Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 10

“So did you look up any of those Anime shows I told you about?” Axel asked me, it was lunch time and he persisted on sitting with me in the lunch room. Normally I would sit alone and draw idly but like I said, he was very persistent person. I eyed him up and down, some parts of me still thinks that he is just pranking me by wanting to be my friend. I shook my head at his answer, “No, I never got the time to watch them but I will eventually.” I said to him. “Oh. Well you don't have to watch them, but you can also read Manga about it as well. I find it better to read the Manga first before watching the Anime.” he said seriously.

“Manga?” I asked, giving him a weird look.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that you're new to this. Manga is basically Japanese Comics. Usually in order to make an Anime, you write the Manga first and if it gets popular enough you get to make it into an Anime.” He said to me.

“Kinda like what they did with the Harry potter series and the Hunger games over here?” I said to him.

“EXACTLY! Now you're getting it!”

“Well I have one error to tell you about, Axel. I don't speak Japanese much less read it.” I told him jokingly.

Axel rolled his eyes before replying with a smirk. “You do realize that they translate it to English right?”

“Yeah but don't they take out some words and put some new words some where in there? Translations gets lost faster from that.” I said to him questioningly, I couldn't believe I was having this harmless conversation with the most bad ass boy in our school who turns out to be a bit of what he calls an “Otaku” what ever that means.

“yeah, It confused me at first when I read the English version after the Japanese version. But its cultural difference and all, just so long they have the same plot going on, I really don't care about authentic translations.” he said to me while picking at his french fry with distaste. It also shocked me how much passionate about this whole thing as well.

“You speak Japanese?” I said to him incredulously

“Hai, Wastashi was nihongo o hanashimasu” He fluently said to me in what I presumed was in Japanese

“Okay, I don't know what you just said, but I am guessing that it was either a swear word or you saying yes.” I said to him.

He laughed so hard that some students gave him a weird look as they by passed out table.

After a few seconds of him laughing, I started to giggle a little bit as well before I caught myself. I was beginning to feel a little self conscious once I witnessed a few more students starting to look at us with each passing minute. Not soon after I heard Axel stop laughing.

“What you haven't seen two teenage boys talking and laughing before?” He snapped at them, as soon as he said those words all the kids who was staring at us weirdly hastily carried on to what they were doing, even Claide and Jeff who were closer to us showed a bit of fear at Axel's words. When I came to school earlier today, I was dreading of bumping into Claide and Jeff but when I was going to my locker, I saw Claide and Jeff all bruised up and in pain but they still managed to be attentive in school the day. I thought for sure that they would have swamped me the moment I stepped into the school but I was met with nothing from them. I knew that all those bruises and physical pain wasn't from their sports as well, it was inflicted by someone who was in a fight with them and won by the looks of it. I contemplated on who might have done it the whole day but I didn't get an answer until just now. It was Axel. The question was, why did he fight them? From what I've known, They never even bullied him or say two words to him. They mostly picked on kids like me.

The bell rang, dragging me back out of my reverie and into the present.

“Well see you in English I suppose.” Said Axel.

“Yeah, see you there.”

The rest of the classes blurred all together like usual, nothing strange happened other then the fact that I was getting some weird looks from my fellow classmates here and there, but I paid no attention to them as I continued to do what I was doing at the moment which usually consisted of me drawing secretly in my sketchbook. However when I walked into my English class that day, I was met with a weird surprise, while all the other kids were sitting in their usual seats, Axel was sitting RIGHT on my usual seat. The only seat that was available was the one on the right besides him right behind Crai who gave me a sheepish look as if to say sorry, I tried at me. I didn't pay much attention to him as I made may way to the seat behind him. What was I suppose to say anyways? My behavior must have set Axel off because he looked at me and started snickering underneath his breath as I sat down and blushed shyly. The final bell rang and Ms. Brent walked right in, smiling at everyone as she did so.

