Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 17

Students crowded the hallways once more, but instead of their usual chatter they all stopped and stared at me. The feeling was growing uncomfortable as I felt every eye movement correspond with my own. I knew they weren't looking at my head wound because I securely placed the cap on my head, blocking any eavesdroppers who might also get the wrong impression of me and besides, I don't want any more rumors that might start as well.

It felt strange though, having not to hear a single word or sound coming off from them, not even the sounds of their breathing resignated in the hallways that enveloped around us. Every movement that I make, every breath that I take, makes me feel as if I was being studied on. It wasn't until the warning bell rang that the hypnotic spell that casted over the students was broken and they resumed their daily routines if a bit more slower then usual that I finally led out a breath of ease. Despite feeling a bit unease and a bit woozy, I walked a little bit faster towards my next class not wanting to be the center of attention again. Once I got to my English class I couldn't help but feel that something was amiss in there. The feeling seemed a bit off for some strange reason that I couldn't even explain, only that I just some how knew that something bad was going to happen in here, particularly me. I shook off that feeling thinking that maybe it was just paranoia and made my way to sit right behind Crai like I have been doing for the past few days now.

I snuck a glance at Axel who payed me no mind at all as he continued to text rapidly on his phone. I shrugged my shoulders as I sat down on my seat and opened up my bag only to grab my usual sketchbook and began to draw again. I was finishing up on putting details on my black cat that I was drawing when I heard the usual bustling of Ms. Brent come in and began to get the class in order.

“Okay class.” Ms. Brent said to the all of us. She didn't sound like her usual happy perky self who would always greet us with smiles but today was different, she looks rather... sad and unhappy for some reason to the point where I hoped that everything in her personal life was doing OK. “I will be handing you these hand outs about what is expected to be on the final exams. I also want you to write a three page essay based on either the Dragons point of view or Grendel's point of view in the story of Beowulf which will be due in two weeks from now. But for today, I want you to get a bit of a head start and write a small outline about what you are going to write in that essay. If you do not know how to write an outline of that story you would find it on page two of the handouts I am giving you.”

Ms. Brent walked around the class room handing each one of us the paper, she walked briskly as she did this, it wasn't until she walked up to me that she bent down to my level and requested to speak with me outside of the classroom.

I felt hesitant and I wanted to say no to her at first but there was something in her eyes that told me not to. I nodded my consent and followed her outside while I followed her, I noticed in my peripheral vision that Axel was smirking.

Once we were outside, the teacher closed the class room door and turned to me.

Her eyes were even more filled with worry but what made my stomach knot is what she was going to say.

“Hayden, I have a concern. Some one in the class room told me that something is wrong with you and that you refused to reach out to them. They think that something is bothering you.”

I bit my lip. Even though the teacher was trying to make the person anonymous, I knew who ratted me out. There was only two people that I knew would do this and it was either Crai or Axel but seeing as Axel left a tad bit earlier than Crai, I had a speculation that the person who told her this was Axel. The timing was just too perfect not to blame him.

“Hayden, please look at me.” Ms. Brent said as she placed her hand on top of my shoulder.

I looked at her a brief second before I casted my eyes down at the ground once more. “Hayden, Please don't think that this person was giving you harm by telling me. That person was just concern of you and wanted others to know that there is something not right going on with you. They were trying to look out for your best interest not being nosy. What is bothering you?” She said to me.

“Nothing.” I lied to her, I hated lying but I didn't want to tell her a thing about what was going on at home, not to her or to anyone else in the whole world. “School, is just getting harder and harder for me is all with finals coming up and about in some of the other classes I got.” The lies kept on flowing out of my mouth like smooth silk. That's the thing about lying, I suppose, once you start it, It becomes bigger and better compared to the horrendous truth behind it.

Ms. Brent looked more relieved as I continued to lie to her. It made me feel even more and more guilty but if it makes her feel more comfortable I'm going to have to lie better than the truth anyways. "oh okay then" she said, still worry clouded her eyes. I still don't get why people are still worried about me I'm not worth it why can't Axel and Crai see it or the teacher for that matter. After a while silence coming from both ends, I decided to immediately break it before it got more awkward. " okay," I said, "is it alright if I go back inside the class?"

" yeah sure" she said uncertainty masked her voice. I hitched my backpack, and made my way back inside. Just as I was about to enter once more, the teacher called out behind me.

“Just one more thing, Hayden. You are not suppose to wear a hat in the classroom.” She said authoritatively.

Shit out of all the days she decided to be authoritative now she decides to do it today of all days? I panicked for a little while before another lie slipped through my mouth, “Um never mind, I need to use the bathroom.” tried to pass it off as casual but I don't know if it worked. Besides I knew I was pressing my luck with her but I had to try to evade this situation as much as possible. I heard a deep sigh behind me before she spoke once more. “Okay, but hurry back.” Ms. Brent sounded utterly defeated like she didn't know what to do with me anymore. I couldn't blame her though, I was unfixable.

As soon as I heard the classroom door close right behind me, I made a beeline out of the schools front gates. I didn't want to be there anymore, it was a mistake having to be going there anyways today. Running and panting, I felt my back pack hit against my back as I continued to run farther and farther away from that dreadful place and all of the people that inhabited there. Why couldn't Axel and Crai see that I didn't need any help at all? That I deserved what I get from my father. I am unfixable, a mistake, a NOTHING. I knew I was so why didn't they accept it?

As I ran, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, which was probably why I felt something hit me at full force, making me go airborne before landing on the black pavement ground below me. Pain that I never felt before, spread against my whole left side of my body. The last thing that I remembered was people screaming bloody murder before I passed out into the painful abyss of the darkness.

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