Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 25

“Hello there Hayden, I didn't know you were going to be here early.” Said Dr. Holt. He looked more tired then the last time that I had seen him. His once vibrant face has gone a little bit pale as well. I guess taking care of patients is a really hard thing to do when you are a doctor but then again, I really wouldn't know. It didn't took him long to come over here once he learned that my father and I were at the office for the check up as well which I was very thankful for because I really didn't want to stay in this hospital longer then I wanted to.

Dr. Holt wrote something on the clip board that he had for a bit before placing it down on the counter right next to him. I was seated uncomfortably on the usual patient bed that was facing him. Dr. Holt then proceeded to come closer to me and began to access the damage on my head and the other bandages on my body. After a few minutes of him observing the wounds, he stepped back away from me and then walked over to the cabinets which harbored some strange equipment. His back was towards me so I didn't know what sorts of things he was getting in there to help me in my situation.

All I hoped was that it better not involve any needles. My father on the other hand was situated on the visitors chair right next to me. His face didn't give any thing to what he was thinking at the moment, all he did was look at the doctor who was preoccupied with whatever he was doing to get ready to take care of what ever is wrong with me.

“OK, Hayden. Since it has been a week, I am going to have to change your bandages for you. And after that we can check your rectum then proceed to the X-rays and you are free to go.” Dr. Holt said to me as if we were talking about how to bake cookies.

“Okay.” I said nervously.

Dr. Holt turned around just then with a thick bandage wrap and some thick tube that was the color of white. He placed the things right next to me and then proceeded to unwrap the bandages carefully. I tried not to wince in pain knowing that my father was watching every since move that both the doctor and I took. I did not want to give him another reason of him calling me a pansy for not being a man and deal with the pain. Not today. I wanted to make him proud and if this is how it was going to be then so be it. I gritted my teeth as the doctor continued to unwrap the bloody appendage that was on my head and threw it away when he was done. Dr. Holt then began to put the creamy ointment on my head which gave me some relief form the pain and then proceeded to wrap it up once more.

“Hayden, do you want your father here when we do the rectum exam or not?” Dr. Holt asked me. Before I could answer however my father spoke.

“Why are you asking him such things? I am the parent, shouldn't I make the decisions?” he said authoritatively. I slightly cringed at what my father said. “Mr. Rye. I believe that every child has the right to be asked if they want their parents stay outside of the more personal examinations due to being uncomfortable when they are around them. It is also important to remind both the child and the parent that the child as the right to say something that concerns their body and that their body is theirs and theirs alone. So with that said, Hayden,” Dr. Holt said to me. “Do you want your father to be in here or not during the exam?” From the corner of my eye, I seen my father clench his jaw together in anger that he his authority was being put to the test. I looked at the doctor, and replied. “I don't want him in here. Sorry.” because the more I thought about what the doctor said to my dad, the more it seemed to make sense. This is my body and not his whether he liked that or not.

After I made my decision, my father got up and made his way out of the room and closed the door behind him. “Hayden, you need to lay down on your side with your back facing me on the bed OK?” He told me. I did as he complied. The moment that I laid down, he spoke once more.

“Okay, Hayden. I am going to do this.” He warned me, I nodded my head stating that I was ready and tried to mentally prepare myself for the possible pain that he might do to me.

All I felt was a slight movement in my bottom area and a slight pain but that was bearable which only took another couple of seconds before Dr. Holt said “Done.”

I turned my head around and peered over my shoulder at him.

“That was quick. What did you do?” I said asked.

The doctor laughed a bit. “Well all I had to do was take a swab of the irritated tissue and to make sure that there was no swelling in the rectum area.” He said informatively.

“Oh.” I said lamely, it was kinda interesting to know some procedures of medical things such as this.

“Yup. So now all is left is the X-Ray examination and then you're free to go until next Friday.” Dr. Holt said to me as he reached his hand towards me. I accepted his hand and he gently pulled me up from the bed and let go when I was on my two feet. “Now if you please follow me to the X-Ray room we will begin the process.”

I did as I was told and followed him out of the room and into the much busier hallway of the hospital. I half expected my father to be right behind the door, waiting for us to let him back in but by the looks of it, he was no where in sight.

Dr. Holt lead me to a room that was farther down the hallway. Once we both stepped inside the small room, he flicked on the fluorescent light and the room brightened instantly. It was a plain small room, with only one chair that was stationed right next to me. There was also a weird but small machine that hovered over it as well which I presumed that it was the X-Ray.

“Okay Hayden, if you would please sit down over here.” He gestured to the small chair. Feeling a bit more nervous, I complied to what he asked me to do and I sat down on the chair. When I was situated, he placed a thick and heavy cloth around my neck and tied it. It overlapped my whole body area when he did this. Once covered, Dr. Holt positioned the machine to the top of my head and stepped outside of the hallway. I heard a faint click and buzz sound coming from the machine that lasted only a minute and it shut off again.

Immediately soon after, Dr. Holt reappeared from the hallway and gave me these unused mouth guards and told me to place them in my mouth. While I was trying to place it in my mouth, Dr. Holt positioned the X-Ray to be on the side of my head. When he was done, he walked out without saying a word and I again heard the click and buzz sound of the machine once more. After that one was done, he stepped out of the hallway once more and began to unwrap the cloth that was around me and helped me up from the chair. “Okay, Hayden. You are free to go.” He said to me casually. “You can change back into your clothing in the other room and leave. Thank you for coming in today.” He said to me with a tired smile before he lead me back into the original room that we performed the procedures first.

Feeling a bit relieved that I can finally go, I rushed on putting my clothing on and piratically ran out of the door in search of my father in the lobby.

Dozens of patients were there, some where covered in bandages like me while others had blankets drawn close to their bodies as they shivered from a cold or a flue that they had. Some were even my age and they all sat in the lobby waiting to be called in to be taken cared of. However, none of them were my father. As soon as I discovered that my father wasn't in the lobby I made my way out of the hospital and into the parking lot of the the hospital. Dozens of cars started to line up waiting for a place to park. I began my search for my fathers car, in hopes that we can get out of here together even if that meant going on that dangerous ride whenever he drove. I walked around the huge parking lot, expecting every car that looked similar to mine but to no avail did I see mu fathers hulking figure or bright red flaming hair to stand out in the crowd of dull blacks and brown haired people that surrounded me. After a few minutes of looking for the car, I finally realized the reason why I couldn't find the car was probably because the small fact that it wasn't here anymore. My father abandoned me.

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