A Boy and a Girl

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Home is where the heart is

Drama / Romance
Mischa Kelvin
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A Boy and A Girl

Once there was a boy and a girl
The boy is a good friend to the girl
The girl is a charming child
The boy loved her dearly

She was the sunshine of his life
When all he has was full of darkness
Darkness that overcame his life
He is cold and lonely

But one day, a girl came to him
Asking if he was alright
Nobody cares for the boy
Because he is nothing

But the girl doesn’t mind if she gets dirty
All she has done was give her hand to the boy
And smile at him saying, “Come, everything will be alright”
So, he take her hand and go with her

She led him to a place he never seen before
A place where everything is so beautiful
Everything is so peaceful
And she is the center of it

They walk and walk until they stop at the top of the mountain
A mountain where you will see everything
He look up the sky and a full bright stars shining at them
As if smiling and saying, “Don’t worry everything will be alright”

And then he heard a giggling laugh
Then he look to the place where he heard the sound
He found the girl smiling and laughing saying, “Come, follow me, everything will be alright”
So he followed her until she stops

Her back was turned on him
He tries to reach out and ask “What is going on?”
The girl face her and she smiles a full bright smile and say, “I want to set your hearts free”
He is so confused but he can’t help but trust her

“Close your eyes” the girl said so he close his eyes
And there was a bright light
And everything came back to him
The memories of his life flashes behind his eyes

Every heartache and pain
Every wounds inflict on his body
Every bitter words thrown at him
Every person who ignore his agony

Everything came back so fast
He feels nothing but pain
He feels he is in deep pit of darkness
He just want to be free

He just cried with silent tears
He just want to feel loved
It doesn’t matter how small it is
He just want to accept him for who he is

He remembers when he was a kid
He is a happy child with a happy and loving family
Everything is so simple yet they are contented
But everything shatters in just a matter of seconds

A seconds that cost everything he dearly loved to disappeared forever
He is the only one left behind to pick up the pieces of his life
The pieces that everything he cares about
The only memories of his happy life

Now here he lies bleeding and broken and left for a dead
He still wish that before everything ends
He wish to see his loving family once and for all
And then he heard a voice saying, “Open your eyes, everything will be alright”

And then he open his eyes
At first all he sees is a light full of brightness
He tried to cover his eyes
When the light deems to a normal bright

He open his eyes, he couldn’t believe at what he was seeing
He is amazed at what he is seeing
Everything he is dreaming of has been here in front of him
And so he smiles the brightest smile he never dreamed he could be

And there at the center of it is the girl that led him here
To the place where everything that he wish for is here
He could never thank her enough
For there was his family smiling and waiting for him

Home is where the heart is.

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