Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 11

Moon In The Cup wasn't as crowded as before so it was easier to find a much more comfortable seat. It felt kind of weird to be sitting with them once more and just hang out. I mean we weren't the most compatible group in the world. For instance Sasha and Axel seem to love to rip each others throats out while Crai eyed Vivian every few seconds as she daintily sipped her drink and then there's me, the outcast of the group once more feeling more and more vulnerable.

“So Mr. Quiet I heard from Crai that you are very very good at drawing.” Sasha said in a haughty tone of voice.

“Um....” I said to her, feeling more uncomfortable.

“So what if he is?” Axel said to her defensively.

“Woah take down big dude, I just wanted to know if what Crai said was true.” Sasha shot back at him.

Axel glared at her.

“Well take his word for it.” he said as he munched on his glazed doughnut.

I looked down on my chocolate doughnut that was in between my gloved hands. Axel purchased this doughnut for me once more once he realized again that I didn't have any money on me. I refused for him to give me any more food or to waste more money on me but he persisted once more and I finally gave in but I told him that I have the right to choose which one I wanted which I made sure it was the cheapest thing on there.

“How about you butt out and let Hayden answer my questions for once?” Sasha said to Axel.

“Sash-” Axel started to say but I interrupted

“Well, I don't think I am good. But they say that I am...” I said to her shyly. This girl seriously had a deviant attitude that slightly surpassed Axel's one but I was still able to talk to her without my head being cut off so I guess that was a plus.

“Well there you go. You got your answer from the man himself.” Crai said to her.

“Ohhh I want to see!” Vivian said excitedly.

“Umm sure.” I said to her. I honestly do not know what possessed me to do this but I opened my bag and handed the sketchbook to her. Vivian took the book very carefully in her hands and began to flip through it slowly with Sasha who was craning her neck to see my drawings. I watched their facial reactions closely, expecting them to laugh or make crude jokes about my drawings but what I saw instead was their faces going from curious to what seems like awe. They continued to flip through the sketchbook slowly before they finally reached the middle of the book where I haven't drew yet.

“Wow.” Vivian said to me. The look on her face became one of admiration. Sasha on the other hand....

“Well it is pretty impressive. But it still needs some work.” she said with a slight snide comment. She grabbed the sketchbook out of Vivian's hands, placed it on top of the table and slid it on the table right in front of me. I slightly shrugged my shoulders but I proceeded to place my sketchbook in the bag, thinking that it was the end of the conversation but boy was I wrong.

“Sasha, I swear to god!” Axel snapped at her. Everyone except Sasha and Axel on the table winced in fright from Axel's words.

“What? It's my opinion.” she said defensively.

“Yeah, bu-”

“Dude, just let her go. If she want's to be a class A bitch let her be.” Crai intercepted before blood could be spewed from the two of them.

Axel mumbled his complaints but slumped back in his seat. Sasha yawned as if the whole conversation was one big bore to her. Even though I am no picnic myself, I have to admit, Sasha does seem to have a bit of a bitchy attitude towards everyone but Vivian in the group.

“Come on guys, we are here to hang out and have some fun. Not to start fights or wars.” Vivian said, her tone admitting peace and harmony in her words.

“I think I should leave.” Sasha announced to us.

“But you just got here!”

“Can't we all just move on already?”

“Good bye!”

Sasha narrowed her eyes at Axel who did the same to her before making her departure.

Vivian who was in near tears now, looked at Axel with her watery eyes and said “You're mean! You didn't have to be that way towards her!”

“She was the one being a class A bitch to Hayden. You think that was right for to act that way to him? To anyone of us?” I felt guilt riddle in the deep parts of my stomach with each passing minute I sit here with them. It was my fault that I started this whole fight in the first place, I should have been the one to leave not her and it was also my fault that Axel defended me as well. If it were for me, they would have had the time of their lived today, but no, some how I managed to fuck that up today for all of them.

“Hayden? Are you OK?” Crai asked, worry was evident in his face as he examined me further.

“Oh yeah, um, as a matter of fact. I also need to get going as well. My father might be expecting me home and all.” I lied to them, it wasn't true, my father wasn't expecting me to be home but I had to make up for something for them to believe me.

“Oh.” Axel said, “OK... well see you tomorrow then.” It sounded more like a question then a statement but I slightly nodded at him and made my departure as well. The faster I get out from that place the better.

The walk home was a miserable one. The sky was beginning to darken above me as I continued to walk on my street, not looking at one who might be passing by me. Once I made it to the front of my porch, I opened the door and went inside. As I almost closed the door behind me, it swung out forcibly behind me, making me fall face down to the ground with an oof. I looked to see what might have caused the door to be forced open like this only to be greeted with the hulking shadow of my father peering menacingly down at me.

I scrambled off the floor and stood up with shaking legs beneath my fathers gaze.

The smell of alcohol and weed was stronger now then ever and it was coming off from him. The smell was a bit intoxicating and it gave me a slight headache whenever I did smell it but I tried my best to ignore the disgusting smell as best as I could in fear of my father beating on me immediately.

“Get out of my way, boy.” he said as he roughly pushed me to the side, making me hit my head hard against the wall as he continued to stagger towards the living room. I winced in pain as I slowly got up from that very close encounter with my father and resumed to close the door that he forgot to close behind him.

After that was done, I slowly made my way up the stairs while trying my best not to cry.

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