Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 16

“Dude what happened to you?” Crai yelled out in surprise.

“Well good morning to you too.” I said sarcastically, I placed my hands gingerly on the bandage that wrapped around my head tightly. It was poor quality work, but it had to be done. Axel, Crai and I were at a lunch table in the middle of the school day, It was a big mistake coming to school today but I didn't want to miss any classes, not when finals week is upon us in such an short amount of time.

The reason why no one thought of asking me until now was that I hid it underneath a hat which Crai has in his hands right now. Axel looked rigid while Crai looked quite shocked at the damage that was done to my head.

“Dude, what the fuck happened to you? You need to get to the doctor!” Crai's voice pitched higher and higher with each word and syllable. The more and more he freaked out, dozens of more students looked our way. Once they made contact with me, I heard the whispers pass between them in what I was sure was about to start a rumor about me. Blushing from both embarrassment and anger, I snatched the hat out of Crai's hands with ease and placed it back on my head securely. Honestly, this wasn't the worst blow that I received from my father, so him making a big deal about it wasn't that important. Not to mean anyways.

Axel cracked his knuckles in frustration which made me feel as if he was going to beat on me if I don't confess soon enough at first but I quickly dismissed it seeing as how he never laid one hand on me. Yet. I saw the anger in his eyes as I continued to tell Crai that everything was okay. That I simply just fell over and knocked my head against something. Truth be told, I am not a very graceful walker anyways so I would also get bumps and bruises from walking into people or things by accident.

Crai seemed to miraculously believe my lie but Axel on the other hand was another story. He didn't seem to believe it no matter how many times I tried telling him it was true even though what I was saying was false in the process.

“Well I still think that you should go to the doctor dude.” Crai said to me. He picked at one of his french fries and chewed it in his mouth before speaking once more.

“It looks really really bad that's why.”

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes at that and started to sketch aimlessly in my sketchbook. It was an effort of trying to distract myself of this conversation.

“This is serious, Hayden. You need to go to the doctor.” Axel said. His tone of voice sounded very hard and cold, like the Axel I heard about would use.

“I am fine.”I said slightly defensive. Honestly why does he care? I wasn't worth the effort to fix. Can't he just see that?

Axel's jaw clenched.

“You are not fine. Your fucking head is wrapped into a bloody fucking bandage, your skin is fucking pale like a fucking sheet and you look like you haven't slept in fucking days at a time. You are not fine, Hayden. Something is wrong and you're not telling us!” He slammed his fist against the table. All the noise in the lunchroom stopped, no one dared whispered or took their gazes off of us, it wasn't until Axel noticed this commotion that he finally tried to settle down but failing to do so as I still saw him clench his jaws together. A few moments passed and Axel got up and without saying to words to me, left the building in a hurry. It was then that few of the other students started to talk once more and that everything resumed. Crai looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. I could tell that he didn't want to believe what Axel had just said as well but there was doubt. He opened his mouth once as if to say something but immediately shut it back up again. A few more seconds passed and he finally spoke up once more.

“You know, Axel cares a lot about you.” Crai said to me. The truth in his words caught me off guard. Axel Knightly cared about imperfect me? Why? I tilted my head to the side which was a bit of a mistake because not soon after, I received a short stab of pain coming from my wound but I ignored it.

Crai saw my curiosity on my face. “At first I didn't know why he did, but after meeting getting to know you a bit better I understood why he beaten up Claide and Jeff that day they tried to bully you at the school gates.” He's the one that beaten them up? Because of me? Guilt settled in my stomach at this news, I hated to see someone getting hurt regardless if they are mean to me or not. And besides, what if Axel got into jail because Claide or Jeff decided to bring the cops into this? Or sue him? It would have been my fault because I couldn't defend myself. I looked up at Crai who was busy looking at his phone. Not wanting to bother him, I went back to my drawing until the bell finally rang.

Crai grabbed his tray while I picked up mine and we both departed our separate ways for the time being.

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