Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 26

Right after I came to that realization that he left me there, I had no choice but to walk back home. The reason for it was that I had no money to take the bus and no cell phone to use much less anyone to contact and call to pick me up from this wretched place, so with that said I am deeply thankful that there were pedestrian side walks and cross roads so far in my travels to my home.

The walk was a good hour and a half journey from the hospital to my house. So the walk of course killed my feet and back. I bet my blisters had blisters on top of them that were the size of Kansas by the time I past one of the shopping malls, a small black car stopped right in front of me. I tensed up, thinking that I might be one of my fathers low life “friends” but once the person rolled down their window, I spotted a very familiar green eyes and flirty smile of that person, I knew who it was without a doubt now.

“Sup, Stranger?” Evailynne said to me. I blushed from her beautiful stare that she was giving me. “Hi, Evailynne.” I said shyly. She smiled broadly at me.

“So he speaks!” she said to me, coyly. “Do you need a ride?” she asked me after.

“uh.” I said unsurely while I desperately needed a rid, I wasn't going to trust her yet because I had a horrible judgment of character when it comes to people.

She must have mind reading abilities like Axel does because she said “I can drive you to my work place. I have to go there anyways.” I think my body visibly relaxed when she said that to me. I didn't want to inconvenience her and besides, I also didn't want her to see my shattered house like Axel and Vivian earlier in the week. Without another word, I stepped inside the car. The car was small but comfortable, no booze or the smell of drugs was detected at all. The only smell I could detect however was artificial strawberries.

“So how was your recovery?” She asked me, eyeing me up and down with a critical eye. I blushed a deeper red at her stare. “I had an appointment today, they said nothing about it.” I said to her. She stopped the car at a red light and turned her head to face me full on. “And you're walking from there?” asked me incredulously as if I just told her I sprouted another head.

“Well, yeah.” I tried to pass it off as nonchalantly but my voice faltered a bit at the end. Evailynne gave me a searching look before she drove once more. I sighed a bit and looked back out of the window. The sky was dark and rain began to pelt down on the window shield. Everything outside looked melancholy as the rain continued its onslaught of a down pour on every living thing out there. It was a good thing that Evailynne caught me when she did or I would have been soaked to the bone in ice cold water.

The rest of the ride Evailynne drove in silence although a few times I did see her peer at me in my peripheral vision as I continued to look outside of the car. I could practically feel the anticipation of her asking me dozens more questions but to her credit she kept it all together to herself. Its wasn't until we were parked into the Moon In The Cup that she finally spoke up to me again. “So you want to join me? Things get really slow around this time anyways and I want someone to keep me company.”

“Um, sure.” I said to her as I unbuckled my seat belt. She led me to the store with her work uniform in hand. I sat at the front of the cashier while Evailynne walked to the back only to emerge five minutes later with her uniform on. The shop was like she said it was going to be, hardly anyone came by which wasn't so bad. I rested my sore head against the cool metal of the table.

“So, how did you get that wound?” Evailynne asked in a worried tone. I closed my eyes, the truth almost slipped out of my mouth but I held it together, “I fell.” I lied to her, hoping that she would take the bait.

“Mhm.” She said, unconvinced. “How did that happened?”

My chest started hammering as I tried to think up for a better lie. “Well I have poor balance issues ever since I was ten so it wasn't really surprising about me falling down the stairs at my house.” I said.

“Ouch. Pretty nasty fall then.” Evailynne said sadly. I felt something brush against the nape of my neck which caused me to lift up my head slightly from whatever was brushing me only to see Evailynnes stomach in my view. Judging by the closeness she was to me, I assumed it was her that was brushing my hair. I didn't mind it though, my mother use to do that to me when I was younger in order to calm me down anyways and it always worked. Much to my dismay, Evailynne stopped stroking my head and moved slightly away from me.

