Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 31

Later on that day, Mrs. Cambridge requested me to come with her to the store to get something for dinner that night. I didn't complain because she hardly ask me to do anything and besides the fresh air might do me some good in the process.

“Do you know anything about my dad?” I asked her out of the blue while we waited at a stop light.

Mrs. Cambridge shook her head. “No I do not, sweetie. The courts are keeping his records a secret from priving eyes that's why until they are comfortable enough to send information on my way to you. Same with the rape case as well, I'm afraid. So for the time being, lets just wait a little bit okay? And besides I know it will work out in the end.”

“Do you?” I asked.


“Do you know if it will work out in the end because I would surely want to know if it will!” I snapped at her, I do not know where this ball of fury came from only that I was extremely unhappy with her comment. How could she say that to me? I know it wasn't going to work out in the end because of where I am at is rubbing that right in my face. For fucks sake I am at a foster home. Some place that I would have never ever in my whole entire life would I see myself in but yet here I am in the hands of being taken cared by one.

Mrs. Cambridge looked a little hurt by my small outburst which made me feel a bit guilty. “Hayden, whatever your father as well as that other man did should not have effected you at all but it did. I know its unfair because like you, I also endured a father like that as well. In fact I was around your age when I was taken away from him. So trust me, when I say that things will work out for the both of you in the end.” She said to me in a loving way.

I looked at my bandaged hands as she said this to me. Its amazing to know what most other people have gone through and yet we can hardly see it hinder them while people like me are so obvious to point out in the crowd. After awhile of more driving, I spoke out once more.

“I'm sorry.” I apologize.

Mrs. Cambridge smiled at that. “It's okay, Hayden. We all get through the worst of times. But think of it as this, you learned that on the way who to trust and who not to trust and by the looks of it, I say that you are doing much more better than I did when this all happened to me. You are a strong kid and I admire that in you Hayden.”

I blushed at her comment as my anger slowly and surely died down within me.

“Do you know by chance how my father got caught?” I asked her.

“Well a lot of your neighbors suspected that something was going on in your house but it wasn't until the hospital gave us the video feed of your father abandoning you that we were alerted of child neglect.” Mrs. Cambridge informed me. So that's how they figured out about my father and I? Now that I thought about it, it did make sense of how it happened.

“Oh.” was all I said.

“Yeah.” Mrs. Cambridge said as she finally parked the car in the shopping center.

The shopping mall was big, not unlike the one that I grew up going to at all. Lots more people decorated the streets with huge shopping bags going this way and that way, hardly paying attention to where they were going. A lot of times, I would stumble to another person by accident and they would give me a mean look while I would mumble out apologetic noise out to them in an embarrassing manner. Mrs. Cambridge on the other hand looked like a pro, weaving through the crowd like water as she began her search for whatever shop she needs to go.

“Hayden, here it is hunny!” she called out to me after I squeezed myself out from a couple who no doubtfully gave me dirty looks. Mrs. Cambridge waved at me at a distance, right behind her was the shop that she was looking for. The sign said Mini Acquire on top of it with beautiful writing fonts. The shop looked like it didn't belong here with its traditional standards versus all the high tech gadgetry of the other shops around it. It also looked liked the most unpopular one as well considering the fact that it had hardly any people in there.

The inside of the shop was much the same as the outside of it. Very traditional and not at all techy. Instead of foods being sold, there seemed to be only books that are only in stock.

An elderly woman sat at the front desk though, her eyes scanned me before she moved her eyes to Mrs. Cambridge who only smiled and waved at the woman. “Hello there Margret.” Mrs. Cambridge said to the elder. The elder gave her a sweet gummy smile back at her. “Hello there Alyssa. Who is that young lad with you today? I don't think I ever seen him before.” Margret said as she looked me up and down again.

“Names Hayden.” I said to her rather shyly. Even though I prefer not to talk to anyone, I still wouldn't like it if Mrs. Cambridge had to do it for me, and besides I didn't want to come off as rude either.

Margret smiled even wider but at me this time. “Ah, by the sounds of your voice, you seemed to be a nice young man.” She said to me. I blushed at her comment which made her laugh a bit.

