern, but no more than a hint. Reina scowled as she leaned back enough for her soft hazel eyes to meet the gray that made up Daichi’s irises. Her eyes briefly ran over the absolute mess of black strands that made up his mop of hair. Standing beside him was a boy about 5 inches taller than his companion. “Sorry to break it to you, Akarei, but you just might be the biggest mess I know. Bigger than Sui!” He spread his arms above his head as if mimicking an explosion. “See this?” He held his arms up in the air. “This represents your life.”

“Daichi, that’s not nice.” The boy beside him, a deep blue scarf much too big for April was oh so carefully wrapped around his neck. It was almost impressive how he managed to pull off that deep blue scarf with the light blue sweater beneath it and the vibrant green shirt visible just beneath it. But that was just what Reina expected from the wannabe fashion designer. “Reina is hosting us after all.” He reached out a hand to pinch the cheek of his companion. “You should at least treat her with respect.” He lightly pulled on the shorter boy’s skin as he smiled at the two seated at the table. “Good morning, guys! How are you feeling? Rin, do you want us all to take you to see Dr. Usui?” Hideki’s eyes quickly shifted from a pleasant expression to one of concern as he looked to Rin. “I know you’ve been with Reina all weekend, but your… you know. Those bandages might be due for a check-up.” He gestured to Rin’s chest. Though no bandages were visible, not one of them was unaware of the second layer of fabric that lay beneath Rin’s baggy blue shirt.

“No, I’m fine.” Rin nearly beamed. “Really, I am. It doesn’t hurt or anything. And Reina has been changing my bandages and making sure that nothing gets infected.” He laughed as he ran a hand through his hair. “We’ll probably go see him later today or tomorrow. He might be busy too. I wouldn’t want to bother him if we don’t have to.”

“You know we’re never a bother to him.” Reina sighed and leaned her chin on the table in front of her. “He’s always pumped to see us. And he’d be pumped to see us if we went now. Even if he was in the middle of operating on a newborn baby, he’d be pumped to see us.” She frowned.

“Is Sui even qualified to operate on a newborn baby?” Daichi had managed to escape the grip of the taller teen and was currently attempting to jam his own fingers into said boy’s stomach and his neck, though the hefty blue scarf was proving to be a significant obstacle. “It’s not relevant, but I mean, is he? I’d think he’d just turn that person away and tell them to go to a real hospital cause he doesn’t wanna end up killin’ em, y’know?” He finally managed to land a hit to Hideki’s stomach, who sucked in his breath, burst into laughter and quickly jumped on top of Daichi, sticking his fingers into Daichi’s stomach and under his arms. Both boys roared with laughter. Rin laughed along with them as Reina rolled her eyes.

“If you two are gonna fuck then please don’t do it on the floor of my living room. I don’t think my dad wants to clean up your mess.” She glared down at them with a deep frown. “I mean, I know you guys can’t ever keep your hands off each other but sometimes ya just gotta chill.” She made a gesture as if signifying waves coming to a halt. “And when you’re on top of each other on your friend’s floor, that’s the time to chill.”

“WE’RE NOT GONNA FUCK!!” Daichi practically squealed, kicking his legs out as Hideki continued his assault on Daichi’s torso. “AKAREI HELP!!!”

“You were asking for it.” She smirked and shifted her gaze to Hideki. “Get him Hide~ I’m cheering for you~!” She giggled. “Just don’t start fucking you perv.”

“YOU TRAITOR! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GAMING DUO!?” Daichi whined as he struggled to fight off his clearly stronger boyfriend. “HOW THE FUCK!? DOES SEWING MAKE YOU STRONG OR SOMETHING, YOU MONSTER!?”

“Heck yeah, it does!” Hideki laughed, pinning the smaller boy to the ground with his knees and tickling fingers. “With all the clothes I’ve made for you, I may as well be the strongest man alive. I’m like Captain America and the Hulk had a kid who actually knows a thing or two about fashion!”

“Hideki, if you’re gonna make references to superheroes, you have to actually watch the movies,” Reina smirked and leaned her head on her hand, propping her elbow up on the table. “You sound ridiculous putting Captain America with anyone other than Bucky, Nat, or Tony.”

“GET OFF SO I CAN AGREE WITH AKAREI!!” Daichi screeched, finally managing to shove Hideki off enough to wiggle out of his prison of laughter. He jumped to his feet, his formerly semi-neat hair (which Hideki must have done for him) was even more of a mess than Reina’s. His once perfectly pressed purple-striped button-down shirt was full of wrinkles and creases. “Anyway, I agree with Akarei. Steve cannot be paired with anyone except Bucky, Nat, and maybe Tony if he gets his shit together. Actually, Sam would be okay too.”

“I literally don’t know what the heck you two are talking about.” Hideki stood and put a hand on Daichi’s shoulder. “But the new one is coming out soon, isn’t it? Into the Spider-Verse or something like that?” He tilted his head in a questioning manner.

Daichi gasped, feigning offense. “My own boyfriend doesn’t even know that Spider-Verse isn’t a part of the MCU!!” He slapped a hand to his forehead “I’m a failure! I’m a failure of a boyfriend! I can’t believe I’ve failed this horribly!” He threw his arms up. “How could I have failed him this horribly!?”

“I dunno.” Reina laughed. “I’ve gotten this one to watch more than half of them with me.” She gestured to Rin with a sing-song tone to her voice. “And he and I aren’t even dating. So if you can’t get your boyfriend to watch them with you then what kind of couple can the two of you really be?” She smirked and moved to elbow the boy sitting in the chair beside hers. “Right, Rin?” She snickered. “We’re way closer than those two morons.”

