Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 28

“Mommy, do you believe god is real?” I asked her. Both her and I was decorating the Christmas tree. The tree looked magnificent, if a little messy with thistles and plastic ornament balls that was placed in the branches ever so carefully on a wire. I loved decorating holiday stuff with my mother because we never seemed to hurry or be in a rush of finishing the project but rather slow it down a bit and enjoy it while it lasted.

“What brought this all up?” She laughed as she placed another plastic ornament on one of the tree branches. I scrunched up my nose and replied “Alyssa said God isn't real and that he is make believe.” I said to her.

“Well if she thinks that God isn't real then that's her belief. I on the other hand see gods miracles everyday.” My mother said to me as she twinged the wire together on the bulb.

“So is he real or not?” I asked confused as I wrapped the thistle on my hand.

She stopped for moment, thinking about what to say to me and when she did, she resumed what she was doing. “He is whatever you believe him as. If you believe he is real then he is. If not then he is not. The human mind is something that is powerful, Hayden. If we believe in something so much it will happen to us.” She said to me wisely.

The tree was almost complete, the only thing that needed to be added was the star.

My mother picked me up and lifted me towards the top of the tree. I had the star in my hand and I was probably grinning like an idiot as I got nearer to the top of the tree. I then placed the star on the tree almost lovingly and my mother carefully dropped me down on to the ground. As soon as my feet touched the floor, I immediately ran towards the plug and jammed it in the plug lit that was besides the tree.

As soon as I plugged it in, I heard my mother give out an awed sigh. I looked at the tree itself and found myself looking gobsmacked at the trees immense beauty as well. After awhile of silence, I felt my mothers arms snaked around to my shoulder and hugged me closer to her as we both stared at the beautiful tree together.

Later on that day, my father finally came home from work. I was so excited to tell him about the tree that I practically waited by the door all day to tell him as soon as he got home. So when he did, I ran towards him and grabbed his hand and began to pull him towards the tree. My father grunted but he did not complain much as I did this. He really didn't like it when I shove him into things or grab ahold of him for some strange reason but this time I couldn't contain my excitement, I just had to show him what my mother and I did earlier that day.

Once when we came closer to were the tree stood, my father disruptively stopped moving altogether which made me stop effectively as well but it didn't matter. We were still in perfect angle of the tree so there was no need to push him any further. I looked at my father just then with a huge grin on my face. “Isn't it beautiful?” I said to him, “Mommy decorated it and I helped! I even got to pu-”

“Hayden, I am going to bed.” He said, he twisted his arm a bit which made my small hand let go of him easily. I pouted a little bit at his lack of excitement as my fathers hulking figure lumbered up the stairs.

I felt hand on my left shoulder and looked up to see my mothers slightly frowned face look up where my father departured to.

“Don't worry Hayden, I am sure he loved the tree. Its just that he is extremely tired from work, maybe when he is fully charged he would compliment it to you.” She said.

“Oh okay,” I said, a little deflated.

My mother looked at me right then, her lips forming into a small smile. “Do you want to help make snow man cookies with me? I can never seem to make them round enough like you do!”

My face broke into another grin. “YES!” I practically screamed at her as I raced to the kitchen to help her out.

I heard laughter following behind me.

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