Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 27

“So did you like the gift I sent you?” Evailynne asked out of no where. We were still in the shop and even though it was getting later and later, I really didn't want to head on home in fear of finding out whats going to happen in there. “Yeah, about that...” I trailed off in my sentence. Her smile faltered a little bit. “You don't like it huh?” She said disappointed at herself.

“Oh, No! I love it. But..”


“I can't accept it.” I said to her, fiddling my fingers nervously.

“What do you mean?” Evailynne said, she tilted her head to the side with a perplexed look on her beautiful face of hers.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked her, it was rude but I really wanted to know why she was being so nice to me, I wanted to know why they where all being nice to me.

“I like you that's why.” She stated simply, like she was proud of saying it.

“Why? I am nothing special.” I said to her, this was probably the most truthful I have been with her in our short time of knowing each other.

“Well you're shy, nice, talented, cute, smart and not to mention you have dry humor. There's more that I like about you but I don't want to bore you on the details.” Evailynne said.

Even as she explained it to me, I still didn't get why she liked me. Seeing that she was not convincing me that she likes me, Evailynne leaned her face very close to mine so that we were eye to eye with each other.

“Hayden,” She said in a serious tone. “You are an awesome person. And I do really like you.” I guess our proximity was very close because we both heard a very loud noise coming out from the front of the shop.

“What the hell?”

Both Evailynne and I jumped from the sudden noise and we both stared at who ever made it.

Axel was standing in the door way, looking both pissed and saddened at the both of us. His silver eyes growing darker by the second. I looked away from him, I don't know why but I had this sudden sense that I was doing something that I wasn't suppose to without him here. Evailynne on the other hand was nervously twirling her long black hair.

After a moment of silence, I decided to break it.

“Axel...” I said.

“Save it.” He snapped at me, “I'll just go.” With that he turned back outside and the entrance of the shops door slammed shut so roughly that I thought that the door was going to be off its hinges.

“Well that went well.” Evailynne said unhappily.

Without another word, I raced outside of the shop. Ignoring Evailynne's voice call out behind me in search of looking for Axel. The street was completely desolated, leaving no signs of Axel ever being there. But I pursued on anyways. I briskly walked around the shops in hopes of finding the boy. The rain from earlier left a fresh scent on the moist ground as I stepped in the muddy pathways of the pavement below my feet. It wasn't until I walked by past the park that I found a very familiar lanky shape sitting on one of the jungle swings. I made my way towards the boy, in hopes that he would not hurt me as well. I sat on the seat next to his, and began to swing lightly back and forth. The rain left a small mud puddle on the ground below the swings and I wasn't in the mood to step into it as I waited patiently with the boy that was next to me.

Axel sighed.

“Sorry.” He mumbled underneath his breath.

“Why were you mad at me? Was it something that I did?” I asked, fearing that I might have offended the boy.

Axel chuckled at what I said, but it was a dry chuckle.

“No, it wasn't something that you did. The problem is me,” He said, “I am the big problem.”

I tilted to my head to the side in deep confusion. What did he mean by that?

“I don't understand.” I said to him.

He gave out another deep sigh, he also seemed a bit hesitant while trying to explain.

“Hayden. I'm gay.” Axel finally told me. He seemed nervous at first but every minute that past he gave out a bit of defiance.

The news of him being Gay was something that went over my head, but I held it together quite nicely as he stared at my face with close expectations. Probably looking for a sign of disgust. But he wasn't going to get any reaction from my face though, and even though a gay man did rape me all those nights ago, I still didn't hate gays. Just because one person was gay and did that to me doesn't make the rest of the community bad like that as well. That would be unfair.

“You're not mad?” He said. Now he was the surprised one.

“Why should I be?” I said to him back.

“Well, normally when a gay boy or girl comes out to another person that person would be complete dicks to them and basically cut them out of their lives.” Axel said.

That's the sad truth, my mother told me that parents would always do that to their kids if they told them that they were gay and all because god didn't approve of them. However, both her and I had a different belief that we all should love and respect each other and treat them how you wanted to be treated in the first place. But with my father its different, he would judge you without a doubt.

“Well I guess I am not like most people?” I said to him. “And besides, my mother told me that I should never judge a person that is different from me anyways.”

Axel's face broke into a big smile at those words.

“Well by the sounds of it, your mother seems like a nice person.”

Something in my chest tightened at those words but not in a good way.

“Was.” I said.


“She was a good person.” I said to him quietly.

Axel seemed to understand the sudden change of past to present tense in what I said because he gave out a long oh sound out loud into the dark.

“Yeah,” I said to him sadly.

There was another moment of silence as both of us swung slightly on the swings in the chilly night air.

“How did she die?” Axel said suddenly. I didn't want to tell him but since he shared something that was sacred to him I might as well answer this to him. I owe him atleast that right?

“There was a car crash,” I recalled. “Both her and I was going somewhere and I guess one of the cars crashed into us because all I could remember was the sound of metal scrapping against metal during the wreckage. I remembered being in the hospital quiet well though because that is the most detailed memory I have. It wasn't until I was home one day from the hospital that my mother died on the impact. The car hit her first and then me.”

“Wow.” was all he said.

“Yeah.” I said.

“And I thought I had it rough. My parents kicked me out because of my sexual orientation at the age of thirteen. They also signed the documents of me being emancipated and all.”

I cracked a smile. “I guess we both got the shittier points of the stick huh?”

Axel laughed really hard at that comment.

“Yup. I can most agree to that one hundred percent.” After he was done laughing, he quieted down once more.

“So that girl...”

I tensed up a little bit, I knew who he was referring to.

“Are you into her?” He asked.

I blushed a deep red. “Well kinda but we still don't know each other very well.” I fiddled my fingers nervously. All these blushing and nervous habits are starting to hurt my head a bit.


Wait was he? Is that why he stormed out of the place? Because he was jealous?

All of a sudden, Axel's phone rang out to break the silence between us. He fished it out of his pocket and peered at the screen.

“It's Sasha.” he said, “I wonder why she is calling me.”

I shrugged my shoulders at him, it stumpy me much more then it stumpy him because the way that Sasha and Axel act, they don't get along at all. Quite frankly I am surprised that Axel still had her number to begin with.

“Well I better answer it.” he said. He pressed a button and then placed it on his ear.

“Sup.” Axel said.

I didn't say anything as I was swinging back and forth much more faster and higher on the swing while Axel was talking to Sasha.

“Yeah, he is here. Why?” Axel said.

I slowed down a bit.

“Yeah, okay then. Whatever bitch. Bye.” He hung up the phone and placed it back into his pocket.

Axel looked at me and said, Evailynne called Sasha who called me to ask me if I seen you.” he explained.

Guilt flooded through me at the mention of Evailynnes name. I couldn't believe I was an asshole to her by abandoning her to search for Axel but it had to be done.

“Yeah.” He said, “I don't know about you. But I think its best if we both go home now.” he said suddenly. The thoughts of going home again filled my gut with worry but I swallowed it down without having to choke on it.

“Yeah, I need to go home anyways.” I lied.

So with that said, we both went on our way.

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