Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 30

The foster home wasn't that bad, in fact it was quite the opposite really. But it still, I felt that I didn't deserve all of the adults care-giving ways. Don't they see? I am a burden to them. Just one extra mouth to feed and space that is taken up. But yet here they are, giving me their care and it has been just a few days.

“Is everything ok, Hayden?” Ms. Cambridge asked, she was a nice women with a small build and bright blond hair. She was also the head of the house hold.

“I am fine.” I lied. I didn't want to make her worry about me at all. Both her and I were sitting in the small kitchen in her house. I was drawing something in my mothers sketchbook trying to get my head away from all of the drama from last week while Mrs. Cambridge was bustling this way and that from cooking something. There were five other boys besides me that was also occupying the foster home as well. Each one had their own issues just like mine and each one of them dealt with it as best as they could. The moment that I arrived at this house, the oldest one named Dave immediately introduced me to the rest of the boys and around the house hold. There was Alex and Sam who were identical twins both of which they are six years old, then there's James the quite but smart boy who loves to read science books and is at the age of ten years old. And lastly there was Jonathan who just kept to himself and was the same age as me.

The boys didn't prive into my back story which I was thankful for but instead asked me if I wanted to do anything with them during the days that I met them but I declined to every request they suggested to me and kept on drawing with myself. Since it was the weekend everyone except Mrs. Cambridge and I was outside playing a sport in the back yard. I could hear the sounds of laughter and play coming from out there into the house which made me smile a bit but I still continued to draw, not wanting to go out there and ruin what little joy they had just by showing up even though they asked me to in the first place.

“You know, the boys really wanted you to play with them.” Mrs. Cambridge said as she carefully took something out of the oven. “And besides, do you really want to hang out with an old bat like me all the time?” She joked.

I didn't say a word as I continued to draw in my sketchbook. The project that Ms. Brent wanted us to do was starting to look more and more appealing so I not only drew one picture but dozens more for the project. Mrs. Cambridge told me that she had a scanner and a computer that I could use in order for me to send it to them to view. The plan was that I was going to finish this drawing and send them to Axel and Sasha before the end of the day. After I got done with my drawings, I left the kitchen and went into the living room and sat on the computer. I turned it on along with the scanner and placed the drawings in it just like Mrs. Cambridge showed me and began to scan the drawings while the computer loaded back to life. Once the computer came on, I went into the scanners file and began the process of the picture being on the desk top. I did this seven more times before I finally logged into the email and composed it in both Axel's and Sasha's emails and sent them off without typing anything to them.

I didn't know why I would do that considering I never heard from them in the past few days but I guess it was just me trying to sort out my own life before I talk to them once more. I just hope that they are not mad at me in the process and that the understand why I am doing this to them.

Not long afterwards I received an I.M chat from a user called SweetVivian popped up on the screen. I opened up the I.M.

Hey there Hayden, this is me, Vivian. How are things?

I began to type.

Hey Vivian, things are great. BTW, I sent my pictures of my part of the project to Sasha and Axel but I don't know when they are going to get online. Do you want me to send it to you as well?


Even though I didn't want to sent it to her, I still did because of the fact that 1. I didn't know if Axel and Sasha will get it in time and 2. Vivian has been bugging me to see my pictures anyways.

After I sent it to her email, I got back onto the I.M.

Okay I sent them.

Yaaaaaay! I can't wait to see them!!!!

After a few moments of not typing to each other, Vivian got back to me.

Omg. Hayden they are awesome!!!!

Even though I know she is just saying this to make me feel better, I can't help but smile at her comment before I began typing once more.

Glad you like them, well I gtg now. I hope to see you guys real soon!

Oh okay, well I hope your vacation goes well! We miss you, all of us do. Especially Evailynne and Axel. Oh which reminds me here is her number: 444-1994. give her a call because she is worried about you.

Okay I will. Thanks!

I signed off of the computer and placed all of the pictures that I scanned into the virtual trash can before shutting it down. Axel told me before hand that he will lie to the others about where I went so that way I wouldn't get bullied or something which was kinda sweet of him but still it didn't make sense to me on why he would put himself in that situation even when its not his in the first place.

But I also have a hunch that he also felt the same way about me and that we never understood each other but I guess that's okay because even though we don't understand each other, we some how made it out as friends.

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