Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 21

“Well, looks like I should leave.” Axel said as he began to pack up his stuff and placed them all under his arm. He took a look over his shoulder before he left though, the way he sounded and looked made me think that it wasn't in his best interest to leave me at all but the nurse light pushed him out of the door without saying a word and closed the door behind him.

Dr. Holt then proceeded to unhook some of the things that were attached to my left arm while the nurse took care of getting me my clothes. “Also I notified your social worker that your father is coming to get you not too long ago, in fact she is outside talking to your father right about now.” He said. More images of my father coming here in a drunken state filled my mind as I began to process Dr. Holt's words carefully and slowly.

“That's great.” I gave him a fake smile. “So I could be released then right?”

Dr. Holt nodded his head slightly, “Yes you could be discharged today but not unless your father signed you out of here. And besides, I need to talk to the both of you in here alone.”

I gulped, this could not be good. For starters, what if I said something that made my dad automatically beat me up front of this nice doctor here? Or in front of the social worker? Would he be automatically go to jail? Not to mention to the fact of what might happen to me if that did happen. All these complications and questions led me no where. After Dr. Holt took care of me, I heard a door open slightly, only to have another nurse open the door but that's not what really got my attention, what really got my attention was the voice that spoke behind her.

“Is this his room?” The deep voice whispered to the other nurse. She looked at me up and down and turned to whomever it was that was talking to her. “Yes it is.” With that, she stepped back outside in the hallway for the unknown person to get through.

The man that stumbled into the room was not my father that I knew for the past six years. His eyes swept nervously around him until they rested onto me, his face was gaunt as if he hadn't slept for a whole week but the moment that he saw me, he rushed towards me faster then I could blink.

“HAYDEN!”He shouted my name. I felt his huge arms wrapped around me securely as if he was scared that somebody was going to take me away again, absently I smelled the faint traces of alcohol on him, it wasn't as much as I was use to but still I was a bit on my guard. After awhile of him hugging me, he loosened his hold on me, not a lot but a little bit to the point where both him and I were face to face. “Hayden, what happened to you? They gave me a voice recorder but the moment they told me you where in the hospital I booked it to the door.” I didn't want to say anything. I only wanted him to just hold me like he used to. After years of him hitting me and cutting me down, I begged to whatever deity out there that might be pulling this on me today to listen to what I am saying now, that I really and truly missed this kind of father compared to the one that was abusive to me.

“Mr. Rye?” Dr. Holt said behind him. My father turned to the doctor with his arms still on me, making sure that the Doctor knows that he was at full attention to what he was going to say to him.

“Yes?” He said to him.

“It seemed that your son had a much bigger injury then we originally thought.” Dr. Holt began.

I glanced at my father, who's face became more associated to that of worry. It was a look that never seen my father bear in my short amount of life that I had on earth.

“What do you mean?” My fathers voice choked out to him.

The doctor fiddled with his wrist watch before replying to my father once more. “He has injuries that wasn't caused by the accident.” Dr. Holt said, he paused for a moment and continued on. “He had a severe head gash and huge rupture on the Anal captivity to a point where it could have lead to internal bleeding.”

I blushed a huge deep red to the point where I bet I looked like one of those Air head candies after he said that to my father. “Another thing that concerns me is that your son is extremely underweight for someone his age and-”

“I told you people, it genetic. Like I said I have trouble using the bathroom and my body can't hold fat or muscle for long periods of time as for the head wound, I am a very clumsy person.” I said.

Dr. Holt turned to my father, “Is it true?”

My father who was still in complete shock, got out back to reality and looked at the doctor. “Is what true?”

“Does your son have a history of knocking into things, and a medical history of high metabolism and bathroom issues?”

My father turned his face towards my direction but he wasn't looking at me, he was looking at the floor. “Not that I could remember...” he said in a thoughtful tone. My heart beat sped up so fast to a point where I was glad that they unhooked me from the heart monitor. Dr. Holt sighed a little bit, “Well I think it would be best if Hayden would visit us once a week so we could do these check ups on his health, do you agree?”

My father nodded, “Yes sure.” he said.

“Perfect. If it's alright can we set the appointment up at four on Fridays?” Dr. Holt said, he had a pen and paper in his hands writing something on top of it.

“That's fine.” my father said in a distant tone of voice.

I clutched to my fathers arm more securely, hoping that he would snap out on whatever lala land that he was in, after awhile of him being in there for so long I wanted him to stay with me in the real world.

Dr. Holt handed my father two pieces of papers. “One of the papers is a prescription for his head wound and stomach aliment while the other one is the release form that you can sign and turn it in to the front desk when you leave. One of the receptionist would also call you to remind you of your appointment as well.” Dr. Holt said.

My father took the papers from the doctor and began to sign them without a word to him, which left me unsheilded from his hug and warmth even though I still clung to his upper right arm as he wrote.

“Well Hayden, I will see you next Friday.” Dr. Holt said before he left. After he left, my father finished his signing and looked at me. The look in his eyes still looked distant but only for a short while. “Have you been getting into fights?” he asked automatically. I shook my head. “No, I haven't.” I said to him, trying to sound reassuringly which wasn't true of course because Claide and Jeff had been bullying me over the past few years, not to mention that he also contributed to the bullying himself but I didn't want to throw that in his face.

Not now, not ever.

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