Rin let out a soft laugh and nodded. “Heck yeah, we are. You two don’t even watch dumb superhero movies together! I’ll bet you don’t even watch Fate together or anything!” He laughed and smiled a smile that made him seem like the most innocent boy in the world.

“Stupid!?” Reina practically shot out of her seat. “STUPID!?” She demanded a second time, storming around the table to stand next to Daichi. “Now, Rin, you yourself said that Homecoming was one of the best movies you’d seen in a long time. And you laughed your ass off at Ragnarok! You don’t think they’re stupid!” She put a hand on Daichi’s shoulder with more force than necessary. “C’mon, Daichi, tell him!” She nearly pushed the shorter boy forward.

“Akarei is right! They’re not stupid! They’re fun and well-made and the effects are really cool! I’ve really got to work on my graphic design abilities…” He brought a hand to his mouth and looked down at the floor by his feet. “If I wanna have any chance at designing a cool video game then I gotta step up my game!”

“Can’t wait to play your demo, Tsudai~” Reina cooed. “Hurry it up. If you don’t make it soon then I’ll just have to die.” She giggled and lightly pushed against Daichi’s shoulder, ignoring the speed at which the smile dropped from Rin’s face and choosing to maintain focus on muscling Daichi into submission. “Got any more detailed plans for it? Story planned out? Got Hideki to help you with character design?”

“Nope.” Daichi looked at her with eyes that asked exactly why Rin’s expression had dropped to the ground so fast and it took a moment for her to remember that the two boys who had just recently entered the living room hadn’t been around her nearly as long as Rin had and certainly had not been around what had to be about four years ago (Reina remembered being 13 when it happened, though Rin always claimed to remember being 14 at the time). “Something wrong, Rin?” Daichi’s question snapped Reina right out of her long train of thought and seemed to do the same to Rin as he nearly snapped his head to attention and a smile returned to his lips.

“Nope. Nothing at all.” His eyes were tight to contradict his relaxed smile. “What made you think that?” He laughed a laugh that Reina was sure even Daichi and Hideki could tell was fake, but neither made an attempt to question it. Reina was silently grateful. That was not a can of worms she wanted to reopen at the moment.

She removed her hand from Daichi’s shoulder and made her way towards the door. “Does anyone wanna watch a movie or something? I know it’s like 10 AM or whatever but that’s Rin’s fault so let’s try to do something fun to defeat Rin’s best efforts.”

“Hey! I want us to have fun!” Rin pouted as he stood from the table to follow after her. She couldn’t help but notice how he stuck closer to her than he normally would have and how he was quick to lean his head against her shoulder as soon as the two of them had settled into the couch, almost exactly the same as how Daichi curled right up in Hideki’s lap the moment the two of them took the spot beside Reina. “What movie are we gonna watch?”

“I dunno.” She turned to look at the other two boys. “What do you guys wanna watch?”

“Something stupid!” Daichi was quick to pipe up.

“I wanted to see that movie about the fashion designer. I think that’s what it was about. I think it was Phantom Thread.” Hideki suggested, gently running a hand through Daichi’s hair. “But that might not be something to watch with a group like this.” He chuckled and sent Reina a knowing glance.

“Hey! What does that mean?” Daichi raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend playfully. “I can watch a serious movie! I just don’t want to!” He crossed his arms, briefly detaching himself from his boyfriend, and puffed out his cheeks as if feigning annoyance.

“No no no,” Hideki laughed. “I meant the two of them.” He leaned closer to Daichi and whispered in a mocking tone. “They’re not serious enough to handle the clothes, Daichi. It’s not about you.” Reina rolled her eyes at the obvious smirk on Hideki’s lips and closed her hand around the remote beside her.

“Ghost in the Shell it is.” Reina clicked the power button as a chorus of protests rang from the boys surrounding her. She smirked. “My apartment, my movies.” She leaned back. “And you two were just bickering over a dress movie, so I reserve the right to pick a movie for you since you can’t do it yourselves.” She smirked and leaned back into the cushions as Rin pouted at her.

“C’mon Reina.” Her friend whined from his place beside her. “We’ve watched that movie so many times that the both of us could probably recite it from memory. They’re on their way to that too.” He gestured to the other two boys. “Let’s watch something we’ve never seen.”

“Ugh, fine.” She groaned in an exaggerated manner. “Action movie? Something fun?” She held the remote forward. “Oh! Let’s watch Hot Fuzz or something like that!” She looked at Rin with somewhat-hopeful eyes. “We’ve only watched that movie once or twice I think, right?”

“I think we only watched it once.” Rin nodded in agreement. “I remember you covering my eyes during it.” He glanced towards the ceiling. “Was it cause of violence? Cause you know I can handle sex in movies.”

“I’m pretty sure it was violence.” She smirked. “If it had been sex, you’d have been covering my eyes.” She snickered and leaned forward a bit to look at Hideki and Daichi. “Does that sound good? Violent hilarious cop movie?”

“Sounds good to me!” Daichi raised an arm, having re-wrapped himself around Hideki. “What about you, Hideki?”

“I’m fine with whatever you guys want to watch.” Hideki had resumed his messing with Daichi’s hair. Somehow his fingers were making the messy strands look more and more presentable the longer he had his hands in them.

“Hot Fuzz it is!” Reina declared triumphantly, clicking a few buttons on the remote until she managed to get the movie onto the screen and settled into the couch cushions, leaning her head on the shoulder of the taller boy beside her as he moved to put an arm around her. She could faintly hear Daichi snickering at what she presumed to be the sight of her and Rin and elected to ignore it. She could punch him in the throat later.

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Kitty: Plot & story are good. Fast paced but much better than the dragging one

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Win: Everything is perfect

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