“Sorry. I just thought that you needed some comfort is all.” Evailynne said shyly. I smiled a little bit. I think that was the first time that I ever heard her be so unsure of herself in the short time that I have known her. There was a bit of silence between us then, saved only by her constant putting and placing things away behind the cash register. What broke that silence though? My stomach. I blushed immensely as it growled very loudly in the shop. I think my body shrunk a lot from extreme embarrassment after my stomach growls finally went down.

“Do you want anything to eat?” Evailynne asked, not at all in a patronizing way.

“No.” I said, then I paused. “I don't have any money.” As much as it was embarrassing, it was the truth.

I heard a puff of a sigh “Boy, do I know how that feels like.”

I lifted my head up at her once more. “You do?” I said baffled.

Evailynne shrugged her shoulders a bit. “Yeah, I live on my own. Parents died when I was ten, they left me no income so I was taken to some family member until I was fifteen. When I was sixteen I moved here and got a job at this shop. I figured it was a good sign and I decided to take it. Good thing I did though otherwise I wouldn't have met you.” Evailynne said. She said all this in a calm way to the point where I thought that she was proud of living on her own. Although it must have sucked to have two parents dead instead of just one at a tender age. Wow, and here I thought my life sucked. Hers was ten times worst but here she is, making a better and brighter future even though her past was not as pretty. Evailynne was the complete opposite of me.

“Be right back.” Evailynne said to me, she walked back into the depths of the back room without another word to me. During her absence, I thought about what she had said to me over and over again. Did she really mean it? Talking about someones parents deaths should never taken lightly to heart and I should know. After awhile of sitting there by myself, Evailynne came back to the front with a small brown bag and a cup of coffee. She placed both of those right infront of my face. “Here ya go.” Evailynne said. Confused I looked up at her. She smiled at me sweetly before speaking. “It's on the house, Hayden.” Evailynne said to me. She opened the cash register while grabbing her money with her other hand out of her pocket and placed the money in the cash register and closed it.

I was about to object once more but she cut me off. “All sales are final!” Evailynne said a bit sternly. I shook my head, “Evailynne, I can't accept this. This is wrong.” I gently pushed the bag away from me.

Evailynne shook her head as well. “Just think of it as a small gift from me, Hayden. And besides it would mean the whole world to me if you have it. You need something to eat and I can not just stand here and let you be hungry.” Evailynne said to me. She placed her hands on her hips and tried to pass off as stern but I detected a bit of worry in her beautiful green eyes. I felt guilty for it but I was hungry and I desperately needed it. I took the small bag and peered inside, wondering what it is that she might have gotten me only to see three delicious looking mandalas that looked freshly baked. My mouth watered just by looking at them.

Evailynne gave out a small chuckle, no doubt watching my expressions closely. Feeling a bit self conscious now, I gently picked one of them out of the bag and eloquently as possible nibbled a little bit of the food. It tasted spectacular and my stomach demanded more of it immediately but I resisted is as best as I could. Sensing my discomfort, Evailynne walked back into the back of the room with a slight smile on her face.

As soon as she left, I indulged my face with the delicious treat. The hospital food there sucked eggs anyways so that was the first time I got any real food that was edible and sweet. It also reminded me of my mother and how she would often make sweets just like this for me after school. Once I gobbled up the treats, I drowned in the coffee. I am not much of a coffee person but it taste so good that I could taste the nutmeg in the coffee. I could now see why Moon In The Cup is one of the best coffee shops around here. I looked at the clock that was right behind the cashier desk. It read five thirty in the afternoon. The sudden knowledge of time passing by already was surprising. Was the walking back from the hospital that long? It all seemed to have gotten by slowly to me anyways. Evailynne emerged once more and smiled at the discarded bag and cup that laid abandoned on the counter. “Well its good to see that you ate.” She said in a delighted tone. “Why is that?” I asked.

She gave me a incredulous look once more, “Are you kidding? Hun, you are so skinny you make all the other girls jealous. Even me! I feel fat just being around you.”

I tilted my head to the side. Am I really that skinny? I wanted to deny it but the look in Evailynnes eyes told me that what she is telling me is the truth.

And if there is one thing that might stop me from talking is the truth.

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