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He might be her savior but at the same time, her death. With the threat looming above her, her only hope is Michael. She was tossed out of her house like trash at a very early age. And this was done to her by her mother. Living alone in the streets of Lagos, Fola managed to survive. A few years later, she meets Michael. She thinks she has found her savior. But just when things seem to get all alright for her trouble comes and it's one she can't defeat all by herself. Maybe being with Michael isn't such a good idea Michael is an enigma. he's intimidating, fearsome and sometimes gruesome. he practically eats grenades for dinner and sees criminals as a chew toy. After serving in the U.S, Michael came back home to settle. Opening his own security agency, he used his new found skills to help the police dept. and other law enforcement agencies. Criminals are scared of him. they dare not cross his path because he is a force that can not be reckoned with. He meets Fola and falls instantly for her. So how does a girl that has known pain and loneliness all her life be with a guy that eats grenades for dinner? How is she sure that he wouldn't use and throw her out just like her mother.

Drama / Romance
Ochidi Grace
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Getting in.


“Sorry, I didn’t get what you just said, did you say I’m going to your house?” My eyes were on his as he carried me, trying to make sense of the words coming out of his mouth. I mean what am I going to do in his house? A man for that matter, what if he tries to do something to me, who will save me? I can’t defend myself.

″Yep. My house″ he replied, without realizing his words just made me think of so many ways this could go wrong for me.

″Can’t you just drop me off at a hospital, isn’t that better″? I suggested.

“Sorry, I can’t. I said I’ll help you, and I intend to do so”

Oh gosh, I’m in trouble.

We continued to move. With every step we took the pain in my ankle got worse. He noticed the pain on my face, feeling bad about it he said.

“Sorry Fola, I’ll get you home in no time,” then he increased his pace. I sighed out pathetically but this didn’t faze him at all. He was determined to take care of me.

Wait, he said home like it’s our home. Why did he say it like that?


10 minutes later:

We arrived at his house and let me tell you his house is massive. It’s like really huge. Wow, this guy is freaking rich. A slow smile spread across my face as I realized how lucky I am. Hehe, he’s rich.

Michael looked at me, “why are you smiling?”

I was picturing how I’ll soak myself in a hot bathtub and stay there for the rest of my life without the water ever getting cold I didn’t particularly hear him speak to me.

He called my name, “Fola?”

I didn’t respond, I kept smiling, enjoying my explicit daydream.

He called my name again, “Fola?”

I still didn’t hear him.

Next thing I heard was a booming “FOLA!”

“What the....” I said astounded, then I glared at him.

“What?” I asked cheekily. I mean he just took away my daydream, just like that.

“Been calling your name for ages, what? Are you suddenly deaf?”

Still glaring at him, I said,” Is that why you had to shout my name? I’m sure the whole of your neighbors heard you. They’ll be wondering why you’re shouting a girl’s name so late at night”.

Michael looked at me like I had suddenly transformed into bugs bunny.

“It’s not late Fola, its just 8 pm”.

With a stoic look, I said, “Michael it’s late”

He grinned at me “Little one, it’s not late”

At his last comment, I swear my hands were itching to scratch his face off... he just called me little one, sure I’m a bit small for a 21-year-old girl but that doesn’t mean I’m little? This is unacceptable.

In a feisty tone, I said, “don’t call me little one”

His lips twitched at the side, “yes ma”

I rolled my eyes at him then I rolled it back.

He flat out smiled.

We got to the gate of his house. It suddenly dawned on me that I was really cold. Wrapping my arms tighter around his massive shoulders, I tried to get as close as I could, he was warm and I needed warmth.

He noticed it, me shaking like a leaf because of the cold.

“My God Fola you’re freezing. Don’t worry we’re home now”

With one arm he carried me. No joke, one arm. Then he used the other arm to knock on his gate.

My oh my, this guy is strong.

“You’re really strong”. That came out in a shaky whisper.

He looked at me and asked: “what did you say”?

I repeated what I said. “I said you’re really strong”.

“Thanks” he replied.

I smiled a timid smile,” you’re welcome”.

We heard footsteps coming from the other side of his gate. Knowing it was one of his people, we both waited patiently for the gate to be opened. During this moment of silence, I decided to busy myself by checking him out. What? I was bored and cold.

Anyway, I looked at him, well more like studied him. I’m not certain if he noticed me but I think he did because his lips started to do that twitching thing again. I ignored it and kept on looking at him. He had a chiseled face, straight nose, dark on the skin with full eyebrows. While me, on the other hand, I’m petite with short hair and scanty eyebrows but I’m also dark like him.

The gate made a creaky sound meaning someone was about to open it. So I looked expectantly at the gate waiting for it to be opened and it did. A younger version of Michael was revealed and he was cute too, same bushy eyebrows, straight nose but he was a little bit lighter than Michael. He looked about eighteen years old. Hmmm, nice.

Michael walked in not caring about the look of confusion on the younger version of himself. We walked deeper into his compound and let me tell you it is huge. He has cars parked accordingly in rows with beautiful flowers and a big tree at the side of the house. I was in awe. We got to the door of his house and it immediately opened. A slender, grim-looking old man with beards opened the door. He had a slim face, didn’t smile at all even when he greeted Michael and he called him sir. I looked at Michael, turned my eyes back to the grim looking old man, looked back at Michael then again to the old man, then finally back at Michael, they were both staring at me as I looked at them back and forth.

You see there are days where I can be stupid at the same time I can ask silly, obvious questions. Today was the day for my stupidity.

“Are you rich?” I asked stupidly. Michael bent his neck to look at me and said,

“What do you think?″.

I muttered to myself “you’re rich”

We entered the house and all I did was stare with my mouth hanging open. This is the coolest, neatest house I have ever seen. We were standing in a small, short corridor that led to the living room, this corridor had a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, artistic images hanging on each side of the walls with marbles in specific places of the house that I could only see for now and they were black and white marbles.

Wow, he is not only rich, he is super rich.

Wait oh, is it possible for anyone to be this rich? Unless if the person is dangerous. Maybe he is in the mob or an armed robber or a blackmailer, oh my god! Maybe he’s an assassin, assassins are rich. Oh my god!

I need to get out of this house. Looking behind him and seeing the door, I noticed it had some kind of security thing so if I was to escape, the whole house will know. And I don’t think I’ll be able to run fast because of my injured ankle.

I’m so dead... Fola, who send you message ehn?

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