“And judging by your reaction, you seem humble as well! Nice and humble, you got yourself an easy going well rounded boy, Mrs. Cambridge!” Mrs. Cambridge smiled at that.

“I sure do.” she said to her.

“Hayden, why don't you look around and if you like something please don't hesitate to ask me ok?” Mrs. Cambridge said to me. It seemed a bit off but I shrugged my shoulders at her request and besides the store looked fascinating anyways so it didn't hurt to look around.

As I walked further and further down the aisles, I spotted a few scented candles, gems and strange looking plants that I never seen before. There was this one plant that looked so strange that I actually took it with me and was bringing it up to the cashier to ask if the woman could tell me what this plant was but I stopped in my tracks once I heard Mrs. Cambridge and her talk.

“So how is the poor dear?” I heard Mrs. Cambridge ask.

“Not so well. The medical treatment we have been giving her is not helping at all. I fear that she might not make it.”

by the sound of Margret's voice, it seemed that she as about to cry.

I walked slowly and quietly to the front of the desk forgetting that I had the plant in my hand and gently placed it on the counter. While I listened to the two of them talk, it seemed rude to do this but I had nothing else to do anyways. After a few more moments of them talking, Mrs. Cambridge said something.

“I have an idea.” Mrs. Cambridge said all of a sudden. “Why don't we give him to Hayden? Just let me go and get him okay?”

“I am right here.” I said to her.

“Oh Hayden, there you are.” She said surprised.

Margret also seemed a little surprised as well about how quiet I approached them and cleared her throat a bit.

“Who were you going to give to me?” I said, suddenly curious about what was going on.

“Oh well, um. Margret over here is losing her cat named Alice due to Cancer and she had a litter not too long ago. She gave away all of the other cats except no one wanted the last one due to some... smaller malfunctions.”

I tilted my head to the side.

“What's wrong with him?” I asked nicely.

“Come see for yourself hun.” Margret said as she placed a cardboard box from behind the desk on top of it now.

Inside I heard some faint meowing noises coming from the box but it sounded so faint that it was no wonder that I missed it in the first place.

Feeling a bit giddy, I couldn't help but tip toe to peer what was inside of the box. Both of the older ladies laughed at my giddiness but I paid them no mind as I continued to try to get a good view of the animal that laid inside.

Margret finally opened up the box and reached inside it and pulled the animal out and into the open. The cat was pure black like night and it was extremely fluffy and cuddly to the point where I wanted to touch and feel its beautiful fur between my fingers. The only issue that I see from this cat is that it looked like it was having a hard time breathing which is a bit concerning.

“as you can see, hon, this cat has a high risk of what people call 'Fading Kitten Syndrome' and because this cat had a mother who has Cancer. Chances are, this one might as well but I have hope that this cat will surpass all of that though.” hearing her say that last part about the cat also made me believe it as well.

“May I hold him?” I asked nicely.

“Sure.” Margret said as she gently placed the small little kitten in my hands.

The kitten was a bit light weight than it let on but I didn't mind as I stroked its head gently with my index finger. The kitten gave out a small meowing sound as it opened its eyes to peer at whatever it was touching him. His dark blue eyes glanced around until her turned around and saw my face. It's eyes widened at me, taking me all in before it started to give out a small purring sound.

“Well it's settled then.” Margret said.

“Huh?” I asked lamely.

“The cat seems rather fond of you.” she said to me nicely, “You can keep him.” she smiled.

“Are you sure?” I asked uncertainly, the feeling of having another life being taken cared of in my hands seemed a bit too much for a kid like me.

The old lady nodded her head at me, she seemed very sure that what she was doing was right.

“How do I take care of him? I never owned an animal before.” I said to her truthfully.

Margret looked thoughtful for a second before commenting back at me.

“Well for starters, he doesn't have a name.” she said to me.

I thought about it, the cat was as black as night, it had blue eyes and it was cute as hell.

And then I thought about what all of the other people did to him, that they never really gave him a chance at life. That he was tossed to the side and no one but this kind lady and I were able to see more out of this cat. That like me, he was worth saving. So after awhile of thinking about his new name and his new life with me, It finally came to me.

“Sabbath.” I announced. “His name is Sabbath.”

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