“Good evening class, I know last Friday I assigned you guys in a group project but today we are not going to be in groups today because I need to continue with the lesson plan.” A few relieved sighs whispered around the room, except there was one small groan of disrepair. I ignored the fact that it came from Axel's direction. What was that dudes problem? He should be glad that he doesn't have to talk to someone like me. Shaking my head slightly, I bent down my neck and took out my sketchbook, secretly sketching away from the teachers eye during most of the lecture. It wasn't until I felt something tap against my desk that I saw that Crai's chair was slightly hitting my desk with a rhythmic sounds. At the right side of me I heard Axel snicker again, probably enjoying the scenario that is unfolding besides him. I blushed even more deeper more from anger than in embarrassment.

The look on my face must have warned Axel because he waved at Crai slightly with his hands. Crai must have received the sign because he finally stopped hitting his chair against my desk and I resumed my sketching while trying not to cry. I don't know why I felt upset because I had a hunch that he was just pranking me to be his friend but it still hurts somehow.

“Hey, are you okay?” he whispered to me. In my peripheral vision, I saw that Crai turned his head and peered at me as well, wondering what I was doing. I ignored the both of them and started to finish what I drew before the class ended.

“Hey, we were just messing with you.” Crai said underneath his breath.

“Yeah, we didn't mean to offend you or anything.” Axel said as well.

I sighed slightly but I continued to ignore the both of them as I drew a slight arch of a edge of someones smile. I then proceeded to drew more and more details on the persons face, the color of the persons eyes, the shaded spots of where the facial shadows lay, and so on.

“Wow you really are good.” Crai said, that pulled me back once more into reality. That was two people that said I was really good at drawing. Which gives me the conclusion that they are both seriously demented. I am not good at this, I suck and I knew it. The only reason why I draw is that way I could escape this horrid world and into my fantasy world where I could be at peace with myself. If that was possible that is.

“See I told you he was!” Axel said to Crai.

I lifted my head a little bit and looked at Crai who shook his head and said, “Yeah, who would have thought that Mr. Quiet over here had so much talent, I mean dang, I wish I was that good.”

Okay, now they are both demented and in need of getting their eyes checked out by an Ophthalmologist. Shaking my head, I once again proceeded to sketch on my drawing.

“What? You don't believe me?” Crai said, sounding a bit hurt by my reaction.

“Add 'Humble' to that list of Hayden's descriptions, Crai. The dude seriously must believe that he is not good. How many list of words do we got total?” Axel said to him.

“So far we got, 'Shy' 'Quiet' 'Studious' 'Nice' and now we got 'Humble' so I believe that's now five.”

“Mr. Steene, am I interrupting your conversation with Mr. Knightly over there?” Ms. Brent said, her tone a slightly authoritative All of the students turned their heads towards us, waiting for some action to unfold. If it was me that she was talking to, I would have died in embarrassment but to both Crai's and Axel's credit, they stood their grounds like warriors.

“No, not at all.” They both said simultaneously

Ms. Brent eyed them a little bit.

“Okay, well please don't do that again. I really do not want to punish you guys and sent you to the detention room seeing as you both obviously have busier lives outside of school as is.” She said before resuming to her lesson. Wow, Ms. Brent is a very nice teacher, way to nice.

Just then the bell just rung, signaling us that it was time to leave.

“Oh, well that's that everyone. See you tomorrow and please work with your partners before the project is due in your spare time!” Ms. Brent said cheerfully to all of us as well all rushed out of the room.

The moment I walked out of the room however, I felt a pair of hands grab my bandaged ones.

“Hey, just were do you think you're going?” Axel said to me.

I was dumbfounded, “Um, home?” I said to him.

Axel shook his head at that answer.

“Not now you are not. Both the girls, Crai and I are going to Moon In The Cup right now. And you are going to come with us.”

“What for? I didn't finish my part of the project yet..” I said to him, hoping that he would let me go and I could make my escape to my house.

“You still have a few more days to to show us. But we are doing this just to, you know, hang out.” Vivian spoke behind Axel, who only nodded at what she said.

“Although you don't have to come if you don't want to, Mr. Quiet guy.” Sasha spoke up next. She folded her arms against her chest and eyed Axel who let go of me and raised his hands in mock surrender.

“Um...” I said unsurely, I thought of the broken picture frame that was my family and the overwhelming nights of me tossing and turning in my bed from that nights incident.

“Sure,” I said to them.


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