Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 19

A whole week went by and I was still at the hospital room that I woke up to a week earlier. I was reading the Catcher in the rye that Axel was kind enough to let me borrow after I told him I haven't read that book that he suggested to me. I just started last night but I was at the part where the main character was in a hotel room when I heard a faint knock coming from my door before it opened revealing a doctor that had been in charge of taking care of me.

His name was doctor Holt. He came in with his usual white coat and clip board along with a pen and would often scribble down something on there once I answered all of his questions pertaining to my physical health which I a difficult time telling considering I don't like complaining to others about something that is bothering me even though he is a doctor and its his job to do this.

“Okay, there Hayden. I need you to answer all of these questions again as truthfully as possible.” he said to me in a soft voice. That's another thing about him, he was a kindred spirit.

“okay.” I said nervously as I placed the book I was holding down so that way he knows that he had my full and undivided attention.

“Okay, well before we start I need you to know that unlike the other questions I asked you is completely different from these ones that I am going to ask you today. So its very important that you do answer them truthfully. Understand?” Dr. Holt said as he sat down the chair right next to me.

“Um sure.” I said to him even more nervously and less enthusiastically.

His gaze studied me for a bit before he began the process of asking those questions.

“Do you enough to eat at home?” He asked me, pen hovering above the page, ready to write down whatever I said.

That question threw me for loop because no one asked me that kind of question before, quite frankly no one even thought about that until just now.

“Uh, yeah, I do.” I said.

The doctor looked at me skeptically.

“Hayden, you are awfully under weight.” Dr. Holt said.

“It's genetic. My mother and her family had it. It got passed down to me.” I said. I read somewhere that a parents metabolism trait could pass down to their future generations to come if that child was lucky enough that is. I also read that people with a high percent of metabolisms could burn off a lot of fat faster within an hour from eating which is why they are constantly hungry and skinny at the same time. It is a trait that is both a blessing and a curse in my opinion because no matter how much I do have food in front of my face, I would always burn it off and manage to get hungry again without having to exercise.

“How is your relationship with your family members.” Dr. Holt said.

I clenched my jaw together momentarily before I pressed on. “Well it's just my father and I. We get along pretty well I guess.” I lied as I heard the faint scribble scrabble of paper being written on.

“And your mother?” Dr. Holt asked.

That was a painful question as the last one but I still continued to press forward.

“Well we had a good relationship.” I said.


“She died, a long time ago.” I said to him in a whisper, hoping that he would get the hint and drop it already. Talking about her death to a person that she never met or I hardly knew made it difficult for me to talk about. Dr. Holt winced a little bit but during his years of doing his job, he never said those words that Sasha said to me when she discovered about her death much to his credit. He pursued on to the questions.

“Does your father work by any chance?” He asked.

“Yeah,” that part was at the least to my knowledge, the truth. He did have a job working at the college school as a couch for their foot ball team but I have no clue if he did that anymore.

“Well we tried to contact him for the past couple of days but we can't seem to be able to get through to him at all, do you have any other family members that we could try to contact?”

I thought about that question, I knew I had a few relatives from my father side but they all lived in a different states that were very far from here. As for my mother, she never told me about her family nor I haven't met any of them in my life so I couldn't say that they would have any contacts with us or any news about me being in this infernal place.

“No, unfortunately not.” I said to him. This one was the most truthful out of all the answers that I have given to him. Before he could utter another word, another knock echoed the room that we were in.

It was coming from outside of my door. Dr. Holt sighed but stood up with his clipboard tucked underneath one of his arms and walked towards the door to answer it. Once opened, he peered outside talking to whomever was out there with him.

“He seems to hesitate when he answers to me.” Dr. Holt said.

I tried to crane my ears to who ever he was talking to but I couldn't make sense to what the other person had said. Whoever he was speaking to, was obviously not wanting me to over hear what they were saying to him at all. After awhile of Dr. Holt talking to the mysterious person behind the door, he finally let that person in. The person was a short woman, her soft green eyes reminded me of my mother but that was the only thing that I personally notice about this woman that was striking. Other then that, she looked rather plain.

“Hello there Hayden.” The woman said to me in a kind voice. I nodded my head to her, “Hi.” I said uncertainly.

“Hayden, this is Mrs. Venze. She will be asking you some more questions while I take care of my other patients okay?” he said, the tone in his voice sounded as if he felt bad that he was leaving me. I didn't blame him though because he was doing an impossible task of fixing something that was meant not to be fixed in the first place.

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